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Friday, February 7, 2020

❤ Make a Movie Date ❤ with Taylor Cole and Ryan Paevey in Hallmark's "Matching Hearts" and it's "Once Upon a Date" with Katrina Bowden on UPtv! ❤

Two rom-com movies you are sure to fall in love with this weekend...

Saturday, February 8, 2020-

Will Taylor Cole and Ryan Paevey find true love in the "Love Ever After" movie...

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Julia Palmer (Cole) is a professional matchmaker who is trying to convince Daniel (Paevey), the handsome newcomer to town known as “Mr. Stay Single,” to sign up for their matchmaking services. Landing him as a client would be a big feather in her cap and her chance to take the reins at the firm. While working with Daniel, who reluctantly agrees to be matched, Julia begins to develop feelings for him. Because he’s a client, however, she must stay professional and keep her feelings to herself while she helps him search for love. When she finds out that hers is the only heart he’s after, she must decide if she’s finally met her match.

See the Premiere of Matching Hearts
Saturday, February 8, 2020
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel


Sunday, February 9, 2020-

Can Prince Charming win Katrina Bowden's heart in...

image via: PixL TV

Note: "Once Upon a Date" first appeared on PixL at the end of December, 2019.

Storyline: When top-notched real estate broker, Josh Donahue, is sent to buy out a local community playhouse, he unexpectedly falls for the owner's daughter, forcing him to decide between the family business and true love.

See the Cable Premiere of Once Upon a Date
Sunday, February 9, 2020
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv


Hope you all enjoy these new movies this weekend. As I mentioned above, "Once Upon a Date" first premiered on PixL on December 28th, 2019, although it was first listed on IMDB in 2017. The movie stars Katrina Bowden, who you may recognize from the Hallmark movie, "Love on the Slopes."

I'm also really looking forward to seeing Ryan Paevey and Taylor Cole matched up together in the second "Love Ever After" premiere, "Matching Hearts." It looks like such a sweet movie - with cute puppies & kittens!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Much Love and Blessings to you all, Net



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  1. Matching Hearts

    As Valentine’s Day get closer, a matchmaker receives a task from her mentor to match her entrepreneur who believes that stay single is the key to success

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing this information. I haven't had the opportunity to watch this movie, yet, so I was unaware of this. I am very disappointed to hear this, although I know we've been anticipating something like this. I was so enjoying the Winterfest movies and looking forward to both "When Calls the Heart" and "When Hope Calls" coming, but this has cast a shadow on all of that for me. I'm sure "WCTH" will be family-friendly and I know "When Hope Calls" is, but who knows what commercials they will show in between and the network, itself, no longer feels like a safe place family-friendly place that I can fully trust. I guess there's really no place that is now. We'll have to always be on guard, always wondering. I think that is terrible that they put it in the movie right at the end. If it had been at the beginning, they know some people would have turned it. This way, at the end, they've already used you to watch their movie and commercials and garner ratings, so what if they offend some of their viewers at the end. They've already gotten what they wanted.

      I appreciate you taking the time to share this, Cheryl, and I'm so glad to know you will stand along with me on our values and principles.

      Blessings to you, Net

  3. Taylor Cole plays a professional matchmaker who takes on Ryan Paevey's Daniel as a client, only to eventually realize he may be her perfect match. And as she revealed, her own relationship is pretty similar to it.

  4. Erik Estrada Returns to Theaters in a Hallmark Mystery Movie

    Erik Estrada stars in Hallmark’s “Dead Over Diamonds,” with Alexa and Carlos Penavega. As seen on California Live on Friday, Feb. 7, 2020.

  5. Matching Hearts

    Valentine's Day nears, a matchmaker must find a mate for an entrepreneur who believes staying single is the key to success.

  6. 22 Countdown to Valentine’s Day movies

    Love Ever After
    Holiday Weekend Movie Countdown
    Next Saturday Saturday 11pm-10c

  7. WHEN HOPE CALLS: Season 02 is currently in production

  8. Hi Net,

    I have to tell you, once again, THANK YOU! for all you do - all of your hard work helps keep me straight with my movie-watching. I tend to record all the movies on the dvr and watch them when I get a chance.

    I watched Matching Hearts on Sunday and thought it was such a cute movie. I really liked Ryan and Taylor in this one. And, of course, the pets were adorable.

