Friday, June 19, 2020


Robin Thomas & Jill Wagner - Mystery 101 image: Hallmark Crown Media

This is a great weekend for Father's when it comes to Movies on TV. From the old west, to nature, car mechanics and mystery - INSP, Hallmark and UPtv have you covered! See all the details below...

Friday, June 19, 2020:

Little House on the Prairie
'Pa-ther's Day' Marathon

image courtesy: UPtv

Details via UPtv:

UPtv presents Little House on the Prairie “Pa-ther’s Day” marathon beginning Friday, June 19 at 7 p.m. ET and ending Sunday, June 21 at 7 p.m. ET.

Featuring special interview segments with Matthew Labyorteaux (Albert Ingalls on the series) that will run between episodes. Viewers will hear Labyorteaux talk about Michael Landon as a writer/director for the series, the example Landon’s character set for father’s everywhere and how Landon influenced his own career.

Additionally, Sunday episodes will all feature "the Best of Albert Ingalls" taking him back to when his character was a guest star, to a regular, and the journey along the way.

Watch the Little House on the Prairie
'Pa-ther's Day' Marathon
beginning Friday, June 19
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv


Saturday, June 20, 2020:

Mystery 101

Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman

You'll want to study Mystery all day long with the Mystery 101 Marathon, beginning Saturday, June 20th at 1 p.m. ET and ending at 11 p.m. ET.

Starring: Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha and Robin Thomas

Schedule via Hallmark:

MYSTERY 101 - 1:00 PM
When a college student is found dead, English professor Amy uses her crime fiction expertise to unravel the case faster than detective Travis, who ends up working with Amy to catch the killer.

The local theater is producing a mystery that crime fiction expert Amy unearthed. When one of the actress' life is threatened, Amy & Travis must uncover which character is playing for keeps.

When a guest at the college book festival is killed, Amy and Travis clash after he arrests an unlikely person for murder. Amy must fight to prove he's got the wrong person behind bars.

Amy heads to Seattle to give a TED Talk-style lecture. When a tech genius dies, Amy suspects foul play. When local cops shut her out, Travis joins forces with Amy to figure out whodunit. Stars Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha.

A young writer's research prompts the police to revisit a famous murder case that convicted Amy's colleague at Elmstead, so Travis & Amy get a second chance at clearing the professor's name. Stars Jill Wagner & Kristoffer Polaha.

Catch the MYSTERY 101 Marathon
Saturday, June 20, 2020
from 1pm/12c. to 11pm/10c.
on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Saturday, June 20, 2020:

image via:

Storyline via INSP: Soon after fighting side-by-side in the U.S. Civil War, rough-and-tumble Sheriff John Breaker and his by-the-book son Cal reunite to deliver an arrest warrant to John’s former Union Army buddy, “The Saint.”

Now the fiercest gang leader west of the Mississippi, The Saint frequently raids vulnerable Southern supply lines, threatening to pull the entire country back to the brink of conflict. With the post-war peace at risk, John must leave the comfort of his home and wife to track down The Saint before it is too late. After The Saint pins down father and son in a lethal firefight, John finds himself face-to-face with the ghosts of his past.

See the premiere of The Warrant
Saturday, June 20, 2020
at 8pm/7c. on INSP


Saturday, June 20, 2020:

Credit: ©2019 Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Nicole has plans to expand her family’s Northern California olive oil business until childhood crush Jake Brandini, heir apparent to the neighboring ranch and her biggest competitor, discovers the land where Nicole wants to build on may belong to his family, stemming from a decades-long feud since their grandfathers ended their partnership. When a local judge decides to resolve the dispute by awarding it to the winner of the upcoming olive oil competition, the flames are further fanned between the families, but Nicole and Jake begin to find common ground and a romance develops as the big competition looms.

Watch the premiere of Love Under the Olive Tree
Saturday, June 20, 2020
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel


Sunday, June 21, 2020:

image: PixL

Storyline: A tech entrepreneur is shocked to learn that her father's auto repair shop is in the red. She soon learns that a charming childhood friend wants to buy the struggling business.

In town for a wedding, Mattilynn runs into an old flame at her father's mechanic shop and is torn between staying and returning to the big city.

See the UPtv premiere of Mechanics of Love
Sunday, June 21, 2020
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv


I hope you all have a nice, pleasant weekend. I'll be spending some time with my family and my precious Daddy on Father's Day. I'm so grateful for all of the wonderful Fathers in my family. Both of my Grandfather's are gone; however, their sweet memories remain with us.

Over the weekend, we're expecting a mix of sunshine and rain here in the Midwest. Oh, how I pray we get some much needed rain. We haven't had any for quite some time and the grass and flowers are beginning to show it, along with our farm crops that could use some rain to help them grow during this crucial early growing stage. However, if it doesn't rain... on a brighter note, we might get in a few rounds of corn hole!

