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Unlock and Find Christmas this Week! Plus, 1 WEEK until *CHRISTMAS in JULY* - in June!

The search is over - you can unlock the Christmas movies airing this week and beyond - right here! See all the details + get great reviews below...

Thursday, June 17, 2021:

Storyline: When a mysterious key and holiday riddle land on their doorsteps, Kate and Kevin embark on a Christmas adventure they'll never forget.

Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 8pm/7c.
on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

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Friday, June 18, 2021:

Storyline: Two seemingly incompatible game designers team up to create a romantic, city-wide scavenger hunt themed for the “12 Days of Christmas.”

Friday, June 18, 2021 at 8pm/7c.
on the Hallmark Channel

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Both of these Christmas movies airing this week are family friendly.

Check out these wonderful reviews...


🎄"I loved Unlocking Christmas! Taylor and Steve's previous movie The Art of Us isn't one of my top favorites, but I'm going to have to give it another watch, because they were just perfect together in this! Everything about this movie hit all the right notes for me. Except for a somewhat rushed ending, I thought the flow and pacing of the movie was spot on. The chemistry was obvious, the banter was hilarious, and the mystery/adventure was intriguing, heartwarming, and so much fun. This is a serious contender for my favorite movie of this season. Family friendly." ~ Amy Lama

🎄"I totally agree with you, Amy. I didn't care for the Art of Us but this movie was definitely a keeper. Kevin (Lund) was all but giddy when opening the "No Peeking" envelopes. This a gem of a movie! I watched my recorded version last night to make sure it recorded well and again with my sister." ~Namegirl

🎄"After USS Christmas and A Little Christmas Charm, I was underwhelmed by Unlocking Christmas. However, I did love the activities they got to do and how the clues got them to interact with the community. The romance was just so meh to me." ~ Misty

🎄"Unlocking Christmas has a lovely message, but I agree, not much of a plot, and rushed. Completely G rated. This is actually the 5th Lund and Cole pairing, granted that I haven't seen all of them, and as usual, he outshines her. She just isn't a favorite of mine, and always seems a little disinterested in her various storylines." ~Ashley

🎄"Unlocking Christmas. Cute movie. It was fun to watch them work together to unlock the clues. Overall, it was a nice movie but nothing that really grabbed me. Worth a watch, but probably not a keeper for me. Family friendly." ~~Jane

🎄"Unlocking Christmas I thoroughly enjoyed this one - great beginning and ending and while I would admit that in between it was a bit slow at times and they missed many opportunities to further the romance I some how liked the gentle pace although it was pretty obvious who was behind the mystery letters! I know there are a fair number of people who don't seem to appreciate Taylor Cole but I think she and Steve Lund make a great pairing, superb chemistry and banter. Hallmark really don't promote Steve enough although I know he is very busy appearing in two TV series. One of my personal favourites." ~Anonymous

🎄"I loved unlocking this Christmas mystery! The KEY to a great movie is a fun story and a sweet romance and "Unlocking Christmas" had both! This family friendly movie was such a joy to watch. I loved seeing Taylor Cole and Steve Lund together again (since "The Art of Us") and watching them go on this adventure - unraveling riddle clues. Everything about this movie is enjoyable and cute, especially the chemistry between Taylor and Steve. And, I loved his parents in this, too! Such a delightful watch - I highly recommend Unlocking Christmas!" ~Net

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🎄"My two "must watch" picks from the weekend were "Cranberry Christmas" (because we don't get many movies about an already married couple and the story sounded good) and "On the 12th Date of Christmas" (because Tyler Hynes is my favorite Hallmark leading man and I'm pretty much guaranteed to enjoy whatever Hallmark movie he's in). I've only had a chance to watch those two so far but just wanted to say they're both family friendly and I loved them both for the same reasons they were my "must watch" picks! Tyler Hynes was fantastic in his role, as always, and I thought he was well matched with Mallory Jansen. I loved watching their characters fall in love, enjoyed their interactions with their respective families, and thought the scavenger hunt theme was fun. "Cranberry Christmas" is wonderful, and I highly recommend it if you're someone who enjoys the deeper, richer stories on HMM. Don't get me wrong--I enjoy the fluffy romantic fantasies too, but it was refreshing to see the more realistic picture that marriage takes work and it's worth the effort. Nikki DeLoach and Benjamin Ayres did a beautiful job portraying a couple working through a rough patch and growing closer together through it. The ending made me tear up." ~ Amy Lama

