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Friday, May 29, 2020

HEARTLAND is COMING BACK - to UPtv and CBC Television!

image: UPtv/CBC

Get ready to get roped in to SEASON 13 of "HEARTLAND" on UPtv starting THURSDAY, JUNE 4th at 9pm/8c - starring Amber Marshall (Amy), Graham Wardle (Ty), Shaun Johnston ("Grandpa" Jack), Michelle Morgan (Lou), Chris Potter (Tim), Jessica Steen (Lisa), Kerry James (Caleb), Alisha Newton (Georgie), Gabriel Hogan (Peter), Kevin McGarry (Mitch), and more! (See a sneak peek video below!)

Plus, have you heard? SEASON 14 has been renewed on the Canadian Channel - CBC. Even though we will have to wait a little longer to see that season in the United States, it's still exciting to know more episodes are on the way!

image: UPtv/CBC

If you are not familiar with the "Heartland" TV Series, UPtv gives this wonderful description...

"A family drama series set in the rolling foothills of the Rockies, “Heartland” follows life on the Heartland ranch as Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall), her older sister Lou (Michelle Morgan) and Grandfather Jack (Shaun Johnston) deal with the challenges of running the ranch that has been in their family for generations. Heartland is not like any other ranch — it is a horse ranch with a special mission of treating troubled or neglected horses and finding them new homes, and Amy has inherited her late mother’s uncanny ability to work with, understand and help heal those horses."

In Season 13 "the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, building a new home and the responsibility for two kids, will test the strength of Amy and Ty's marriage."

Heartland - UP Faith & Family - Streaming

If you don't have UPtv or if you just can't wait to watch this series, then you can watch "Heartland" Season 13 through Amazon - via UP's Faith and Family Streaming. For extra details - *CLICK HERE*.

Heartland - UP Faith & Family - Streaming

You can also watch previous seasons of "Heartland" through Amazon on DVD or Streaming.


Episode 1: Snakes and Ladders

A disgruntled horse owner causes trouble for Ty and Amy's business, leading to a disagreement

Episode 2: Wild One

Amy is hired to gentle one of the wild horses, but he may prove impossible to work with.

Episode 3: Rearview Mirror

Jack is faced with painful memories from his past, and the family is at a loss for how to help him.

Episode 4: Eye of the Storm

A dangerous windstorm wreaks havoc on Hudson.

Episode 5: Fairytale

Amy and Ty worry about the impact a surprise visitor will have on Luke.

Episode 6: A Time to Remember

Georgie’s graduation has finally arrived, but so has a mysterious figure from her past.

Episode 7: The Art of Trust

Amy is asked to spend time at an art retreat to work with an artist’s allegedly traumatized horse.

Episode 8: Legacy

Tim is organizing an important rodeo when an old flame blows back into Hudson asking for his help.

Episode 9: Fight or Flight

Amy and Ty get some unexpected news about Luke just as Amy has to face an upsetting truth about Spartan.

Episode 10: The Passing of the Torch

When fears of holding on or letting go grip the family, they look to each other for support through dangerous challenges.

Before we ride off into the sunset, watch the Heartland: Season 13 | Official Trailer:
(NO SPOILERS included - just a fun sneak peek!)

Happy Trails to You! Net


  1. I truly love Heartland. It feels more like a reality tv show than most of the ones that are out there! They have problems. As someone who is going through a really rough time, it is nice to have a show that is somewhat relatable. And I love the humor they add. It is such a wonderful show and I am so excited for season 14!:)

    1. I love this show for the same reasons. when Peter and Lou were going thru their problems, I truly felt like they were real people, I was so sad for them. Most shows or movies they fight one minute and divorce the next, but this was so slow and so realistic, it was 2 people who loved each other and their family, but couldn't make it work and had to come to see each others issues. I always thought Peter just did everything to make Lou happy, but when he started having and talking about his issues and feelings, it became so real. Georgie took it hard, they just became her family and were breaking up.

      I love the love story of Amy and Ty, it also did not come easy. They had many problems, but they would overcome them. I so loved the relationship of Ashley and Caleb too. they were on again off again, but Ashley loved caleb so much, she was just so young and didn't really know what she wanted out of life, yet a marriage.

      I love the episodes where they go to the Pike River, where Amy and Ty went for Christmas when they were in love, and went when they were broken up, but were on their way back to each other. Grandpa and Lisa happened slowly too, one very independent woman and an old fashioned man. I just love this show.

      My only gripe, haha, I always have one, but it is that it is only 10 episodes a season now. I miss the days it was like 24 episodes a season. that is a lot for a 1 hour drama. it seems all shows are going to 10 episodes. I just want more and would watch the Fleming/Morris/Bordan family literally just sitting around the house talking for an hour for 24 episodes :)

    2. Anonymous, I'm glad to hear how much "Heartland" means to you. I understand how it's nice to get away from things and focus on something that uplifts your spirit and feels so close to home.

      I know I always feel a certain peace when I watch each episode. That must be why fans love it all over the world, year after year... and why it's coming back for another season!

      Enjoy watching!

    3. Sabrina, I love talking "Heartland" with you - because you are so passionate in your love of this show and each of it's characters. When I first told you about "Heartland" and how much I enjoyed it, I had no idea then how much you would love it, too!

      You are so right, they never seem to rush any love story or particular storyline, it's all done so gradually - it just seems so authentic to real-life! I'm still uncertain how I feel about the whole Peter-Lou-Mitch love triangle... I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in Season 13. Plus, since Kevin McGarry is contracted on "Heartland" and "When Calls the Heart," I'm curious how they will work that out.

      One of my favorite things, is when we've seen Amy or Jack sing or when Tim and Jack have to work together. Hope we see more of that in upcoming seasons!

    4. Net, I am so thankful that you told me about how wonderful this show is, it is because of you and you also letting me know they played reruns on Uptv, that got me into this show. I recommend if anyone likes horses, love stories, families with good values, check Uptv cause they play reruns, I think they are on season 12 now so they should get back to playing from season 1 again soon. I think they also have it on the Hallmark streaming service, but I was ok recording them on Uptv, then I only had to watch a few episodes a day so it didn't become me doing nothing but watching Heartland day and night.

      I too love when Amy and Grandpa sing. and when Jack and Tim come together. I like that Tim is a little bit of a questionable character, he is a little more whats in it for me, but he does have a soft side and does the right thing most of the time. I want to see more of what Georgie will do/become, I hope they can keep her on the show. Would love to see more of little Katie too. and the little girls playing Lyndy, they are so adorable. Just can't wait for Thursday !!!!!

    5. Awe, Sabrina... I'm so glad you love it. I've been wondering about Georgie, too, and what path she'll take after graduation. I have a feeling that she'll leave Heartland for a short time, but I think she'll return and find her own purpose there like Amy. So many possibilities... Is it Thursday, yet??? haha!!!

  2. My husband and I love watching Heartland with our kids. It's nice to know UP is bringing it back this summer.

    By the way, I showed my daughter your post and she got super excited when she saw the Breyer horse and barn. Guess I know what I'm getting her for her birthday!

    1. Awe, I love that! Will she name the rider Amy or Georgie? That is so cute!

    2. Georgie, for sure. She's her favorite.

  3. Awesome trailer for Season 13!


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