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Monday, October 14, 2019

🍁 Which HALLMARK CHANNEL "FALL HARVEST" MOVIE - Did You Fall For? 🍁 #FallHarvest @HallmarkChannel 🍂 Please Share HERE: 👉👉

Which "FALL HARVEST" Movie
did you like best this year?

Plus, a Bonus "FALL HARVEST" Question below...

Please share "YOUR TAKE" on this recent block of Original TV movies in comments below by answering these Two Questions AND a Bonus Question...

1. Which 2019 "FALL HARVEST" Movie did you like/love the most?

2. Which 2019 "FALL HARVEST" Poster (above) do you like best?


Since there are limited choices this year, on this Fall Harvest Movie Countdown Day, please also share your all-time CLASSIC favorite Hallmark Channel "Fall Harvest" film! See a list of ALL Fall Harvest Movies below... (By the way, I'm also sharing my favorites in the comment section!)

Looking forward to hearing all your responses, too!

Thank you, in advance, to everyone who shares
your Fall Harvest favorites!

Blessings, Net

Hallmark Channel's Classic Fall Harvest Movies:
Autumn Dreams, Harvest Moon, October Kiss, Love on a Limb, Autumn in the Vineyard, Pumpkin Pie Wars, Falling for Vermont, Harvest Love, All of My Heart: Inn Love, Love Struck Café, A Harvest Wedding, Truly, Madly, Sweetly, All of My Heart: The Wedding, Falling for You, Under the Autumn Moon, Love, Of Course, Over the Moon in Love, and Love, Fall and Order


  1. 1. My favorite Fall Harvest 2019 MOVIE- Love, Fall & Order

    I simply fell in love with “Love, Fall & Order!” Isn’t that Trevor Donovan the cutest! Love that she called him an L.L. Bean Model! So funny! And, since the story takes place on a farm… well, that always feels like home to me!

    2. My favorite Fall Harvest 2019 POSTER- Love, Fall & Order

    Again, I chose “Love, Fall & Order.” All the warm, rich Autumn colors are so beautiful in this poster. Plus, I love the rustic barn, windmill, and pumpkins!

    BONUS: My favorite Fall Harvest CLASSIC MOVIES- Harvest Moon and Autumn Dreams

    I just love both of those movies so much – I couldn’t choose between them! Jessy Schram is so refreshing and delightful, even when she’s the rich snob, in “Harvest Moon.” Her character is always friendly and cheerful, you can’t help but root for her to win everyone over. Plus, the line dancing and country music takes it over the top!

    Then, in “Autumn Dreams,” Jill Wagner’s first Hallmark movie, we are introduced to this smart, determined Country Girl, who has feet solidly on the ground, but she's left her heart, the love of her life, in the City! This sweet love story always captures me in to watch every time it plays on TV.

    Happy Fall Harvest, Everyone! 🍁

  2. I just loved Love, Fall & Order! I’ve already watched it twice. I was upset with Hallmark for really only offering us one Fall Harvest movie this year, but I guess I can forgive them since it was such a wonderful movie. As for past years, I don’t think I can choose just one favorite, but if I had to narrow it down....October Kiss, Pumpkin Pie Wars, Love, of Course, Harvest Moon, Midnight Masquerade and Falling for You are the ones I tend to watch over and over. Now bring on the Christmas movies!!! - Melissa

  3. I love Fall Harvest movies: Love, Fall, & Order
    Movie Poster: Love, Fall, & Order, I love caramel candied apples

    Expect the 2 Fall Harvest movies haven’t air on TV: Country at Heart & Love Under the Olive Tree could air in October or November for weekends & weeknights. Viewers kept waiting the 2 Fall Harvest movies to air on TV on Hallmark Channel

  4. My favorite fall movie was over the moon in love. Favorite poster is love, fall & order favorite classic fall movie is Harvest Love

  5. Over the moon in love. Favorite poster love, fall & order. Favorite classic movie is Harvest Love

  6. I liked Forever in my Heart.
    My all time favorite is the For Love Of Course with Cameron Mathison and Kelly Rutherford.

  7. I still love A Harvest Wedding and wish I could get it on DVD.

  8. I loved Fall, Love and Order! It had everything a fall harvest movie should have: beautiful scenery, baking, a festival and a lovely romance.
    Even though this was great, I am very disappointed that Hallmark really dropped the ball for Fall Harvest. There were so many summer movies (Over the Moon in Love was basically a summer movie) and Fall Harvest has been a little ignored.
    There are so many great Fall Harvest films, but my favorites have to be Pumpkin Pie Wars and All of my Heart!

