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Monday, July 26, 2021

'Twas the last week of Christmas in July on Hallmark...

'Twas the last week of Christmas in July -
and what did we see?

Mistletoe, Candy Canes
and decorated Christmas trees!

I've included below some of the highlights of Christmas movies airing this weekend. Be sure to check the Christmas Movie Schedule to see when all your favorites are airing.

Plus, we finally have some Christmas DVD News from Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - Holly & Ivy is now available at AMAZON - click here to see!


Monday, July 26:

My Christmas Love
Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays
Five Star Christmas
Check Inn to Christmas
The Christmas Bow

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Tuesday, July 27

The Christmas Club
Chateau Christmas
Coming Home for Christmas
Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses

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Wednesday, July 28

Christmas in Rome
Christmas at Pemberley Manor
Love, Lights, Hanukkah!
Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe
A Little Christmas Charm

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Thursday, July 29

The Sweetest Christmas
A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
Christmas at Holly Lodge
Welcome to Christmas
12 Gifts of Christmas

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Friday, July 30

Christmas in Vienna
Switched for Christmas
With Love, Christmas
Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater
Jingle Bell Bride
Christmas at the Palace

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Saturday, July 31

Christmas at Dollywood
Picture a Perfect Christmas
On the 12th Date of Christmas
Christmas Waltz
Christmas at the Plaza
Cross Country Christmas
A Glenbrooke Christmas

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Also, be sure to get your answers in now for the Jill Wagner Christmas Movie Triva Challenge. So far - I've received responses from Chris, Rachel S., Mark 25, TVH, CJ, Anna, T.L. Mark (#2), Joyce in Carolina, ILuvMovies, Karen T., Carolyn, bigbrat and Tina M. See the questions and enter - *HERE*

Merry Christmas in July, Everyone!
Joyous Blessings, Net

*images: Hallmark Crown Media


  1. I love Christmas in July and I love Hallmark Channel. But I am really disappointed that Hallmark is showing same sex relationships. I watched the series finale of The Good With last night and two women kissed. I understand inclusivity but not on Hallmark.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I did not see this program, but I have heard about what took place. I am quite disappointed how they are including more of these storylines, especially for those of us who believe in traditional relationships. I am constantly on guard now when I watch new programming.

  2. I am a Hallmark watcher as well and enjoy many of the Christmas in July movies. I have enjoyed the series that Hallmark has had but this year I have been disappointed in the direction they are going. As was stated --The Good Witch is one that I decided if that is the direction Hallmark will be off. I also was not thrilled with the way that When Calls the Heart has gone and have decided when it returns I will not be watching.

    1. I understand your feelings on this completely. Now, I've never watched Good Witch, but I have heard in addition to the same-sex storyline this year, there was a lot more with evil things this season. I don't know the extent of it, but I've heard it was a lot more than simple magic.

      Also, I know there are many who are still very disappointed with the way WCTH ended. I totally understand. It didn't go the way I had hoped either. I do plan to watch next year, but I'm not going to invest myself so deeply into any of the love stories. Instead, I'm just going to enjoy all the other characters I love, like Rosemary and Lee.

    2. It broke my heart what they did to Good Witch. It has always been a show of (and this is my opinion) Cassie being very intuitive and knowing what people really need. The 1st movie I think Martha mentioned "dark arts" and "black magic" when referring to Cassie, but there were never any spells or anything like that. Cassie likes tea over coffee, she traveled the world, she always knew the right thing people needed. Sometimes she would be off on her suggestions to people and then it would mess up a lot, and everyone was mad, but then good came from it, cause it was always they way it happened and the goodness in Cassie's heart.

      I stopped watching after Joy turned into a lesbian overnight. But when I would hear the commercials, it was always about magic and they even called them witches. I get the show is called the good witch, but it was not ever about witches and spells and nobody even called her that except the 1st movie when lori told her dad Jake that Cassie was a good witch. She was a Merriwick and it was a family of long line.

