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Hallmark Press Release:


STUDIO CITY, CA –April 26, 2020 – Hallmark Channel has ordered an eighth season of the network’s original, primetime drama series “When Calls the Heart.” It was announced today by series star Erin Krakow during the season seven finale of the hit show.

(See the Video below!)

Currently ending its seventh season, the hit drama “When Calls the Heart’s” ratings momentum continues, with this season’s previous episode 7009 ranking as the highest-rated episode in the series’ history. The program ranked as the #1 original scripted series of the week and marks the #2 original scripted series on ad-supported cable in 2020-to-date among Households, Total Viewers and Women 18+. On a Live +3 basis, the program delivered a 3.3 Household rating, 3.1 million Total Viewers, and 477,000 Women 25-54. The episode reached over 3.7 million unduplicated total viewers.

Source: Nielsen, December 30, 2019 – April 19, 2020

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VIDEO - Erin Krakow Announces Season 8:

My Take:

I'm ecstatic! We ALL needed some good news these days with everything going on, and this Season 8 renewal of "When Calls the Heart" is absolutely FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL NEWS for all of us Hearties and faithful Hallmark viewers, who have simply fallen in the love with this incredible series and all of the delightful Hope Valley characters over the years.

Whether you love the children, Rosemary and Lee, Dr. Carson and Nurse Faith, Clara and Jesse, Bill, Henry, Fiona, Flo, Molly, Elizabeth's love triangle with Lucas and Nathan, etc... there is truly something special for everyone to love in this wholesome family friendly show.

It's nice to know there are plans in the works to make Season 8's filming a possibility. There are a lot of cast and crew members involved with making "When Calls the Heart," so I'll be curious to see how they will end up doing it. Most of all, I know we all want everyone to be safe and well; therefore, I'm certain Hallmark will keep everyone's health as top priority. They always have everyone's best interest at heart!

With great hope and anticipation, I know we will all look forward to hearing any news we possibly can on "When Calls the Heart" Season 8!

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  1. Very excited for season 8! The ending of the finale was so suspenseful! I truly didn't know what was going to happen. I am also curious as to how they will film this with everything going on. At least we can watch the episodes we recorded in the meantime:)

  2. I’d like to see Nathan & Elizabeth’s ice cream date with Jack Jr. & Allie when with Jack Jr. put ice cream cone onto his nose so, they're laughing; even Nathan carries Jack Jr; in the future episodes

  3. Nathan attempts to ask Elizabeth on a date, but gets interrupted.

    Elizabeth had already moved on with — you guessed it — Nathan. He finally asks Elizabeth to go to dinner, but before she can even answer, Nathan is called to work, giving her more time to think about a decision.

    everyone suspects that Nathan was shot and killed. The look on Elizabeth's face says it all:

    To everyone's surprise — Elizabeth's, especially — Nathan pulls up behind her, seemingly unharmed. She runs over to him and gives "a hug heard around the world." For many Hearties, this moment confirmed that Elizabeth wants Nathan.

    Elizabeth constantly seeks out Nathan, but simply relies on Lucas because she knows he'll always be there.

    “Elizabeth is wanting to encourage Nathan, but when he does ask her out, she can't even say 'yes'. With both of these guys, there's this sense of excitement but trepidation," she says. "Everything is moving very slowly."

    Brian Bird, the show's creator, urges Hearties to tune into season 8, which is set to air in 2021, to get all the answers about the love triangle. So, we hate to break it to you, but it looks like it's time for you to practice your patience.

  4. Very glad to hear the S8 announcement last night.

  5. Can't wait to see the date between Elizabeth and Nathan ❤ team Nathan

    Elizabeth and Nathan are perfect for each other! Elizabeth needs someone who is there to protect her when there's trouble, and that's Nathan, Nathan should be with Elizabeth 100% all the way

    I am hoping Elizabeth heart leads her to Nathan because he is more romantic than Lucas I Vote for Team Nathan

    I hope team Nathan and Elizabeth gets Together in season 8

    Team Nathan and Elizabeth for season8 they are a perfect coupleSparkling heartSparkling heartSparkling heartSparkling heartSparkling heart

    Team Nathan 100% for Elizabeth they are perfect togetherSparkling heartSparkling heartSparkling heartSparkling heart

  6. Nathan. He could teach baby Jack the same values as Jack'd have done. I consider that he is more suitable to Elizabeth.