    One interesting note. I usually hit fast forward and speed through all the commercials and can only see them as a blur. While watching Matching Hearts, for some reason something in that blur caught my eye at about the 1hr34min mark. My brain told me that it looked like a marriage ceremony, so I stopped and went backwards to see if maybe it was a commercial for an upcoming cute new Hallmark movie. As I slowly started watching all the commercials at regular speed there was NO commercial with a marriage ceremony. Huh??? So I tried going fast forward and rewinding a couple of times and freezing frames while in that mode. And don't you know there was a Zola.com advertisement (with what appeared to be a transgender person officiating a wedding between a man and woman??) embedded between two other commercials. I'm wondering if this subliminal message was put there on purpose or just an oops that they forgot to cut out of the loop. My guess is it was done on purpose and I'm wondering, now, just how many other subliminal messages are being embedded on the Hallmark channel. This way Hallmark gets a win/win - they appease their many family-friendly viewers and also have a good laugh with the LGBTQRST(whatever!) lobbyists. I'm wondering if any of the other viewers have noticed any embedded ads like this; and now I'm thinking I'll be watching more closely as I fast forward the ads (which kind of defeats the purpose of fast forwarding through the ads!!).


    1. Jane, thank you for catching that commercial and sharing this information with us. It seems like they are trying to push the limits further and further and see how far they can go. I guess they don't really care how many viewers they are offending, as long as they can please the other movement, who is apparently taking over their network- little by little. At first things like this start out gradual, but then they get bigger and bigger. I feel like we are all just watching and waiting to see what will happen next. In the meantime, a lot of the enjoyment of watching has been taken from many of us.

      Please let us know if you happen to see something else.

      Blessings, Net

    2. Oh, Net, I forgot to also mention that in Matching Hearts the producers/directors added two minor scenes that hinted at a homosexual couple finding their match, and the more obvious of the two scenes came at the very end of the movie. I'm so not impressed with Hallmark and their sneaky agenda!

    3. An edit of my previous post about possible gay couple:
      I was just waiting for the hot water to boil for my cup of tea :), and I quickly re-watched the end scene of Matching Hearts. If you watch the whole movie (and you're somewhat cynical, like me!), then you might notice a few "looks" between the two minor male characters and thereby construe that the last scene with the romantic music playing was a hinted-at gay love-match in the making. BUT... otherwise it's basically just two guys standing close and smiling and talking in the midst of all the other dancing & hugging couples. So it could be considered just two new friends (and, thus, family friendly)... but my cynical side says why show the two new friends having a "moment" in the midst of all the other lovebirds?

    4. Yeah, Net, not one stone will be unturned and every nook and cranny will be investigated to make sure no Christian/family viewing is taking place without DIVERSITY!! I, too, saw the ending of that movie and have been very sad about it! I know Hallmark monitors your website so we must be very vocal about it.

  9. The Once Upon a Date movie is HILARIOUS! Whoever wrote it did a great job at making it really funny:)

  10. Love your new background Net!:) It looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I thought the roses would be a nice subtle touch for Valentine's Day.

  11. Love Ever After
    Holiday Weekend Movie Countdown
    Counting down my favorite our Top 22 romantic movies
    Starts Saturday. 11pm/10c

  12. Like so many have commented already, the gay couple at the end stood out like a sore thumb. The day Hallmark announced plans to include gay movies is the day my heart broke. Hallmark was my safe place. Now they are like most all the other networks where anything goes. Loved the connection between Taylor Cole and Ryan Paevey in Matching Hearts, but seeing those guys at the end was disappointing. Because of that, I won't watch this movie again. I can not understand why Hallmark would accept this. My guess would be there are very few gays who watch Hallmark channels.

  13. Hi Net,

    Just watched this movie. And while I thought the movie was absolutely amazing, I loved the chemistry between Taylor and Ryan and the whole storyline. It had all the feels and all the goodness but there was the one scene that I caught at the end that gave me the was that what I thought it was moment. It was the Timothy character and I assume his boyfriend either dancing or talking with one another at the party. And while we knew this was coming, it had absolutely no bearing on the show whatsoever, it was out of the blue. And it kind of ruined the joy of the movie for me. I haven't given up on Hallmark, but I am extremely disappointed. I watch Lifetime and I watch Netflix but Hallmark is supposed to be safe, it's supposed to have that moral high ground because their faith-based but even Hallmark gives in.

    1. Thank you all for sharing... I too deeply share your concerns. Where this will lead to next is anyone's guess. One day it's a little more inconspicuous and the next day it's out in the wide open.

      As believers I think we must stay vigilante and remain steadfast in our faith. I will never fold, I will never give in... I will always and forever continue to stand on the Holy Word of God - no matter what the world says or does.

      I'm so glad I have so many dear friends here who will stand with me!

      Blessings to you all! Net

  14. Amen, Net, and that is why we all love you so much!!!...Peace!!


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