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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

๐ŸŽ… Two Popular Christmas Sequels In-The-Works! ๐ŸŽ„ Do YOU say Yes, Yes, Yeeeessss or HO-HO-NO? ๐ŸŽ…

You may have already heard this recently released Christmas Entertainment news, but just in case you haven't - on January 14th, 2022, Disney announced actor Tim Allen (Home Improvement, Toy Story (voice of Buzz Lightyear), Last Man Standing, etc...) would be reprising his role as Santa Claus/Scott Calvin in an all new "Santa Clause" series for their streaming service, Disney Plus.

According to an article in Variety, here is the storyline: "In the series, Scott Calvin is on the brink of his 65th birthday and realizing that he can’t be Santa forever. He’s starting to lose a step in his Santa duties, and more importantly, he’s got a family who could benefit from a life in the normal world, especially his two kids who have grown up at the Pole. With a lot of elves, children, and family to please, Scott sets out to find a suitable replacement Santa while preparing his family for a new adventure in a life south of the pole.

๐ŸŽ„My Quick Take - on the "Santa Clause" sequel news:

I personally have always loved the trilogy of "Santa Clause" films, ever since I watched the first movie in 1994! Back in the 90's, the "Home Improvement" sitcom was quite popular, so that made Tim Allen an excellent choice for this role. There's something so magical and enchanting about the North Pole and Santa, of course! Watching Scott Calvin transform into the role of Santa Claus and delivering gifts from home to home is always so much fun. I especially love his son, Charlie... his overwhelming excitement is like every little boy and girl at Christmas - who still believes! We are introduced to Charlie's little sister, Lucy, in "The Santa Clause 2," and she has the same sparkle about Christmas in her eyes, as Charlie did in the first film!

Ever since I heard this sequel news, I've been thinking it over, and I must say, I don't really like the idea of Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) stepping down from his role as Santa. Santa Claus has always held the iconic image of being older with his gray hair and beard, plump belly, and glasses. The age of 65 actually seems ideal for Santa. I always thought Tim Allen was a little young for the role before, and now that he is the perfect age (in my opinion) to be Santa Claus (or Santa Clause!), they want to replace him with someone, presumably, younger? Frankly, I'm not liking this. While I do love the idea of there being an all new "Santa Clause' series, I'm not liking the idea of Santa being replaced. It's my hope that Scott Calvin sets out to find someone new, perhaps his son, Charlie, and either he takes over or Scott (Tim Allen) realizes a renewed love for his mission of being Santa!

I would love to hear your thoughts in comments below...

The other popular Christmas sequel recently announced on January 20, 2022 - is a sequel to "A Christmas Story". I find this is a movie most people either love or hate. My aunt always loved it! To be honest, though, it's not one I personally love, but I don't hate it either. There's something about the 1940's era and nostalgic part of it that pulls me in. Now, the father can be rather gruff and somewhat vulgar with his leg lamp and all, but that's part of the comedy of the story, I guess, that draws people in. Ralphie's ultimate dream of wanting the "Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle" (AKA: BB gun) actually comes true, and that's also part of the charm people like, a child's simple wish coming true at Christmas time. The movie was actually filmed in Cleveland, Ohio and Toronto, Ontario. I think filming in the Cleveland area in the early 80's, gave it a realistic sense of small town America.

The fictional home used for "A Christmas Story" still stands in Ohio today; in fact, it was purchased by a man from California on Ebay for $150,000! He turned the place into a museum, movie merchandise store (they have some cute ornaments!), and according to the FAQs on the official web-site, they "triple dog dare you to spend the night in A Christmas Story House!" Reservation details can be found here. I think that would be a pretty neat overnight stay for anyone who loves the movie.

As for the sequel, Entertainment Weekly announced that Peter Billingsley will reprise his role as Ralphie and produce this all new feature for HBO Max, which has been titled, "A Christmas Story Christmas". Furthermore, EW shared these story details: "The sequel will follow an adult version of the character in the 1970s, who returns to the house on Cleveland Street to deliver his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had growing up. With the same attention to real-life tone as the original, Ralphie reconnects with childhood friends, reconciles the passing of his "Old Man," and sews the seeds for the origins of the beloved holiday classic."

๐ŸŽ„My Quick Take - on "A Christmas Story" sequel news:

The storyline we've been given sounds rather intriguing, as long as they keep the content PG clean. It's hard to say if that will happen, especially since it will be premiering on HBO Max. It sounds rather heartwarming to see a grown up Ralphie return to his childhood home and reconnect with past friends, but I'm sure there will be some comedy in there, too. Hope they are also able to bring back some of the other well-known characters from the original movie.

I would love to know your opinion on both sequels. Are you a fan of the "Santa Clause" or "A Christmas Story"? Please share your thoughts in comments below.

By the way, if you are missing Christmas movies on TV, you can check the Christmas TV Schedule for upcoming weekly Christmas movies airing on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, the Hallmark Channel, and GAC Family - see here!

Happy movie watching!
Blessings, Net ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…

images: "The Santa Clause" via Walt Disney Pictures / A Christmas Story via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)


  1. Did you see A Christmas Story 2? If you haven't that movie is absolutely terrible.

    1. Chris, Yes, I've seen a little of that, I almost hate to say it, but trust me, it wasn't for me either. As I recall, we turned the channel immediately. Daniel Stern is fantastic in Home Alone, but not this.