    Can't wait to see the date between Elizabeth and Nathan ❤ team Nathan

    That hug at the end of the episode was I think she picked who she wanted to be with! I hope more of Nathan and Elizabeth in Season 8 and maybe finally a dinner date between them???

    The best choice for Elizabeth Thornton? "The hug that was heard around the world" from her to Nathan is my firm opinion. AKA: Nathan Grant is the best choice for our schoolteacher.

    Nathan was the one for Elizabeth.

    I want to see Elizabeth choose Nathan over Lucas!!

    More Nathan and Elizabeth, more Nathan sweet moments with little Jack, and perhaps, Elizabeth giving Allie some womanly advice

    Elizabeth and Nathan..I never thought I would ever get over Jack, but that last scene with the hug, I finally realized Elizabeth was telling Nathan..YOU MATTER TO ME TOO..Wow!!! Please give us more

    WOW! Smiling face with 3 hearts Definitely bringing out more thoughts and the feelings of Elizabeth and Nathan...Amazing!

    Elizabeth realizes her feelings for Nathan, but that Nathan realizes HER feelings for HIM Smiling face with 3 hearts

    will there be another Father Christmas movie in the future? I love your movies! I am glad that Elizabeth chose Nathan! I hope when you all return, the relationship ship will develop even more. He needs more interaction with you and Baby Jack!

    I knew in my heart you were going to go to Nathan and hug him right!!! He is the kind of man Elizabeth would chose to help her raise little Jack. Look at the great job he is doing with Allie!

    I love Elizabeth and Nathan together

    it was a moment of realization for Nathan and Elizabeth about their Heart suitfor each other. Nathan is reeling from being alive to still be with Elizabeth aside from losing a mountie colleague. Heart-pounding!

    Next season would love to see more scenes with the kids...also would love to see more scenes with Elizabeth and Nathan...

    so did Elizabeth pick Nathan????

    The end where Elizabeth runs in Nathan arms

    Next season would love to see more scenes with the kids...also would love to see more scenes with Elizabeth and Nathan...

    Elizabeth hugged him, all I said was "she thought of Jack" & that made my Broken heartBroken heart. She should be with Nathan because the books are about the school teacher & the mountie

    Elizabeth should be with Nathan.

    and I would love to see Nathan and Elizabeth get married and have a baby...just imagine baby Jack, Allie, and a would grow the movie Love Comes Softly

    What story would love to see in the coming season, besides the storyline with Elizabeth and Nathan? Such as Lee and Rosemary adopting or having a baby of their own.

    any chance you and
    could sing together either on WCTH or heck why not while stuck in self isolation? You both have such beautiful singing voices!

    So happy Elizabeth is in love with Nathan.

    I hope Nathan will be Elizabeth’s choice. He's so much more natural and sweet than Lucas

    I know for sure I'm 100% #teamnathan. I always find myself rewinding and re-watching Elizabeth and Nathan's scenes....which I haven't done since we lost our beloved Jack!

    Elizabeth and Nathan are so sweet and full of chemistry..

  7. it seemed that Nathan (Kevin McGarry) — who has hesitated to be more open about his own feelings — and Elizabeth showed they also have a strong connection. In the last moments of the episode, Elizabeth rushed into Nathan’s arms after fearing he’d been shot, while a wounded Lucas looked on. (Earlier in the episode, Nathan had finally worked up the courage to ask Elizabet out on a date.)

    Elizabeth and Nathan embrace

    A few people on Team Nathan seemed to relish seeing his character get hurt at the episode’s end. One declared that their favorite moment from the finale was “when Lucas saw Elizabeth running into Nathan’s arms and embracing him, showing how much she cares more for Nathan.”

  8. Nathan and Elizabeth belong together. Clearly, when she ran into Nathan's arms, the way she hugged him tightly in front of all citizens of Hope Valley is the moment of truth. Rosemary told Elizabeth that she would know when the time came and this moment proved her feelings are stronger for Nathan and she made her choice. They remit wonderful chemistry together and I can't imagine moving forward with a storyline for Elizabeth without Nathan as her choice.

    Nathan & Elizabeth are so perfect & belong together

  9. True feelings are often revealed in the wake of tragedy

    ‪#TeamNathan‬ Can’t wait for Season 8!

