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Thursday, June 4, 2020

*Change in Schedule: Hallmark Channel movie “Country at Heart” ❤️๐ŸŽธ DETAILS HERE:

It appears the Hallmark Channel Movie, “Country at Heart,” starring Jessy Schram and Niall Matter, has once again been pulled from Hallmark’s schedule.


Hallmark Channel’s web-site currently has “In the Key of Love” scheduled for this Saturday night, June 6th, instead of "Country at Heart." Ironically, “In the Key of Love” was supposed to air last year on the Hallmark Channel during their June Weddings month and it, too, was pulled from the lineup. It finally premiered earlier this year!

This is the second time “Country at Heart” has been removed from Hallmark’s schedule. Initially, it was supposed to premiere during "Fall Harvest" last year. I can’t help but wonder if they are saving it now again for "Fall Harvest" this year since they’ve been unable to film recently.

We will have to keep a look out to see when the Hallmark Channel decides to bring “Country at Heart” back. For now.. all we know is - it’s Coming Soon!

UPDATE (7/15): Hallmark has announce in a new press release - "Country at Heart" will now premiere during Fall Harvest 2020 - on October 3!

Blessings on your day! Net


  1. Oh no, this was the first new movie I was looking forward to in a long time. I hope it is not because of what is happening in the country right now. Very sad about this movie not playing especially since I am pretty sure I saw the commercial for it this morning on HMM.

    1. I also was looking forward to watching the movie. I'm hoping it comes on soon.

  2. What? In the Key of Love was aired last year already

    It’s aired yesterday after H&F

  3. In the Key of Love was air on Hallmark Channel last March 21, 2020 but it’s aired on Hallmark M
    ovie Now in June 21, 2019 last year according to lMDb

    When I found on your blog “In the Key of Love”

    In the Key of Love
    Starring Laura Osnes and Scott Michael Foster
    Director Clare Niederpruem
    Air date: March 21, 2020
    Rating: 2.22
    Channel: Hallmark Channel

    It’s was air on Hallmark Channel


  4. A Little Romance

    Country at Heart
    Love in the Forecast
    Love Under the Olive Tree

    They keep Love in the Forecast & Love Under the Olive Tree

    They save Country at Heart for Fall Harvest or so

  5. Thanks for the update. I don't get Hallmark sometimes. So confusing.


  6. In the Key of Love - Laura Osnes & Shawn Michael Foster

    1) In the Key of Love - Hallmark Channel
    Remove - June 21, 2019

    2) In the Key of Love - Hallmark Movie Now
    August 11, 2019

    3) In the Key of Love - Hallmark Channel
    March 21, 2020

    4) In the Key of Love - After Home & Family
    June 3, 2020

    5) In the Key of Love - Hallmark Channel
    Take a place with Country at Heart

    1. Why was Country at heart pulled? Very disappointing.

    2. We are all tired of Hallmark showing the same movies over and over again every week. It's becoming borning.

  7. I am really not very happy about this at all especially since it has been advertised on their website as airing this weekend for some time now.

    I really think this is one occasion when the viewers deserve an explanation from Hallmark.

  8. I'm worried now whether Love Under The Olive Tree will air on 20 June.

    1. They keep “Love Under the Olive Tree” to watch on 6/20/2020 on HC

  9. Net, I am more than upset with Hallmark. It is like they bait us with promises to make us feel better and then yank them away. Promises are better not made if there is no follow through. Thankful for my DVD's. I have Lucas and Niall so I can still watch them this weekend.Come on Hallmark! Just don't promise anymore.

    1. I agree!
      Was looking forward to Christmas Made to Order and Once Upon a Holiday...but they were both yanked from the lineup a few days before they were scheduled. Frustrating to say the least.

  10. This is really disappointing! They shouldn’t heavily promote a new original movie and then pull it off the schedule at the last minute! They have done this before and it makes no sense! Guess they want their viewers to turn their channel off!