      I feel they dug in deep and decided to go all out against anyone that doesnt want to watch gay couples and watched the show for Cassieism's and for her relationship with everyone and all the good she did. They dug the knife in calling it witchcraft and I had nothing left to defend when people said they did magic on the show and movies. They never did magic.

      I was heartbroken at what they did to the show. I feel bad to say but i hope that the lady who played Joy's girlfriend knows that she was a box checked, and she checked 2 boxes for them with being black and being the gay women. She was literally hired for that only. If that was me, I would have said no.

      And the ratings took a nose dive after a few episodes, i heard they lost a half million viewers. so they decided to cancel it. I am sure they are happy and broke all kinds of things with story, but i wish they knew they broke my heart.

      I guess I am happy i have been watching the olympics and skipped HM last week of Christmas. It is surprisingly getting easier to skip Hallmark and i think it will get easier. I hope they are happy with their new fans that were so happy about Joy's gay girlfriend story and cant wait to see if those fans stick around. I have a feeling they wont.


    3. Sabrina, thank you for sharing with us. I wasn't sure how to describe it since I've never watched GW, but I read on social media how others were disappointed with this season, as well, and all the evil they added to it. It seems many GW viewers are feeling this way - but it's being overshadowed by the finale same sex kiss.

      So... many fans have been disappointed this year with When Calls the Heart and Good Witch. I wonder now how Chesapeake Shores is going to go. I know they've been bracing everyone for Jesse Metcalfe's exit, but it's been Abby and Trace from the beginning, so I don't know how this is going to go.

  3. Producers pick Tampa Bay as movie backdrop
    Dunedin is the location for a new movie that's being shot in just 15 days. The small Pinellas County town has become the main filming site of 'A Taste of Love,' a romantic comedy about a young woman who returns home to find herself and falls in love with an old friend. And in an unlikely Hollywood move, writers kept the town’s name for the movie.

    1. That's right! Erin Cahill (A Timeless Christmas) is in this new movie. It's supposed to premiere sometime next year.

    2. Net, I'm anxious to hear who Erin Cahill's co-star will be. Would love Erin and Kevin McGarry together again.

    3. Hey kitkat, This movie is not for Hallmark, although the storyline sounds very much like a typical Hallmark rom-com.

      ‘A Taste of Love’ is the story of a struggling out of work Culinary Network TV chef, Taylor, who returns to her hometown to visit her parents and sort out her future. She arrives home to find her families multi-generational restaurant is up for sale as it can’t compete with contemporary cuisine.

      Along the way of trying to save the restaurant, she rekindles her father’s love of cooking, bumps into childhood sweetheart Jacob, surprises the Culinary Network, and makes us laugh and cry along the way.

      Erin Cahill's co-star is Jesse Kove and you can see details on the movie and cast here:

    4. A Taste of Love

      The film is expected to be released in early 2022.

      Jesse Kove is starring alongside his father, Martin Kove, whom you may know from 1980’s ‘The Karate Kid’ franchise.

      Producers say the film will likely be released on a channel like Hallmark, or a streaming service such as Netflix.

    5. Net, where will this movie be shown? Thanks for the link. I will check it out now.

    6. kitkat, not sure, yet, on where it will be seen.

  4. Any news/clues about Danica's newest movie? She seemed a little down/sad in her latest zinstagram story. I hope it us better than last years.


    1. Hmmm??? Great question, Misty, I'll have to look into this. Hope it's better, too.

    2. I think she is starring in a movie with Benjamin Ayers. She was dressed in something like she was in the woods/cabin and he showed a story with him in a pickup truck!


    3. Interesting, Misty! I'll be sure and take a look at that. They sound like a good pairing. :)

  5. As for Good Witch, isn't this it's last season? I hope so!


    1. Misty, they said it was the final episode, but I've seen people pushing online for another movie or something. Like you, I'm hoping that it is over.

