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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

🎄💕 May your *MAY* Days be *Merry & Bright* with Hallmark's Christmas Movies this Week! #Hallmarkies 🎄💕 DETAILS HERE:

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The weather may be heating up, but we can still cool off with a little Christmas on Hallmark!

Check out this week -

🌟Kevin Sorbo has a secret identity in "The Santa Suit!"

🌟Hallmark honors our military with Eloise Mumford and Sean Faris in "A Veteran's Christmas!"

🌟Jodie Sweetin and Andrew Walker light up Hallmark's Christmas movies with "Merry & Bright!"

See details on theses movies below...


Hallmark Drama's
"Home for the Holidays"
classic Christmas movie feature is...
"The Santa Suit"
on Wednesday, May 27th at 9pm/8c..

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Drake Hunter, the president of Hunter Marketing, has the perfect plan to boost sales for his father's toy company over the holiday season--hire department store Santas to promote his father's merchandise. When the real Santa Claus turns Drake into a Santa lookalike, Drake finds himself working as a dress-up Kris Kringle to make ends meet. Stripped of power and position, Drake discovers the importance of honesty, compassion, and respect as he helps an unprivileged girl enjoy the magic of Christmas.


Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
"Miracles of Christmas"
classic Christmas movie feature is
"A Veteran's Christmas"
on Thursday, May 28th at 9pm/8c.

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Honorably discharged from the Marines, Grace is driving to Cincinnati, when her jeep breaks down, and Judge Joe Peterson offers his guesthouse until it’s repaired. As they spend time together they fall in love, but Grace worries Joe isn’t over his ex, Marnie, and Joe must decide if he should move to Chicago to be a District Court Judge. If he does, Grace sees no reason to accept a job heading the town’s Search & Rescue. Overhearing Joe talking to Marnie, Grace is brokenhearted, and leaves, until Joe unleashes a surprise that could make Grace stay in River Crossing forever.


Hallmark Channel's
"Countdown to Christmas"
classic Christmas movie feature is
"Merry & Bright"
on Friday, May 29th at 8pm/7c.

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Cate is the CEO of Merry & Bright, a struggling small-town candy cane factory. Gabe is a New York consultant tasked with saving the company. With Christmas approaching, Gabe travels to the town, only to find Cate resenting his efforts to restructure her business. Though they initially clash, they soon develop feelings for each other. But when Gabe urges her to accept a high-profile investor’s suggestion to abandon the traditional methods of her business, Cate parts ways with him. On Christmas Eve, Cate wonders if she’ll manage to save her factory and if she’ll ever find a holiday romance again.


I hope you enjoy all three Christmas movies - airing on all three Hallmark networks!

My Christmas Movie Pick of the Week:

"A Veteran's Christmas!" I love the lightheartedness of the sweet little town of River's Crossing, and how they all come together to make Christmas special for Grace, a veteran of the Marines. Eloise Mumford (Grace) and Sean Faris (Joe, the town's judge) are such a sweet pairing. Their chemistry is just as spot on in this movie as it was in "Christmas with Holly!"

"A Veteran's Christmas" is definitely one of those movies that makes you feel good inside and gives American viewers a sense of pride in our country and those who serve, human and canine!

Do YOU have a special TOP Christmas Movie Pick of the week? If so, please share in comments below...

Also, be sure to check my Christmas TV Schedule for even more Christmas movies airing in June!

Blessings to You All, Net


  1. There's a scene in "The Santa Suit" where you can clearly see someone kick up the snow CARPET...lol. I was shocked that the editors didn't catch it. If you watch it, look for it. It's hilarious.

    1. Jim - Oh no... that's too funny! I'll have to look for that! I love those little Easter eggs in movies; sometimes these little moments make a movie even more endearing.

  2. Replies
    1. Denise - Awe, me too! I love peppermint! :)

      I just noticed the very nice DVD cover (at the top of the post) doesn't even have a candy cane in it. That's a really big miss since the whole story revolves around the candy cane company. The Hallmark poster is perfect with them holding their candy canes in the shape of a heart and the candy cane border too! Wonder why they didn't use it? They typically use the same image for the DVD. Hmmm? I mean, the DVD looks bright, Christmassy, and cheerful, but I just miss seeing a candy cane on it.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this news on Alicia Witt. I think good nutrition is essential to feeling good, being healthy and living a long life. That is wonderful she is encouraging others to make smart choices when it comes to our daily diet decisions.

      It's also good to hear about Alicia Witt's Christmas movie. Hope everything works out (since the coronavirus) with the film production so it can be made this year.

    2. I hope Hallmark resumes the movies in production sooner or later ; it’s almost June

      In the middle of the weeks getting hotter in May throughout the Summer

  4. Net recently mentioned that Hallmark said they would be concentrating on Christmas movies when production resumed.

    Personally I wouldn't mind the Christmas schedule being curtailed a bit if it meant a few new movies in September and October.


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