As for what's on TV... in addition to the great Marathons, I'm really looking forward to all of the new movies this weekend... The Warrant, Love Under the Olive Tree, and Mechanics of Love! Hope you enjoy them all, too!

(*Side Note: The premiere date for the next new movie, "Midway to Love," has been moved up to Friday, June 26th. Not sure why, but I'll have a reminder later this week!)

May you all have a wonderful
First Official Weekend of Summer!

Happy Father's Day
to All of the Daddy's who visit here!

Blessings, Everyone! Net





  1. Hard to believe we're finally getting Love Under The Olive Tree.

    I'm so excited!

  2. I'm visiting my Father this weekend, Net. It's been months since our family has been able to visit. We're meeting right after church and we hope to be outside. It's fairly dry at our home too. Can I just hope it doesn't rain for a few hours in the afternoon?

  3. Hi Net! I didn't watch this movie, but some of my family members did and they noticed that the side characters were gay evem though ut was not openly stated. They said they felt it was obvious though. Just a heads up!

    1. I appreciate you sharing this, as I was also very disappointed to see this added in this movie. It was completely unnecessary to the story.

      Even though it was subtle, it was there, and it ruined the enjoyment of the movie - for me and my family.

  4. Hallmark will move heaven and earth to make sure Candace Cameron Bure Christmas movie gets made for 2020. Her holiday movies have garnered network-high ratings too many times not to. Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar, Jen Lilley, Erin Krakow & Nikki DeLoach also shoe-ins.

  5. Love Under the Olive Tree had a very obvious side gay plot. Lots of shared looks, comments about how he's not dating HER and they were on a date at the end. Just for anyone who would like to know.

    1. I don't know where to put this for all to see...but I was sickened that there was a gay relationship obviously shown on Love Under the Olive Tree. It makes me once again wonder how long I'll stay with Hallmark if this continures.

    2. Hi Judy! Thank you for sharing your opinion. I felt the same way you did, and I know many others here agree. This subject was very upsetting for me and my family. We will not be watching this movie again and we will be most careful of what we watch in the future on Hallmark. It is very sad.

      In case you're interested, a few others shared your opinion here:

      You may want to check back here in the future after a new movie premieres to see if there is more content like this.

      Blessings to you! Net

  6. Net, could you please address all the rumors of Hallmark filming again. Would love to know this is happening but concerned for the safety of everyone. Thank you!

    1. Hello kitkat! I sure can address it... the rumors are all 100% true!

      Little by little, some Hallmark Stars, directors, etc... have been sharing on social media they are, indeed, going back to filming - including: Alicia Witt, Andrew Walker, Candace Cameron Bure, Paul Campbell, Kimberley Sustad, and more! Plus, "When Calls the Heart" stars are getting ready too!

      There's a great article at yvrshoots - that explains how "Any cast, creators or crew from outside Canada will need to do the government-mandated 14-day quarantine before heading to set."

      The article also shares several TV movies that are currently being filmed or going into production soon:

      For Better or Worse,

      Christmas Forgiveness,

      Kite Festival of Love,

      Wedding Every Weekend,

      Beverly Hills Wedding,

      My One True Love,

      and Destination Wedding.

      At this point, we don't know if they will all end up on Hallmark, but I know one or two are already definite!

      I think they are doing their best to keep everyone safe and healthy during this process. It's not an easy time for any of us, but I'm sure the actors, directors and crew are eager to get back to work.

  7. Thanks Net! Appreciate this info.

  8. I can see why Hallmark didn’t play Love Under the Olive Tree last Fall... very boring, same old storyline, the characters did not click and then the gay characters-NOT family friendly. It was hard to watch and get into. Don’t plan to watch again. If this is how Hallmark is going to be, my family will not be watching!!! Thanks Net for the heads up had to do a lot of fast forwarding but oh well it wasn’t good anyway!

    1. Yes! The actors had no chemistry. It was awful

  9. A Hallmark-style Fall Romance: A career oriented literary agent returns to her hometown after her father’s heart attack and tries to save their cranberry farm with the help of a handsome local chef.

    It’s FALLING FOR VERMONT in Massachusetts cranberry country!
    Writer Statement:

    I wrote this as a TV Hallmark-style fall romance. I wanted to pick a unique setting that has not been done before. I have a love for southern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, so I chose the setting of the romance to be in a small town in the cranberry mecca of the world. The setting in the cranberry world makes for a unique backdrop and has not been done in a Hallmark movie before.

  10. Love Ever Movies

    Hallmark filming resume in Vancouver as planned, as felt optimistic. Projects currently filming—KITE FESTIVAL OF LOVE w/ Jessica Lowndes moved to next week—do have all-Canadian casts, but we'll see American-based actors


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