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🐟 Fishing for Something New? Catch a Pair of New TV Movies This Weekend! 🐟

Two all new TV movie premieres are airing this weekend. This seems like a really low number, except the first weekend of the year there was only one. However, with all the Christmas movie marathons at that time, it was much easier not to notice. I think it's rather nice this weekend to just have these two, as we've had week after week of numerous new movies during the holiday season. It's a perfect time to catch up on some movie watching.

See details on the new movies below...

Saturday, January 15, 2022:

Influential and anonymous food and wine critic Christina finds herself at a winery she panned in the past. She hopes to leave before anyone finds out who she is, but she instead slips on ice and hits her head. The Hollingbrook family, led by single father Michael graciously takes Christina in while she recovers and tries to jog her memory. In the process, Christina helps the Hollingbrooks prepare for their annual wine tapping party, which includes Michael's risky passion project, ice wine.

Premieres Saturday, January 15, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Saturday, January 15, 2022:

We've become accustomed to Hallmark's airing of Christmas movies throughout the year... Thursday nights on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Friday nights on the Hallmark Channel; however, GAC Family begins their Christmas movies airing on Saturday nights all year long with Jen Lilley starring in...

My review:
"Royally Wrapped for Christmas is every bit as precious and sweet as Jen Lilley herself. The message is all about giving - not only of presents, but of one's self. The Christmas decorations are lovely throughout and the castle is grand. Jen Lilley was ideal as the bubbly, creative, generous Lindsay Peterson, who works with the Festive Heart Foundation. I loved the way they incorporated the children and adoption into the story, plus the idea of giving two presents with the intention of... one to keep and one to give. As scripture tells us in Acts 20:35- “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Overall, Royally Wrapped for Christmas is lighthearted, family-friendly, and simply delightful. It was a joy to watch the prince open up his heart to Christmas and Lindsay, too! Perfect for all ages! The warm, happy ending is sure to leave a smile on your face." ~Net

Encores: Saturday, January 15, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on GAC Family


Sunday, January 16, 2022:

When Kendall, a successful restaurant designer comes home to Mystic Bay for the annual Big Catch Festival, she finds herself in uncharted waters with town newcomer Zack. Is Kendall baited for trouble in her home town or will she catch true love?

Premieres Sunday, January 16, 2022
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv


Monday, January 17, 2022:

The Hallmark Channel will remember Betty White on Monday, January 17th, 2022, on what would've been her 100th birthday. Look for a special airing of THE LOST VALENTINE: REMEMBERING BETTY WHITE at 8pm/7c. (currently unavailable on DVD, but you might want to check the link just in case more come back in stock) I'm especially fond of the way this movie honors our military. Betty White's performance is quite touching.

Although, they are not airing this one, I wanted to mention that Betty White also starred in the Hallmark movie, Annie's Point, along with Richard Thomas. (available on DVD)

And there's a cute Christmas movie that first premiered on USA starring Tony Danza and Lea Thompson titled: Stealing Christmas, where Betty White plays a fun part of the ensemble cast. (also, available on DVD) Betty also voiced Christmas characters in The Story of Santa Claus and Prep & Landing Stocking Stuffer: Operation: Secret Santa.


I think both of the new movies, The Perfect Pairing and Fishing for Love, premiering this weekend look intriguing. I've always been extra fond of Brennan Elliott ("All of My Heart," "Crossword Mysteries"). I was able to interview him once, and he was most kind. Also, Andrea Brooks ("When Calls the Heart") looks darling in this new UPtv movie with a fishing theme. I'm looking forward to catching both movies this weekend. Be sure to share your thoughts in comments below.

If you're in the mood for a little mystery, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has a marathon of "Mystery 101," starring Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha, on Saturday.

Please Note: I have not pre-screened the new movies listed above. If you'd like to post a review on whether a film is family-friendly, please share in comments.
Hope you all have a nice weekend.
Blessings and Love to all, Net



"And he saith unto them,
Follow me,
and I will make you fishers of men."
~Matthew 4:19


  1. Do you guys ever gone fishing?

  2. Hallmark's 'Mystery 101': Will There Be New Movie To Explain Cliffhanger?

    The murder victim is Amy’s fiancΓ©! Where did he come from? Fans have been waiting for the news of a sequel. What has Hallmark said?

    Currently, Hallmark has not said a peep about another Mystery 101 movie. We do know that in February, they will air a brand new signature mystery, Cut, Color, Murder, as well as a new Aurora Teagarden.

    We also know that Hallmark has already officially canceled a couple of mysteries, and they are evaluating the others.

    However, just before Christmas, Kristoffer Polaha was on the Hallmarkies podcast. He discussed his vast array of projects, but Rachel and Ann made sure that he talked about Murder 101.