  11. I thought Hallmark Channel was getting their place in order when it came to airing movies and shows. It was great to finally see In The Key Of Love back in March. But, they should stick to their original schedule and air Country At Heart tomorrow night.

  12. What happened to Hallmark movie in the Key of Love?

    Scott Michael Foster (Jake Colby) and Laura Osnes (Maggie Case) in Hallmark Channel's In the Key of Love. ... However, at the last minute, some garbage movie called Sister of the Bride took its slot and In the Key of Love was relegated to an August launch on Hallmark's streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now.

    Later, In the Key of Love was aired last 3/21/2020 on Hallmark Channel

    In the Key of Love was aired after H&F

    In the Key of Love will gonna air this Saturday, 6/6/2020; it’s take over with Country at Heart’s place

  13. Nooooooo.... It's so hard to believe they're psyching us out again with this same movie! And incredibly last-minute. Is all professionalism eroding away?

  14. Whew! I appreciate your posting. I am just in the process of cutting the cable cord. I’d been seeing the adds all week. I tried to add Country at Heart and it wasn’t showing up. I was starting to think Philo was like Hallmark Movies now where you can only see last years stuff.

  15. Was really looking forward to the movie! Jessy is one of the best actresses!
    Why would they advertise it and not show?
    Maybe running out of shows because of Corona virus or riots.
    I guess more food shopping for me.

  16. I am really disappointed that Hallmark Channel has scratched Country at Heart. They have been pitching it for 2 months, now it isn't even on the movie checklist app. Such a letdown. I wish someone at Hallmark would explain.

  17. I was really looking forward to 5his movie, all 3 main stars are great and I am very disappointed. I hope we get to see the other 2 they been advertising.

  18. I agree with everyone else regarding country at heart! It is not OK for Hallmark to be so evasive! If you cannot provide a reason, we have no reason to support your network!

  19. I’m hoping for Hallmark gonna air those after Christmas in July until before Fall Harvest

    Love on Harbor Island {Take Off to Love} (2020)
    Morgan Kohan & Marcus Rosner

    Romance on the Menu (TV Movie)
    Cindy Busby & Tim Ross

    Blueprint to the Heart
    Laura Mitchell & Dennis Andres

    Love is Piece of Cake
    Lindsey Gort & Greyston Holt

    Just for Summer
    Brant Daugherty & Hayley Sales

    Sincerely, Yours, Truly
    Natalie Halls & Marshall Williams

    Love at Sunset Terrace
    Ellen Woglom, Meghan Heffern, & Carlo Marks

    Love at Daisy Hills
    Cindy Busby & Marshall Williams

    Dating List
    Natalie Dreyfuss & Andrew Dunbar

    Love on Repeat
    Jen Lilley, Jonathan Bennett, & Andrew Lawrence

    Prescription for Love - A Cinderella Story
    Jillian Murray & Trevor Donovan

  20. In a time when we needed something new to watch and take our minds away from news in general this was such a bad move on Hallmark’s part. I had no idea Country at Heart was scheduled to air last fall too. That makes it even worse. Things have been difficult for a lot of people because of the virus but Hallmark advertised this for weeks. You can’t do this to people without them loosing their trust in you, Hallmark! Is there really a new movie this Saturday or will it get pulled on Friday?

  21. I think we should be okay this weekend but I am worried about Love Under The Olive Tree scheduled for 20 June, since it was withdrawn last year.

    1. No, Hallmark sticks that date for viewers to watch Love Under the Olive Tree, as seen TV Promo movie Trailer of “A Little Romance”; on 6/20/2020

  22. I agree, Net, that they're probably going to use it for this year's fall harvest since they haven't been able to film. Honestly, while I would love new Christmas movies, I have tons of favorites to get me through this year but I don't need new ones. However, I would be sad if we didn't get a new season of Chesapeake Shores, When Hope Calls, and new fall themed movies.