    Well this ‪#Heartie‬ was confident that Nathan would survive but when you flew into his arms- that was a surprise. I know Elizabeth is torn right now but I took it as relief (flashbacks to Jack), concern for Allie, personal feelings as well. So now you HAV to have dinner with him!!

    Nathan survived, but he almost got knocked out by a charging schoolteacher. Wouldn’t that have been a twist!

    My favorite show! This scene from the Season 7 finale was my favorite of the entire season. Elizabeth is finally “home” in Nathan’s arms! She realizes her feelings when she thought she had lost him.

    I knew she would pick
    ‪ at the end!!!! Finally!! He is just like Jack!!! ‬

    ‪sweet, shy, doesn’t know how to tell Elizabeth how he feels!!! Yay!! #TeamNathan‬

    Nathan some time to reveal his feelings for Elizabeth and to finally ask her out, but I believe our mountie has the confidence to take this relationship to the next level!
    is no slacker! Season 8 ‪#TeamNathan‬ ‪#Hearties‬


    His chin on her head. Her hands caressing his back. This scene says so much without them saying a single word: Grief, shock, relief, comfort, realization, love.

    I love Elizabeth and Nathan together!

    Please give us even more episodes for their story to unfold next season!
    ‪#Hearties‬ ‪#TeamNathan‬

    This scene confirms that Nathan is the one for her ! ‪#TeamNathan‬

    That hug was something ! ‪#teamnathan‬ all the way

    That hug was something ! ‪#teamnathan‬ all the way

    Yes she was probably having a flashback to Jack, but it was more than that, it was also relief that she didn't lose Nathan. There was a whole myriad of emotional turmoil on multiple levels going on in that hug between both of them. Following her instincts.

  10. Lucas (Snidley Whiplash), Nathan (Dudley Do-Right), Elizabeth (Nell Fenwick.) ...and the Horse

  11. 'When Calls the Heart' Christmas Movie: Elizabeth and Nathan Share a Tender Moment…

    Elizabeth & Nathan take a long stroll through the forest as they search for the perfect Christmas tree. The pair share a heartfelt conversation about how they like to spend the holidays, and Nathan tries to confess what's been on his mind. However, he's interrupted by his niece, Allie.

  12. Nathan only has eyes for Elizabeth. All I saw was a man nervous about taking care of catching the bad guy. Nathan and Elizabeth. It will always end with the Mountie for Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth is finally “home” in Nathan’s arms! She realizes her feelings when she thought she had lost him.

    Aww Nathan and Little Jack are adorable. More scenes with these 2 would be precious!

    I would love to see the love story of Nathan and Elizabeth unfold in S8. These 2 hearts have been through so much pain and loss and have so much healing to bring each other & their kids

    Amen, ‪#NathanandElizabeth‬ wed in Season 8 please!

    I love seeing how far Elizabeth has come!!! She’s been through so much and I just want to see her have an incredible love again.

    Elizabeth hugged him, all I said was "she thought of Jack" & that made my

    She should be with Nathan because the books are about the school teacher & the mountie

    Hoping for ‪#TeamNathan‬ and ‪#MoreHopeValley‬!! LOVE MY SHOW!!!!!!

  13. Nathan and Elizabeth get together and start their own little family with Allie and baby Jack that would be adorable!

    Pls. let the love between Elizabeth & Nathan "blossom" fully but in quite a "slow burn".

    Elizabeth and Nathan wedding!!

    Elizabeth picking Nathan

    more moments of Nathan and Elizabeth!

    Elizabeth to finally have made a decision and build a relationship with Nathan

    love blossom between Nathan and Elizabeth

    Love story for ‪#Nathan‬ and ‪#Elizabeth‬

    Team Nathan!!! (Elizabeth and Nathan!!!)

    Mountie Nathan and Elizabeth as a couple please

    Mountie Nathan and Elizabeth in a relationship!

    Elizabeth will help Nathan open up to her. She is patient.

    Elizabeth and Nathan's embrace!

    Elizabeth to finally have made a decision and build a relationship with Natha

    Mountie Nathan and Elizabeth in a relationship!

    Nathan reminds Elizabeth of the life she had with Jack. Thank goodness they hugged

    Nathan learn to drive and take Elizabeth on a date.

    Elizabeth choose Nathan and for lots of romance and family time with them.

    Most definitely a relationship with Elizabeth and Nathan and perhaps at the end of season 8 a wedding.

