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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

πŸŽ„ Three *Purr*fect CHRISTMAS MOVIE TREATS from Hallmark this Week... the Cat's Out of the Bag! 🐾 🐾 DE*TAILS* HERE:

You'll definitely want to *paws* (pause) this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night for Christmas on Hallmark!

Here are the CHRISTMAS MOVIES you can look forward to seeing this week on ALL THREE HALLMARK NETWORKS...


Hallmark Drama's
"Home for the Holidays"
classic Christmas movie presentation is...
"Angel of Christmas"
on Wednesday, January 29th at 9pm/8c..

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Susan is a newspaper staffer who decides to generate some Christmas spirit by writing an article about her family’s storied 100-year-old, hand-carved, heirloom Christmas angel. This leads her to accidentally meet Brady, a cute, upbeat artist who insists that he and Susan become fast friends (at least). It turns out that this angel also has the spiritual power to bring people together – as it seems to be doing with Susan and Brady. What’s behind this enchanted ornament? As time moves on, more about this captivating artifact is revealed.


Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
"Miracles of Christmas"
classic Christmas movie presentation is
"Holiday Hearts"
on Thursday, January 30th at 9pm/8c.

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: While planning an annual Christmas party, Peyton is forced together with Ben to care for a friend's daughter. While finding their Christmas spirit, will there be some romance along the way?


Hallmark Channel's
"Countdown to Christmas"
classic Christmas movie presentation is
"The Nine Lives of Christmas"
on Friday, January 31st at 10pm/9c.

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Fireman Zachary Stone (Routh) is a confirmed bachelor who doesn’t believe in love or commitment. When a stray, tabby cat named Ambrose shows up at his door, Zachary takes him in and slowly starts to see that a little companionship might not be so bad after all. Zachary’s commitment to solitude is further challenged when he meets Marilee (Sustad), an animal lover and veterinary student who teaches Zachary how to care for his new feline roommate. Chemistry immediately develops between the two, but Marilee has vowed not to date until she graduates and Zachary is not ready to jeopardize his independence, though he senses Marilee is special.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Marilee’s sister Jaclyn (Bennett) convinces her to add romance to her nose-to-the-grindstone life of work and school, while fire chief Sam (Harrison) encourages Zachary to understand the importance of love, marriage and having someone special with whom to share the holidays. When Zachary’s model girlfriend Blair (Hobbs) pressures him to get rid of Ambrose and has Marilee fired from her job at a pet supply store that her father owns, Zachary sees the light, realizing he is in love with Marilee and that life is better if shared with someone special.


Once again, I hope you all enjoy watching Christmas this week!

"The Nine Lives of Christmas" is *ONE* of my absolute favorites! Is it *ONE* of your favorites, too? As Zachary asks Marilee, how do you know it's THE ONE? Well, you just know... right? I've loved this movie, like many of you, since the very first time I ever watched it, and yet each time it replays, I get caught up in watching it again, as if I've never seen it. And... I know it was one of those movies that my sweet Aunt, who just passed away last week and went to be with Jesus, loved too! So... I may watch this Christmas movie this week with a smile and a tear or two.

I often say, that is the most beautiful thing about Hallmark movies... not only are the films meaningful and a joy to watch, but they often hold warm, wonderful memories of our lives. I hope you'll enjoy watching, too, and make some special new memories!

What is your Christmas movie pick of the week?

Plus, see the Christmas TV Schedule for more Christmas movies airing in February.

Joyous Blessings to You All! Net


  1. So disappointed I have to miss it, but friends from out of town are visiting, and there's a party. I love this movie!


    1. Oh, I hear you, Denise! Maybe you can relax and enjoy it on DVD sometime. :)

  2. So do not care for Nine Lives of Christmas. I do like the new one this year of Holiday Hearts

    1. I agree, Nine Lives of Christmas was a bore fest.

    2. Well... we all like different things... there's something for everyone, I guess.

  3. The Nine Lives of Christmas is one of our very favorites!

  4. I'm the same way, Net. Never can get enough of Nine Lives of Christmas! I wish they would do a sequel!

    1. Yessss... of all movies, Anna... this is definitely one that needs at least one more. Not sure if the kitties, Ambrose and Queeny, would be available, but hopefully they could work out something.