🎄"On the 12th Date of Christmas. Loved it! A light, fun movie with good Christmas "feels". I liked the scavenger hunt twist for this movie. Tyler Hynes is fast becoming one of my favorite actors; his facial expressions and the way he times the delivery of his lines is perfection. And he seems to work well with whatever actress Hallmark pairs him with; he and Mallory Jansen were a lot of fun together. This one is a keeper for my dvr and possibly a purchase of the dvd in the future. Family friendly." ~~Jane

🎄"Completely agree with Amy about "Cranberry Christmas" and "On the 12th Date of Christmas" -- both movies were "keepers" for me!" ~~Jane

🎄"Hynes' line delivery is great. I totally agree with you Anonymous, it's a keeper!" ~ Namegirl

🎄"On the 12th Date of Christmas: This was a cute movie. I love Tyler Hynes and Mallory Jansen was a nice surprise! She was a fresh face and the plot was engaging. It felt both upbeat and lively." ~ Anonymous

🎄"On the 12th date of Christmas- Tyler Hynes has quickly become a favorite in our family. He has good chemistry with his co stars and his line delivery has that something extra that makes a movie that much better. Mallory did a nice job, I had only seen her in villain roles before so it was a nice change. This will be a re-watch for sure." ~ Kay

🎄"On the 12th Date of Christmas I really like the unique story and the chemistry. I forgot how much I love Tyler Hines in hallmark movies and this certainly reminded me. This is my first time seeing Mallory in Hallmark but she was equally great too. When they were brainstorming for the scavenger hunt app ideas I felt really intrigued to see how it all will come together. So cute and will definitely watch it again!" ~ CH Mom

🎄"On the 12th Date of Christmas is such a clever concept! Instead of our leading guy & girl going on a Scavenger Hunt, they are the game creators - who are developing a special hunt for others to use through an app. It's fascinating to watch them develop fresh ideas and test them out along the way - taking them all over the city. Of course, each new challenge brings the two closer together. I really enjoyed this family friendly Christmas rom-com! It's always fun to see Tyler Hynes and Mallory Jansen is a great addition to the Hallmark family." ~Net

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You can check out more Christmas movies airing in June and July for *Christmas in July*- here!

By the way, *Christmas in July* begins NEXT WEEK on Friday, June 25th - on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

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  1. These were two of the best Christmas movies last year.

    I made a list of my top 10 and these two were in my top 6.

    Strangely I missed the charm of Unlocking Christmas on our first viewing but when we watched it again I was bowled over by it, so it does pay to give some movies a second chance!

    For those who say Hallmark has become boring and predictable then you have to watch On The 12th Date Of Christmas -truly brilliant.

    These are two movies not to be missed - even if you have seen them before! - Florence

    1. Florence, That's so fun! I need to make a list like that, too. It's neat to reflect back and keep notes on the movies we liked best.

      I've done the same thing when re-watching something. Sometimes the first airing I'm not into it, but on the second time, I might appreciate it more.

      Happy Christmas movie watching!!! :)

  2. Tyler Hynes is my favorite leading man too! He's my favorite actor!

    1. Living Life With Joy, Love your profile name! It's so cheerful!

      Also, glad to hear you enjoy the movies with Tyler Hynes. This Christmas movie, in particular, is such a fun one!

  3. I've only seen the 12th Date, and it was nice. Wasn't the strongest Christmas movie, but it definitely wasn't on the bottom. It was entertaining.


    1. Denise, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. There was a lot of great competition last year.


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