    2. What Hallmark Christmas movies that you have seen on Hallmark Channel that are terrible?

    3. On my blog, I’ve talked about several Hallmark Christmas movies that I thought were terrible. This list is made up of two sections: the movies that have ended up on worst movie lists and those that have been placed in dishonorable mentions. The titles are the following:

      -- Northpole (the movie was so bad, I couldn’t even watch half of it)
      -- Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays (this movie made me wish 'Christmas in Graceland' had never received any sequels)
      -- Christmas Scavenger Hunt (cool idea, weak script)
      -- Christmas Camp (the tradition shaming was off-putting)
      -- A Cheerful Christmas (trying so hard to create a pointless, family-friendly, Christmas remake of 'Pretty Woman' that they forgot how to make a good movie)
      -- I’m Not Ready for Christmas (a Christmas movie that doesn’t feel like a Christmas movie)

      Dishonorable Mentions
      -- Our Christmas Love Song (it took the protagonist the entire movie to solve a mystery that took me about ten minutes to figure out)
      -- Last Vermont Christmas (the weaker version of 'Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane')
      -- Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe (Lacey Chabert’s worst Hallmark movie)
      --Mingle All the Way (interesting concept, poor script)
      -- Gift of the Magi (I found the main couple’s resolution ridiculous)
      -- A Christmas Wish (no disrespect to the actors, but I thought the protagonist’s oldest son and daughter were annoying)
      -- Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge Part 1 (it was only build-up to the second part)
      -- A December Bride (the acting was the weakest part of this movie)
      -- Love You Like Christmas (a movie where the protagonist says there are going to do something, but spends the majority of the movie not doing what they said they were going to do)
      -- A Song for Christmas (it’s been years since I’ve seen this movie, but I remember not being a fan of the script)

    4. One man's meat and all that.

      There have been some real stinkers on Lifetime but the worst Christas movie ever was last year's offering from Hallmark Christmas She Wrote with Danica McKellar and Dylan Neal - never thought I would say it of Danica but both her and Dylan Neal's performances were wooden and it was one long snoozefest.

      Christmas In Vienna was awful too.

      Of the movies above I loved Our Christmas Love Song (the music was excellent), Mingle All The Way (humourous and touching) and A December Bride (the first half hour of it had me in stitches.

      I wouldn't rate The Bridge Part 1 on it's own - maybe I was lucky to see both parts together but I thought overall it was one of the finest projects Hallmark has produced.

      I would agree with you though on Christmas At Graceland, Christmas Camp and I'm Not Ready For Christmas - Florence

    5. Here is my list for terrible Christmas movies:
      A Shoe Addicts Christmas
      A Nashville Christmas Carol
      The Christmas House
      What did you think of these movies?

  6. Meanwhile, production started again and Hallmark greenlit South Beach Love, about an American chef and a Cuban chef who meet and fall in love against the backdrop of planning a quinceaΓ±era.

    It will be shot in the area and production could begin next month.

  7. Danica McKellar’s Christmas movie is “I Spy Christmas”, for Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas

    Look like Danica McKellar covers her face as referred to Michael Weatherly’s character; Logan “For Eye Only”. Her Christmas movie is I Spy Christmas

    Dan Payne asked if she was filming “Matchmaker 4” and McKellar replied: “Maybe someday??”

    Another fan posted that they hoped it was a “Crown for Christmas” sequel.

    She wrote: “Can’t share much about my Christmas movie yet, but this won’t give away much… πŸ˜‰πŸŽ„”

    Some People Are Theorizing This Might Be ‘I Spy Christmas’

    On Twitter, @SleepyKittyPaw theorized the movie she’s working on might be “I Spy Christmas.

    Looks like Danica McKellar has started her latest Hallmark Christmas movie. Think this one is I SPY CHRISTMAS, which just started filming with director Peter Benson.

    Jean Marzollo and 1 more
    I Spy Christmas: A Book of Picture Riddles


  8. I do hope Danica and Victor Webster make Matchmaker 4. Love them together!

  9. caught a few Christmas movies after coming home.


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