    1. Just based on where we are in the year right now, and the fact that no new seasons of anything have been filmed, and also how long it takes to film the seasons and get them on the air, I think it is extremely unlikely, and probably impossible, that we will see new full "Chesapeake Shores" and "When Hope Calls" seasons this year. We might see "special episodes" or maybe even 2-hour movies from those series, but I think that full seasons this year can be ruled out. "When Calls the Heart" and "Good Witch" aired on time this year because they were filmed in 2019.

      Hallmark has simply lost too much time in their production schedule, and, even now, as things are opening up, there are some hoops to jump through to get back to filming regularly in Canada (it's not a permanent problem, but it's enough to slow things down a bit more for a while).

      I don't think we are going to see a full slate of Fall Harvest movies either. IF Hallmark can get back into a filming groove sometime between now and early August, they *might* be able to crank out a couple of Fall Harvest movies. I wouldn't necessarily count on it happening, though. I think it will be a bonus if we get any new Fall movies other than "Country at Heart," but we can hope! It's not impossible that they might film something new for Fall, and they might acquire a random Fall movie from someone else too.

      Realistically, Christmas is what Hallmark is going to focus on -- Michelle Vicary said as much in a recent interview. That is, without question, their biggest event of the year. It's the event that draws in the most viewers for the channels. It's the event that brings in the most advertising dollars for them, as well as other merchandise revenue, etc. Their Christmas events are essentially the gas in the tank of the car that is Hallmark -- those Christmas events ultimately fuel the network, bringing more viewers and more money to the network, which can then translate into creating other themed programming throughout the year. The Hallmark brand is too synonymous with Christmas to not invest in it as much as they can. It's a tradition for many households, and a source of comfort -- and this is a year when many people need comfort and tradition!

      That being said, I don't think Hallmark will have nearly as many new Christmas movies on the air this year as they had last year. Even if they acquire several independent movies (not specifically made by or for Hallmark), as they usually do, I still think they have lost too much time to be able to air as many new ones. I can't really predict an exact number of new Christmas movies that I think they will premiere, but even if they can film a lot of them in the fall I don't see how they can fully get caught up to their previous numbers. They'll be able to get a good chunk of Christmas movies done if they shoot a bunch of them in, say, Aug-Sept-Oct, but I don't see how they'd be able to pull off another season of 40 movies. I'm not even sure they'd be able to pull off 25 or 30 unless they start filming this month.

      But Hallmark does have two previously filmed holiday movies that can air ("Christmas in Vienna" and "A New Year's Resolution"), and Alicia Witt just revealed that she is going into pre-production on her next Christmas movie. Hallmark will certainly acquire some of the ones that filmed earlier this year, which are currently not assigned to any networks. But it's going to be interesting to see exactly how many Christmas movies they can manage to film between now and early November.

  23. The description for the movie reads: “A struggling country singer meets a Nashville songwriter in need of inspiration. Teaming up to write a song, their work gets complicated but results in both a hit song…and true love.” The movie stars Jessy Schram, Niall Matter, and Lucas Bryant.
    The rescheduling of Country at Heart seems to be a last-minute-decision that was made just a couple of days before the movie was scheduled to premiere. Neither starring actor has mentioned the delay on Twitter or Instagram.

    Rick Garman, the screenwriter for the movie, confirmed on Twitter that the movie was removed from the lineup.

    He responded to another question, writing: “The premiere has been postponed. It will not be on this Saturday. A new date has not been set yet.”In a Facebook post, he said there was a chance it might air in August, but there’s no official date yet.

  24. Since Hallmark is all that I watch these depressing days, I was also looking forward to Country At Heart. We have all watch all the movies dozen times over, we want new material. I was forced to watch UP TV movies from the great Larry Levinson, but just don’t make the Hallmark quality standard. Why not bring back the older Hallmark from 5-10 years ago for fun.

    1. This sounds like a good idea. The older movies would get my vote.


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