  14. The heart of Janette Oke's original story is the relationship between a teacher and a Mountie not a teacher and a gambler (Bouchard's label for himself; that's his heart). I see him trying to buy his way into Elizabeth's affections (unfortunately he seems to be succeeding; I think she has a bit of a blind spot where he's concerned) Nathan's heart is pure - no hidden agendas or motives, no deceit... what you see is what you get and despite his off the charts handsome drop dead gorgeous looks (sorry Bouchard) he's humble - he listens which means he's teachable; he isn't a braggart and doesn't show off like his rival. I also love his meekness not to be confused with weakness; care to guess how many times he's wanted to take a swing at Bouchard and didn't; that's meekness; strength under control. He's funny and despite the number of times his tender heart has been broken he still cares deeply for Elizabeth. Yes he's a Mountie (she looked at home in Nathan's arms in the finale) but I believe a perfect fit for her and if she would just choose him (sooner than later PLEASE) I believe he'll prove to be the best thing that's happened to her since Jack. There's an unpredictable fire between them whether it's in their disagreements or their chemistry (contrary to some opinions they do have it); the Christmas movie where Nathan helped put a decoration on the tree when she couldn't reach and in the library when the shelf fell... their hands accidentally touched... oh yes there's chemistry all right, they've just chosen not to show it anymore. As for the blended family, he's done a brilliant job raising Allie (I love their relationship) and would do the same for Jack. Also, I see a writing bond between Allie and Elizabeth and since she's been without a mom for most of her young life it would be wonderful for Allie to have one. One last thing, names have meaning hence my use of the surname of Nathan's rival; Lucas means "light" and that isn't how I see him. Since we're on names, Nathan means "Gift of God," Grant means "great" and Kevin means "handsome, beautiful. Sigh, the shoe fits!

  15. I'm definitely #teamlucas...they have so much chemistry. I really enjoy how they encourage each other pursue their purpose and callings. They connect in a very natural way. Elizabeth and Nathan have chemistry too but I would love to see the Elizabeth/Lucas storyline explored. It feels fresh and unexpected. So looking forward to Season 8.

  16. Kevin McGarry & Erin Krakow could do movies together in the future & their mystery movies together

  17. go...and it is what Elisabeth is saying with this hug, "don't go, stay with me, I need you". Placing his chin on her head Nathan is saying "don't go, you're my support, I need you.

  18. Elizabeth's feelings for Nathan.

    it was Nathan who inspired Elizabeth to "write from her heart." If he hadn't who knows if there would have even been a book.

    Nathan gave her the heart. She and Nathan connect on the heart level and from what I've seen their chemistry is off the charts!

    Nathan is a good sweet person, and a father for Jack, while Elizabeth is a mother for Allie. AND the purpose of the show is a school teacher falling in love with a Mountie. Elizabeth fell in love with Jack. teacher and Mountie. and now it should be Nathan. Janette Okes books are based on mounties

    Elizabeth always goes to Nathan, talks to him

    Elizabeth has more feelings toward Nathan

    Nathan & Elizabeth have feelings each other

  19. Anything with Kevin Mcgarry or Erin Krakow! Better yet... make a movie starring them together!

    Love Ever After: Valentine movies
    Summer Movies
    Summer Nights
    Fall Harvest
    Mystery movies - I’d like to see them working together (Royalty Mysteries)

    St. Patrick’s Day
    Mardi Gras
    Chinese New Year๐Ÿงง
    New Year’s Eve
    Mid-Autumn Festivals - Mooncakes๐Ÿฅฎ
    Singing ๐ŸŽค
    Memorial Day
    Veterans Day
    Mother’s Day
    Father’s Day
    Independence Day
    Grandparents’ Day
    Arbor Day
    Earth Day
    Olympic Games

    Memorial Day: Cherries ๐Ÿ’
    Strawberries ๐Ÿ“ - Strawberry Day

  20. The pilot movie & then Season 1. I grew up reading all the Janette Oke books. Love her stories of faith, hope, courage & redemption! I took a little break after Season 5, but then Nathan came along... Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes #Hearties #TeamNathan

    Jeanette Oke’s stories is all about the Mountie & the Teacher are stick with each other

    Somewhere they’re belong together forever

  21. Nathan finally got up the courage to ask her out on a date. The episode ended with Elizabeth fearing that Nathan may have been killed. When she realized he was still alive, she rushed into his arms

    For some viewers, that hug was proof that Elizabeth has chosen Nathan


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