Wednesday, February 22, 2023

🎬 Where to Watch Karen Kingsbury's New Series "A Thousand Tomorrows" 🐎 See Here:

Beginning this Friday, February 24th, 2023, Karen Kingsbury's new series, "A Thousand Tomorrows," will start streaming weekly on Pureflix. Episodes 1 and 2 of this brand-new series, based on Karen Kingsbury's novel, will stream exclusively on Pure Flix, with new episodes premiering every Friday. After viewing the trailer (which I included below), I would say it resembles a Christian version of Heartland, Yellowstone, or even Hallmark Channel's upcoming series, Ride.

At PureFlix, you can stream clean entertainment and enjoy access to thousands of faith and family-friendly movies, original shows, engaging documentaries, and more! This is Pureflix's mission statement: Pure Flix takes great care in previewing and selecting content so that you can rest assured that it is free of violence, sex, and language surprises. Series and movies with mature themes will always have applicable cautions and parental controls to give you confidence in what streams on your screen. We are intentional with expanding the variety of our content, and there is always something for everyone: romance, adventure, series for kids, and movies for the whole family. At Pure Flix, you can Have Faith In Your Entertainment.


From #1 New York Times best-selling author Karen Kingsbury, only God knows how many tomorrows we have left. In the dangerous and competitive rodeo world, how will Cody and Ali make the most of their time together?

Featuring: Colin Ford, Rose Reid, Cole Sibus, Anne Leighton, Kate Easton, KC Clyde, CK Bolado


I'm hoping to have the chance to watch the first two episodes of this series this weekend on Pureflix. If I do, I will be sure to share my take, and if any of you have the chance to watch it, or if you've read this series of books from Karen Kingsbury, I would love to know your thoughts on it, as well. Please, no spoilers.

Back in 2015, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Karen Kingsbury for her new movie, at the time, The Bridge. You may also recall Karen's other Hallmark movies based on her books, Maggie's Christmas Miracle and A Time to Dance. I'm delighted to see this new series for Karen on Pureflix since their service is geared towards creating Christian content for family viewing. My family and I have certainly enjoyed watching all sorts of faith-filled and wholesome movies and shows via Pureflix's streaming service.

Blessings to you all, Net


  1. I though Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge was one of the best "movies" ever on Hallmark although it was really only one long movie split into two parts in separate years.

    There was a lot of talk that there would be a third and fourth instalment but that never materialised.

    To be honest, everything was rounded off nicely and I don't see where they would have gone with it - Florence

  2. I'll have to wait for the DVD, but I'm glad you were abe to interview the author back then! -Maria

  3. I read this first book in the series. I remember it being a very good book and also crying at the end. I won’t give any spoilers but all you have to do is read the book blurb for book 2. Not sure how it will be a series.

  4. I watched a Thousand tomorrow’s last weekend. If you haven’t used PureFlix before they automatically give you a free week trial. I thought was nice. I think the tv show so far is done well. I think if you like Heartland you will like this.


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