  2. I love "Santa Clause" because I took my cute little niece to see that way back many years ago, so I have a special place in my heart for that movie. However, I also love "A Christmas Story". It's tradition to watch that at least during the 24-hour showing on Christmas Eve into day.

    I knew you could go visit the original house in Cleveland where the movie was made but I didn't know you could actually stay overnight and have access to the whole house. That would be so much fun. I only live a little over an hour from there. May have to check that out.

    Thank you for this Christmas news Net. We are now exactly one month from Christmas day. Time to put the past Christmas behind and excitedly, once again, look forward to the new Christmas to come and all the little Christmas gems we get here at IAWM throughout the year.

    1. Jim, I love when a treasured movie like this also has a personal memory attached to it. That's wonderful you had that special time with your niece. I think we must have rented it from our local Blockbuster back in the day or maybe, it aired on the Wonderful World of Disney? I love when ABC used to have those Disney movies on the weekend.

      Oh, I hope you can go and visit the house from "A Christmas Story" one day! I don't know if there is an actual store there, too, or if it's just an on-line thing. If you do get a chance to visit, please be sure to let us know all the details!

      Merry 25th day of the Month to you, Jim! It's hard to believe a month has already flown by since Christmas. Only 11 months to go - and even less for new Christmas movies to start up again!!! :)

    2. Now, that I think about it Net, I took my niece to see Santa Clause 2 at the theater. She would have been way too young to go to Santa Clause 1.

      For me 11 months from today is a sad day because the season is over at that time, at the end of that day, and the misery begins...haha. I have my eyes set on Christmas in July. That's when the real fun starts and then in October. Each month throughout the year gets a little more exciting. If things go right, I'm hoping to have a Christmas in July party this year. Bake Christmas cookies and all.

  3. Is anybody watching a movie for the 25th?

    1. Yes, we are!

      Mark 25 and I shared this in comments under another blog post.

      I'll share again here...

      Mark 25 wrote:

      Happy "Mark the 25th" everyone from, well, Mark 25. I know, we just had a slew (or maybe sleigh?) of Christmas movies these past couple of months, but it is our fun monthly tradition, right? So...

      I am going to watch one of my favorites from 2016, "Sound of Christmas" with Lindy Booth and Robin Dunne. In fact, I am not sure that Hallmark even showed this movie this Christmas season, which is a shame if it didn't. Anyway, I'll be watching it with a steaming cup of hot chocolate since the temperatures here are forecasted to be below 0 tonight!


      Net wrote:

      Happy Mark the 25th, Mark! It seems like there was a lack of interest in doing this last year with the weekly Christmas movies and all, but I'm still game to join in with you!

      I'm still watching new Christmas movies on my DVR, so I think tonight's movie might be "Making Spirits Bright" with Taylor Cole. I must admit, I still have lots of new Christmas movies to watch, but I'm enjoying them slowly, little by little.

      Happy 25th, again! It's 11 months 'til Christmas!!! :)


      Would love to hear if others plan to watch a special Christmas movie today to *Mark the 25th*?!?!? Is there still interest in doing this monthly?

  4. I enjoyed the first two Santa Clause movies, but I didn't care for the third one with Jack Frost and all. I think by then it had lost its charm. It would be nice if they could bring back the two child actors who played Charlie and Lucy from the first two movies. I wouldn't be at all surprised if, like you said Net, Charlie becomes the new Santa and needs dad for help. I'm curious, so I will give this a shot.

    Similarly, if they can bring back the other kid actors from the original Christmas Story and update their stories, that could make it worth watching. But, I don't have HBO Max, so I will be curious to hear from others what it is like.

  5. I’m not a fan of The Christmas Story since I watched The Christmas Story Live!!!

  6. I can’t wait to watch Santa Clause TV Series

    I wonder about Bernard the Head Elf

    Charlie & Lucy

  7. Oh, thanks for copying those comments from a previous post. I didn’t see it.

  8. I love Santa Clause movies

    I wonder about Bernard the Head Elf

  9. https://fox5sandiego.com/entertainment/charlie-brown-voice-actor-dies-at-65/ The poor troubled guy committed suicide. This is why I live in fantasy land (Charlie Brown Christmas). Reality hurts too much!!!

    1. Jim, I had just read this incredibly sad news. Various articles say he had suffered from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia, which makes one wonder what medications he made have been taking to deal with these issues. Those types of medications can sadly be very powerful and strong in affecting one's emotions. As I recall, the comedian, Robin Williams, was also taking medications for anxiety and depression at the time of his death. It is all very sad.

  10. My choice was A Christmas Miracle For Daisy. I loved everything about this movie. From the child playing Daisy, the chemistry with Jill Wagner and Nick Bateman, to the storyline, it all fit beautifully. This is a DVD wish for me.

    1. kitkat, What a wonderful choice! I just watched "A Christmas Miracle For Daisy" for the first time over the weekend and just loved it! I would love to see it on DVD, too! :)

    2. GAC commented on IG that they're hoping to bring some of the movies to DVD. It was an answer to a request by another commenter. Maybe?

    3. Denise, Thank you for sharing that! I've asked them before, but had not received a response. Sure would love to see that happen!

  11. I'm with you. We love the original stuff, don't mess with that or spoil it in any way. I have zero confidence in Disney now.

  12. I hope they do a great job with both, because I love both The Santa Clause and A Christmas Story.

  13. A Christmas Story 2 called; “A Christmas Story Christmas”


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