    First, the ending was not the typical Hallmark ending, and Kris acknowledged that. Next, they asked if there will be another mystery. He did acknowledge that he was not speaking for Hallmark, as they have been rethinking their mysteries, but instead as a “brand ambassador.”

    Polaha said, “But I know that Mystery 101 has performed really, really, really well for the network. They get big numbers rating-wise, and they sell overseas, internationally.”

    I think for a few conversations I’ve had with people [in] network that there’s still very much a heartbeat in the show, and still very much love to continue telling the story of Travis, Amy, and Graham.

    So there will be more. I think that the fans can take a deep breath and know that there is more to come.

    Polaha admitted he was very surprised at the cliffhanger ending. Best of all, he shared that the eighth episode is “locked and loaded, it’s written, it’s ready.”

    Moreover, the Life Unexpected star hinted at the brilliance of what screenwriter John Christian Plummer did with the new script.

    When you hear what he has done with it, you guys will be…the payoff is worth all of this.

    Because he filmed two Hallmark movies during Covid, he had two different 15-day quarantines that allowed the married dad of three kids enough quiet time to write undisturbed. He managed to write 80,000 words in 15 days. That is pretty incredible!

    Hopefully, Jill and Kris will find time to film the next Mystery 101 soon. Sleuthers are waiting to know what exactly happened between that declaration of love and the dead body of Amy’s surprise fiancΓ©!

    Meanwhile, fans of the two actors do have a lot of wonderful projects to look forward to.

  3. Betty White honored NBC Primetime Special

  4. Net,
    Can I ask you- on the top of your website where you have pictures of movies that are coming up....which movie is on the top right? Its the picture where both the actress and actor are wearing blue....I don't recognize which movie that is from that is coming up? Thank you

    1. That image is from the UPtv movie "Love & Where to Find It" starring: Elise Gatien and Clayton James.

      You can see details on it here:

  5. Fishing for Love is a beautiful movie! I highly recommend it. -Maria

  6. The Perfect Pairing is family friendly. A food & wine critic named Christina Joy “Chrissy” Osbourne who goes by her initials to remain anonymous as CJ Osbourne heads out of the city to a winter wine festival. When she arrives at the train station, there is a mix up that has her land at the very winery when she recently gave a scathing review, Hollingbrook Winery after she bumps her head & ends up losing her memory at Hollingbrook: Vineyard & Winery family owned & operated? Christina falls for a single Father & winemaker named Michael “Mike” Hollingbrook. Michael doesn't realize who she as he gives her a tour & before her cover is blown when she goes by her middle name Joy, she slips on the ice & hits her head, causing amnesia. Christina stays at at Hollingbrook: Vineyard & Winery family owned & operated. Michael brings Hollingbrook Winery brochures to the hotel or motel. The Hollingbrook family makes Ice wine is a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine in ice wine room. Eleanor Parks recognizes Christina Osbourne as CJ Osbourne when Chrissy regains her memories. Joy tells Diane that she regains her memories by saying her real name Christina Osbourne but Joy is her middle name as in Christina Joy Osbourne. Diane figures it out that Christina is CJ Osbourne. Kevin shows up to look for his girlfriend named Christina Osbourne under CJ Osbourne. Michael doesn’t even know CJ Osbourne was a woman. Christina, Brittany & Diane bake desserts. The Hollingbrook Family has ice wine tasting room but It’s a surprise when Christina, Brittany, & Diane bring desserts with ice wine bottles when Eleanor Parks arrives at Hollingbrook Winery. Christina tasted Hollingbrook Winery’s Merlot in which Michael is smiling.

  7. Thanks Net for fixing on Jessica & Jesse’s Page; Harmony from the Heart from blogger error. I check back on the page of Harmony from the Heart is back to normal because this is only page saying blogger error but thanks for fixing this page of Jessica Lowndes & Jesse Metcalfe’s Harmony from the Heart on your blog.

  8. Fishing for Love is family friendly. A successful restaurant designer named Kendall James returns to her hometown in Mystic Bay for the annual Big Catch Festival, she finds herself in uncharted waters with town newcomer Zack.

    Kendall’s Dad named Lee sells his boat named Sweet Serenity to Zack in Marina. Zack has a Daughter named Arial. Zack is Captain & woodcarver. Zack gifts Kendall an anchor desktop that made with wood. Zack & Kendall go fishing 🎣. The James Family restaurant called Sweet Serenity II. Zack owns Lee’s boat; Sweet Serenity so, he could take care of it. Zack gifts Kendall a anchor keychain when she finds out an engagement ring πŸ’ hangs on an anchor keychain. He proposes Kendall. Zack is Kendall’s anchor.


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