  5. Oh my dear Net, I am so sorry about your aunt, sending you big hugs. You are so right about the specialness of these movies. This movie is so special to me as it was the movie that got me hooked on Hallmark back in 2014. Of course I was scrolling thru and stopped, why you ask, cause I saw Ambrose and I just adore cats. So this movie became one of my favorites along with the movies that premiered that year or a year earlier. those are still to this day some of the best, like Christmas Under Wraps, Snow Bride, Very Merry Mixup and One Starry Christmas (I can hear in my head right now "You brought a cowboy home for Christmas").

    I love when the waiter asks Merrilee if he can take her puffy jacket. Merrilee is just the simple girl, doesn't need anything flashy. That's probably why Zach fell in love with her, cause she was such a nice, caring woman and cause she had a good heart. I do also love when she is describing her Brown eyes, and she says he saved a woman at my grocery store in a fire. Will enjoy watching this.

    1. Thank you so much, Sabrina, for this sweet, thoughtful message. I have very much needed all of the love, hugs and encouragement you all have sent my way since my Aunt's passing. I think for the last few weeks I have been numb, in a state of disbelief. Reality is starting to set in. Being with my dear family at her services was a great help and blessing, and I will continue to find joy in her memory and in each new day. I know you understand my loss, Sabrina, so your heartfelt message means so much to me.

      Everything you said about "The Nine Lives of Christmas" is why I love it, too! You're so right - Marilee is a sweet, simple girl who works hard at her job and her schooling, unlike poor Blair, who is a superficial, spoiled snob. Zachary had no choice, but to fall in love with her.

      One part I kinda love - is when she leaves. I mean, all along, Zachary is rather confident that women are instantly attracted to him because of his good looks. When Marilee leaves, it seems to be the first time a woman has rejected him. I love that he is also sad about her leaving, but quickly figures out where to find her!

      Oh... and I love the brown eyes part, too, and the woman in the market, plus the runaway grocery cart, Ambrose following Zach through the house, etc...

    2. Hey, Sabrina, now you got the "Ballad of Wild Bill", from One Starry Christmas, back in my mind again!! Ha-hahahahahahahahaha...loved that movie so much!!

  6. Aww, Net, I hope you get a chance to watch Nine Lives of Christmas... and smile and cry some sweet tears when you remember your Aunt Margaret. (Isn't it neat how a movie or music can bring on memories and bittersweet tears! It's kind of cleansing or refreshing, in a way.) I'll definitely be watching or taping the movie since it's also one of my favorites. (And I love the movie they're running right before it, which is Love to the Rescue; so I'll have to tape that one too!) And I think I'll also watch Holiday Hearts since I really like Ashley Williams (I'm pretty sure I already watched this movie, but I absolutely can't remember it - ugh! - old age!)

    On the 25th of January I had a movie marathon of some favorite Christmas movies. I watched 'Switched for Christmas' (loved Candace Cameron Bure in that movie), 'Picture a Perfect Christmas' (such a cute movie), and 'A Godwink Christmas' (loved this original one better than the second one). And I also squeezed in 'Shoelaces for Christmas' (which was new to me) and I thought it was a sweet movie and wished that I had been able to watch it with one of my nieces who reminds me of the teenager main character.
    What a fun, cozy Saturday I had!!

    1. Jane, that's exactly how I felt watching this movie... bless you for this sweet message!

      I love, love, love that you had your very own Christmas movie marathon on the 25th! What a fun idea! There are so many good ones you chose - I love all of those movies, too! Plus, "Shoelaces for Christmas" is such a beautiful film. I wasn't sure, at first, but I really got into it and loved the heartfelt, inspirational message.

      Thank you for sharing with us... I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day! :)

  7. Oh, Net, I loved, loved, loved The Nine Lives of Christmas. Kimberly and Brandon were purr-fectly paired and I would love to see more of them together!! The Angel of Christmas was another favorite. I loved the trail of the beautifully carved angel and with a little detective work how the lives of Susan and Brady were united in the end. Would you believe I have not seen Holiday Hearts, yet??? So...I'm really looking forward to HMM tonight!

