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Monday, January 29, 2024

❤️ Great American Family to Premiere New Movie - "Passport to Love" ❤️ SEE HERE:

Great American Family viewers - I have some wonderful movie news! A new movie premiere has been announced for February; an all-new romantic-comedy is set to premiere just before Valentine's Day!

Passport to Love

Starring: Shae Robins and Mason D. Davis

Premiere date: Saturday, February 10, 2024

Synopsis - Nicole, a successful independent travel blogger visiting an island country, meets Kade, a marketing rep for a travel magazine, and they form the beginnings of a relationship. But that’s put to a screeching halt when both return home and learn Kade’s company is actively seeking to outdo Nicole’s blog because they view her as the enemy to be squashed. With that, their relationship will go out the window. Or will it? Kade is ordered to go head-to-head with Nicole, cramping her efforts by showing up at the next must-see destination. Though they are competitors and should be wary of each other, the spark between them makes them want to spend time together. Torn between career and feelings, their rivalry puts their hearts to the test as they travel the world.


❤️ I absolutely enjoyed "Shae Day" on Great American Family. As always I enjoyed the Destined for Christmas movies, But I absolutely loved Passport to Love, It is family friendly and it had BEAUTIFUL scenery and just a fun storyline :) 2 very big thumbs up from me! ~Sarah

❤️ Passport to Love is so beautiful! -Maria

❤️ Passport to Love – This movie is quite the adventure! I enjoyed traveling along with Shae Robins and Mason D. Davis as they explored various sights in countries all over the world. The two have such sweet chemistry together. This lighthearted, family-friendly rom-com is a cozy addition to Great American Family’s line-up! I also enjoyed seeing Shae host the premiere night; I hope that’s something GFAM will do more of in the future. ~Net

❤️ Passport to Love was definitely a cute movie. I liked all of the locations they visited as well as the curveball toward the end which was different. Of course, I did not like the 'over-used' plotline with 'double-booking' but I got over it quickly because Shae and Mason were adorable. It was nice getting lost in all of the amazing places they visited. :-) ~Joan

❤️ GAF’s “Passport to Love” is a family-friendly story featuring a stunning Shae Robins as she travels the world as a travel blogger. The chemistry between her and her suitor, Mason D. Davis, is a wonderful complement to the breathtaking scenery throughout the movie. Loved this one! ~MPT

"Passport to Love" trailer:
(*Note: The trailer below highlights a lot of the movie. If you prefer not to have any spoilers, then you'll want to skip it.)

Passport To Love - Trailer from Candlelight Media Group on Vimeo.


If this pairing already looks familiar to you, that is likely because Shae Robins and Mason Davis previously starred in the Great American Family cable movie premiere, Identical Love.

Passport to Love was directed by Brian Brough, written by Brittany Wiscombe, and created by Candlelight Media Group, which has many films in it's resume that you'll recognize from Great American Family - Prescription for Love, Identical Love, Santa, Maybe, Destined at Christmas, Destined 2: Christmas Once More, Journey to Christmas, and more!

I'm hoping this will be the start of many new movies to come on Great American Family throughout the year! Stay tuned for details.

Enjoy your next movie night!
Net 🎬


  1. Happy to hear! -Maria

  2. 4 Corners was an original titled for Passport for Love

  3. Looking forward to this new movie on GAF! It's nice to see them finally easing into new movies.

    1. It will be good to see these actors together. Mason D. Davis' "Quarantine for Two" with Whitney Palmer from 2021 was so good amazing script with just two actors on screen. Cute, funny, family-friendly, some drama.

      I'm going to DVR this new movie. I liked both actors in "Identical Love".

  4. Yes - that's one I was looking for - Florence

  5. Can't wait for this. Also there is another Brian Brough and Brittany Wiscombe movie that is in post production according to IMDB. So maybe that one too.

  6. I love Shae! Looks great, thanks for the info Net!


  7. I remember when Shae was posting pictures from making this movie, it looked like good one! Now watching the trailer makes me even more excited! I have LOVED Brittnay Wiscomb movies. Its funny Journey for Christmas was my 2nd fav Christmas Movie for 2023 and then I learned Brittnay wrote it and that explained everything! lol

    1. Sarah, I remember when she posted those pics, too. I was hoping this movie would end up on Great American Family!

      Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm! :)
      Blessings, Net

  8. Jade Frost

    A father's ice sculpture of a princess magically comes to life, causing unexpected disruptions in the lives of those she meets.

    Director: Brian Brough
    Producer: Brittany Wiscombe

    I hope GAFAM picks it up in their channel

  9. GAF posted their own article on this news, offered some more details on the event itself, and the very best part... We are getting that 3rd Destined at Christmas movie!!!



    1. Maria, I saw that, too!!! What wonderful news! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that line in the press release for "Passport to Love" last night.

      Here's the line for those who haven't seen it:
      "Great American Family announces development of a final original installment of the “Destined” trilogy starring Robins and Elliott which will premiere as part of Great American Christmas 2025."

      I truly wasn't expecting that. Wonder if Great American Family will do any special promo announcement for it during the airing of the first two movies on Saturday, February 10th??? Or maybe... it will be simply mentioned at the bottom of the screen, as they often do.

      It's too bad, though, that we have to wait for 2025 for the 3rd "Destined" movie to come; however, I know these things take time to get the script just right, etc...

      Blessings, Net

    2. The reason for the wait is Shae announced on Instagram that she is pregnant and due in May. So she might want to take some time off.

  10. My television guide shows a totally different movie for Passport to Love. I will keep checking but for now it is an older movie ( 2009)

    1. Kiddos Connect, That's interesting.

      My guide is showing...
      Destined at Christmas at 4pm
      Destined 2: Christmas Once More at 6pm
      Passport to Love at 8pm

      However, if I click on more information for "Passport to Love" it gives me a description about Vietnamese students, which is, of course, totally wrong. Perhaps, they are still working on updating various guides. If your TV guide still doesn't change by then, I would be sure to record at 8pm (EST.) on Saturday, February 10th anyway.

      Blessings, Net

    2. Hi Net,

      I have DirectTv and my guide also has the same one as you. The description is about Vietnamese students from 2009 as well. I certainly do not want to watch that movie. This better be fixed by this weekend. I want to see the movie you are promoting!

  11. GAF’s “Passport to Love” is a family-friendly story featuring a stunning Shae Robins as she travels the world as a travel blogger. The chemistry between her and her suitor, Mason D. Davis, is a wonderful complement to the breathtaking scenery throughout the movie. Loved this one!


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