  9. Autumn Dreams and Harvest Moon get my vote. I didn't care for either of the two new ones this year.

  10. Joyce in CarolinaMonday, October 14, 2019

    Love, Fall & Order for movie and poster.

    Classics: Autumn Dreams & Falling For Vermont

  11. Ben brought both telescope & binoculars at Hart Farm

  12. I haven't watched love fall and order yet, but considering OTMIL wasn't fall at all (although it wasn't a bad movie at all, not terrific, but not bad) I will have to say Love, Fall and Order as I am certain I will love this one.

    All time favorite #fallharvest are:
    October Kiss
    Harvest Moon
    Pumpkin pie Wars
    Autumn Dreams
    Falling For Vermont

    I have really enjoyed the fall movie countdown, I have also enjoyed the fall centric movies on almost all times I'm home, I saw PP wars and harvest moon so many times this week.

  13. Autumn Dreams is my all time favorite. Disappointed they only made two this year. Madelon

  14. My favorite fall movies areLoveFall and Order and Autumn Dreams.

  15. I need to to thank you for this fantastic read!!
    I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I have got you book marked to look
    at new stuff you post…

  16. Of course...Love, Fall & Order is my pick for both movie and poster. It felt like fall and I love the farm setting. My family had so much fun counting how many sweaters Trevor Donovan wore in the movie too ...he would be such a cute model for L.L. Bean, for sure! Maple the dog was so sweet as well!
    My favorite fall classics would have to be the same that you picked Net...Autumn Dreams & Harvest Moon. What can I say, I am a farm girl and I just love those 2 movies! I watched both of them this weekend liked I had never seen them before...those two movies just suck me in. What a fun way Net to celebrate Fall Harvest, since Hallmark really only had 1 fall movie this year! Happy Fall!

  17. I liked Love, Fall and Order better


  18. In my opinion there was only one Fall Harvest movie, Love, Fall, and Order, which I loved. Erin Cahill's character was the epitome of autumn, with her chestnut hair and pretty brown eyes, and color-coordinated outfits--loved that! She and Trevor Donovan had great chemistry, as the did the entire cast, and the two little girls were adorable! My faves are Harvest Moon; Love, Of Courrse; and Love, Fall and Order. Also really liked Falling for You from last year, anothe movie with great autumn sets, baking, and love! :).

  19. Oh, and I forgot Midnight Masquerade!

  20. I love Erin’s outfits

  21. "Love, Fall & Order" for both the movie and poster, hands down. One of the best movies this year. Good story, great clothing, dogs and kiddos, chemistry, Autumn Settings, food, competition, funny and believable story line.

    "Fall Harvest" NOT so much. Just didn't hit home with me and my wife. Just was not believable story line. Really not a fall movie.
    Seemed like it was just throw in at the last moment on the schedule.

    Hallmark messed up the Fall movies this year with just 2 really 1.

    But there movies on HMM were great this year especially the new ones.
    Crossword Mysteries
    Matchmaker Mysteries
    Mystery 101
    Ruby Herring

    Aurora Teagarden is getting a little old and not a believable script.

    Best Fall movies:
    Love, Fall & Order,
    Love, of Course,
    Harvest Moon,
    Autumn Dreams,
    Harvest Love,
    A Harvest Wedding

  22. Love, fall and order but quite frankly both of them were not stellar. I couldn't even get through the other one and it has one of my favorite actresses. Sometimes it is better to have a quality product than flood the market with films.

  23. My favorite movie and poster is Love, Fall and Order. My all time favorite fall movies are Pumpkin Pie Wars and Autumn Dreams!:)

  24. What happen to Alice in Christmasland? If Hallmark is already filmed!!!!

    1. Well... about a month ago, "Alice in Christmasland" was set to air at the end of December on the Hallmark Channel, then the title was changed to "Christmasland," which seemed odd since Hallmark already had a movie named "Christmas Land."

      At that time, I believe most of us anticipated, perhaps, another title change, but instead, the movie was removed altogether and replaced with "A Cheerful Christmas," which had been placed in the schedule earlier and suddenly removed. So, now that "A Cheerful Christmas" is back, you never know - Alice may still return!!! :)

    2. Christmas Land starred with Nikki DeLoach & Luke Macfarlane

      Stick with Alice in Christmasland

  25. I loved love, fall and order one of the best films from hallmark this year its also my favourite poster. there are so many wonderful fall harvest films but my favourites are falling for you, all of my heart, autumn in the vineyard and harvest love.

  26. My favorite Hallmark movies for Fall Harvest are
    Love,Of Course
    Under the Autumn Moon


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