Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Finding this gem felt like unearthing a hidden treasure!

Did you know... the final "Garage Sale Mystery" movie, that was NEVER SEEN on TV on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, has been released on DVD at Amazon and Walmart?

The movie is titled "Garage Sale Mystery: Search and Seized." I was so excited to see this DVD when it became available, I instantly placed it in my Amazon cart and checked it out without hesitation. I've seen ALL 15 previous "Garage Sale Mystery" movies, so I just had to see this one, too!

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I know we all have different feelings on what occurred with Lori Loughlin and the college scandal, but she has apologized and had her day in court. Lori has had to face great criticism in the press (and social media) for what happened and as a supporter of her acting work in the past, my heart is telling me to extend grace and forgiveness. I can only hope and pray she and her family have grown from this whole experience.

Unfortunately, the last "Garage Sale Mystery" movie the cast was filming in March of 2019 when production ended, "Garage Sale Mystery: Three Little Murders," only had one more week to film and was not completed.

"Garage Sale Mystery: Search and Seized," however, had fortunately finished just weeks before, and the plan initially was for it to premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in August of 2019, but that was before the college scandal was revealed and the original plans obviously changed. So, instead of this movie premiering on Hallmark, it was instead released on DVD. Like most Hallmark mysteries, "Garage Sale Mystery: Search and Seized" involves an investigation surrounding a murder. The DVD package has a recommendation on it for "mature audiences" due to mature themes and violence. If you've seen past "Garage Sale Mystery" movies, it was actually no different than those. In my opinion, I would not recommend any murder mystery for really young viewers.

As I popped my DVD in, I personally just loved seeing Lori Loughlin as Jennifer Shannon, once again, and all of the other wonderful familiar faces - her best friend and business partner, Dani (Sarah Strange), Jennifer's husband Jason (Steve Bacic), daughter Hannah (Eva Bourne), son Logan (Connor Stanhope), and Detective Frank Lynwood (Kevin O’Grady). Seeing all of them in those same roles felt like visiting old friends; it was great fun to welcome them into my home again. It may sound silly, but I didn't want the movie to end, knowing it was the very end of the series.

image via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks

This is the basic story-line from the DVD cover:
(NO Spoilers included!)

"No one can unearth a bargain quite like Jennifer Shannon (Lori Loughlin).

As an antiques dealer and owner of the shop 'Rags to Riches', she scours garage sales in search of hidden treasures. The only problem is her incredible eye for detail often leads her to an unsolved crime - and into trouble!

With the help of her family, her business partner Dani, and no-nonsense Detective Frank Lynwood, Jenn uses all of her professional skills to solve the mysteries, even if it puts her own life in danger.

In the final installment - Searched & Seized - Jenn's friend Miles is running a police auction that features items seized in a money counterfeiting operation, but when Miles turns up dead, Jenn suspects he may have gotten involved with criminals to solve his debt problems."

image: Back DVD cover - "Garage Sale Mystery: Search and Seized"
Photo by: Net, It's a Wonderful Movie

Having this movie as part of my "Garage Sale Mystery" DVD collection now - makes it feel complete. Numerous movie fans have expressed to me - how much they would love Hallmark to pick the series back up where it ended. I don't know what their plans are, if any, but I feel Hallmark should give Lori Loughlin a second chance and bring her back on the network. Many viewers still love her and would warmly welcome her back to "When Calls the Heart" as Abigail Stanton and, of course, "Garage Sale Mysteries!"

"Searched & Seized" is an intriguing who-dun-it story weaved together with all sorts of puzzling prospects and possible suspects. The mystery was so detailed - I was guessing until the very thrilling end, although I had a hunch or two!

The Shannon family was also wonderfully involved with this story as Logan and his father purchased a Mustang at the local Police Auction and were working to restore it and follow their own mystery search. Jenn, of course, found herself deeply involved in the murder mystery of her friend and piecing together all of the clues.

You can get your DVD copy of "Garage Sale Mystery: Search and Seized" TODAY at Amazon or Walmart! If you've enjoyed all of the "Garage Sale Mystery" movies in the past, then you won't want to miss this LAST one!

You can even buy the complete collection of ALL 16 Garage Sale Mysteries in one DVD set at Amazon!

Happy Sleuthing, Everyone! Blessings, Net


  1. I have the box set of all the shows in my wish list on Amazon. Does this mean this DVD is not included in the set? I'll have to do a little research. I would love to have all of those shows to watch again! I love the cast...ALL of them!

    1. Diane (Lavender Dreamer),

      If you have the Complete Collection DVD Set in your wish list - then that's the one with all 16 Garage Sale Mystery movies!

      Here's the link to it, if you want to check... https://amzn.to/3n3r7d5

      I also added a link in my post above. ^

      On Amazon's web-site it says...
      "For the first time this special collection presents all 16 thrilling TV movies from one of the longest running Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel series, including the never before seen film, Searched & Seized."

      It's in there!

      So glad to hear you love and enjoy these movies as much as I do! The last one was really good and, of course, it left me wanting more!

      Hope you can get it soon and enjoy! :)

  2. Oh...you are so lucky to have found this. If only Amazon or Walmart in Canada had it available. I'll keep looking.

    1. Hello Karen! I just did a little sleuthing and it looks like your Amazon in Canada has the complete collection of 16 Garage Sale Mystery movies and the movie alone has some new & used buying options.