    1. Hello Linda! I'm so glad you love Nine Lives, too! That must be why we are kindred spirits.

      And, guess what... "Holiday Hearts" is still on my watch-list, too! I think I might catch up by Christmas in July! (LOL!) Hope you enjoyed it Thursday night.

  8. Mystery Books

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  9. Why it should be a Hallmark Original: It’s been years since I read this series, but one thing I do know, it’s adorable!

    For this one, it’d be well suited to their Hallmark Movies and Mysteries brand since it does follow a character (dubbed as a “female Macgyver”) who consistently finds trouble (like a murder!).

  10. I hope Hallmark will do movies


    A Reading List of Cozies Inspired By Food From Around The World

    Noodle Shop Mystery Series by Vivien Chien

    Italian Kitchen Mystery Series by Rosie Genova

    The Callie’s Kitchen Mystery Series by Jenny Kales

    The Sally Solari Mystery Series by Leslie Karst

    “A Taste of Texas” Mystery Series by Rebecca Adler

    Ghost Month by Ed Lin

  11. Nine Lives is one of my all time favorites! I has to own it, but I still watch it every time it's on. I think my other 2 favorites hard to find Hallmarks are Matchmaker Santa and Help For the Holidays.

    1. Those are all excellent Christmas movie selections! Every time I watch one of them, it always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel so good... kind of warm and fuzzy inside! :)

  12. I'm with you net, The Nine Lives of Christmas is one of my favorites too as well as Angel of Christmas. While watching Nine Lives last night I couldn't help but think why does Hallmark put all the fake snow in just about every Christmas movie? There is no snow in Nine Lives...and I enjoyed it just as much. Actually it's more realistic....I do not like the fake snow!

    Thanks for all you do and still sending prayers to you and your family as you grieve the loss of Aunt Margaret.

    1. I love "Nine Lives of Christmas" and it's on my list of all-time favorite Hallmark movies, BUT there is nothing about it that truly feels Christmasy to me. It is a rom com that could have easily been set during any season with some simple tweaking of a few scenes. Despite the cute Christmas tree-selecting scene and the mistletoe scene, it doesn't feel festive and merry to me. It's not a movie I watch to get into the holiday spirit. It's a movie I watch because it's good. The set is not dressed up enough for Christmas -- for my liking, anyway.

      Because I am in Los Angeles, where there is no snow in the city and this is not a charming, quaint little town, I love watching the Hallmark movies with wintry holiday settings, even if the snow is artificial. The last thing I want to see is a slate of movies with no snow and set in places that are not particularly charming or festive. I want to see movies where the towns in which they are set are like characters all on their own, and are snowy and jolly, where the streets, diners and inns are all given Christmasy names.

      What makes "Nine Lives of Christmas" great are the actors and the cats. But the setting - the city and the house - are not particularly charming or memorable.

      Also, Lifetime uses fake snow. UPtv uses fake snow. Freeform uses fake snow. There is fake snow in many holiday movies in multiple places. Why wouldn't Hallmark do it as well? It's just the way it is in the majority of movies set at Christmas time. The production companies want them to feel Christmasy -- and, believe me, that is one of the main reasons I am watching their movies. I want to get a big dose of the kind of Christmas that is lacking where I live, and that includes a snowy setting, albeit an artificial one.

    2. Joyce, I'm so glad you love "The Nine Lives of Christmas," too! I've often thought about how much I enjoy it, in spite of the lack of snow on the ground or snow falling in the air. The same can be said of "Winter Wonderland." I love it, too, even though the characters act like it is cold and they are wearing coats, but there's no snow. It's amazing they didn't bring in the fake snow and yet I still love it.

      However, I do love to see snow in the Christmas movies, too... I just wish they could film them in real snow, where it looks more authentic. All of the Winterfest movies are beautiful with the real snow.

      Thank you, Joyce, or this thoughtful message and for your continued prayers. Bless you, Net


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