      Hope that helps! :)

  3. I wish they had it on TV, I have not used DVDs for over five years now. As much as I would love this movie, I am not willing to buy a DVD player to watch it. Even computers shun a DVD drive these days.

    1. Ryan, I hear ya! Even though I still like my DVDs on occasion, it would be nice to have them play this on TV, or even give us a streaming option.

      I searched for it on streaming, but it's not currently available and unfortunately, due to the scandal, I don't imagine it will be on TV. I really miss when they used to have the "Garage Sale Mystery" marathons on the weekends.

    2. Did you catch North Pole Open for Christmas starring Lori Loughlin is listed on the Hallmark app under HMM Miracles of Christmas?

    3. That is wonderful news! No, I had not seen that, yet. I noticed the original "Northpole" movie is listed under Hallmark Drama's web-site, but that is very surprising they listed "North Pole Open for Christmas" on their app for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

      I can't help but wonder if they will bring back other movies or series with Lori Loughlin? This is very interesting...

  4. Mature themes and violence? Hmmm.

    1. TVH, Yeah, it gives that warning on the DVD cover, but trust me, I watched it and it's no different than previous "Garage Sale Mystery" movies. Of course there is a murder mystery to solve, which is a mature theme and the violence isn't at all extreme; it's a very typical Hallmark mystery, which would most likely be PG, if it was on TV. A murder mystery, in my opinion, is never a good idea for little ones, so it's obviously made for around 12 (depending on child) and up.

      I just checked and the "Aurora Teagarden" DVD has the same label on it. If you enjoy the other usual Hallmark mysteries, then you should be good with this one, too!

  5. Thanks very much, Net, for the info on Garage Sale Mysteries: Sealed and Seized. I loved that series and was heartbroken when it ended. Will definitely order the DVD. I, too, am hopeful that Hallmark will bring Lori Loughlin back, as she is a terrific actress and is worthy of a "second chance".

    I'm so grateful that you keep us informed regularly of all Hallmark movies and DVD's. It's great to hear your comments. Thank you very much.

    1. You're welcome, Glady! I was so excited to see this - I had to share. To be honest, I wasn't sure how everyone would feel about Lori now, but I'm glad the response has been so positive and warm.

      Thank you for your thoughtful, sweet comment! :)

    2. I so agree Glady and especially now how inclusive Hallmark is. I'm hoping they will "welcome" her back with open arms. I miss her characters especially on When Calls the Heart. It's not the same without her.

  6. Net, thanks for the update! I highly doubt they will have the series back again. I don't get Hallmark.

    I noticed that they had 'sexual content' for a family friendly movie I watched on Amazon and it didn't have ANY that I saw. I am not getting what is going on.


    1. Misty, I know exactly what you mean. It's hard to know with ratings any more. I watched something that was streaming and people on Amazon said it was decent like a Hallmark movie, but the couple escalated their relationship a little too quickly (if you know what I mean) and I turned it off. I feel it's going to be harder and harder to find good, wholesome programming.

  7. Net, I had no idea this existed. I would have completely missed this and about a million other movies without you. Amazon cart here I come!

    1. Awe, I'm happy to help! I knew others would be just as happy as I was to see this. Happy Sleuthing! :)

  8. Thanks for the tip, Net. I'm going to order a copy as soon as I get home from work, if it doesn't sell out before then. And I second your bring Lori back to Hallmark idea. We all make mistakes and deserve a chance to make things right.

    1. CJ, You're welcome. Glad I could share this news with you.

      I agree - everyone deserves forgiveness and a second chance. When she's had a chance to complete her service, I think her contract with Hallmark should be reconsidered. I don't know if it's possible, but I'm going to keep hoping! :)

  9. This is now on my wish list at Amazon! Great sleuthing Net!! One of the saddest things about the scandal is the other actors lost jobs! Haven't seen much of them since the series was cancelled with the exception of Eva Bourne because she's on WCTH. I'm all for second chances too! Christ died on a cross to give us all second chances!

    1. Amen, Joyce! For all have sinned and fallen short of The Glory of God! We all need forgiveness. Without it, we would all be lost. Thankfully, there is hope and redemption in Him!

      Plus, I agree, it was very sad that others lost work. It was nice to see Steve Bacic in "Mystery 101" this year and Eva, as you mentioned, in WCTH, but let's hope we'll see more of the "Garage Sale Mystery" cast in upcoming Christmas movies!

  10. Thank you for this update Net! I'm seriously hoping Hallmark will give Lori a second chance. So many of Hallmark's movies have a theme of redemption, second chances and yes, forgiveness. It would be wonderful to see them practice what they preach. Fingers crossed!

  11. And may I say, that there are a lot of other people involved in the making of these films. Punishing one actor by not purchasing or watching the film causes a ripple affect and harming the pay the other actors and/or production teams that make these films. :)

  12. I really do miss the garage sale mysteries,
    I thought they were great
    and I am not condoning what she and her husband did by any means,I just think Hallmark made a huge mistake by cancelling the show for an indiscretion that is probably made by many in Hollywood and they have just never been found out,and Im sure that others have done things way worse than what they did
    That doesnt make it right but I truly would like to see the show back on with Lori Laughlin as the lead
    Some of these other shows you have put on are really not too great
    And you could do with alot less of Jessica Fletcher, Im up to my eyeballs with her

    1. Anonymous, I would love to see Lori Loughlin make more of the "Garage Sale Mystery" movies, too. And why can't Hallmark re-air the older ones now?

      It's my hope that GAC might pick it up, but I'm not sure if they are going in that direction.


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