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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Christmas Wish - a Lifetime Christmas Movie Premiere starring Hilarie Burton, Tyler Hilton, Megan Park, Cristian de la Fuente & Pam Grier!


Movie: A Christmas Wish

Network: Lifetime

Original Air Date: November 28, 2019



Hilarie Burton ... Faith
Pam Grier ... Mary
Madeleine McGraw ... Stella
Megan Park ... Maddie
Barbara Alyn Woods ... Marilyn
Willie Garson ... Principal Wilson
Lee Norris ... Ryan
Tyler Hilton ... Wyatt
Cristián de la Fuente ... Andrew
Antwon Tanner ... John
Bruce MacVittie ... Robert
Rhoda Griffis ... Joyce
Colin Fickes ... Grant
Ritchie Montgomery ... Mr. Porter
Rachel G. Whittle ... Tina
Ryan Cabrera ... Band Singer
Amy Brassette ... Gift Bag Elf
Aidan McGraw ... Aiden
Isaiah LaBorde ... Photographer
May Badr ... Meg
Ryan Broussard ... James
Damon Lipari ... Joey
Ahmarie Holmes ... Talia
Brett Beoubay ... Stella's Father
Owen Osborne ... Faith's art student
Hayden Johnson ... Young Faith
Peaches Davis ... Greta
Jordan Makale Williams ... Michael
Dane Rhodes ... White Haired Man
Adalyn Bergeron ... Young Maddie
West Dean ... Fed Ex Guy
Jordan Williams ... Michael


Storyline via Lifetime: Every December in the small town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana a wooden wishing box is placed in the park as a Christmas tradition. People write down their true heart’s desire on a slip of paper and place it in the box in hopes that their wish will be granted. After a night out together, Maddie (Park) encourages her sister Faith (Burton) to put a wish in the box - a wish to experience true love for the first time. Faith and Maddie are surprised the next day when she meets the very handsome and eligible Andrew (de la Fuente). At first, Faith thinks that her Christmas wish has come true. But as Christmas nears, Faith begins to wonder if Andrew is really perfect for her, or if the wish is leading her to her best friend, Wyatt (Hilton).

A Christmas Wish is produced by Active Entertainment. Ken Badish and Daniel Lewis serve as executive producers. Also starring Lee Norris, Antwon Tanner, Bruce MacVittie, Madeleine McGraw, Aidan McGraw, Willie Garson, Colin Fickes, Rhoda Griffis, Barbara Alyn Woods, and Ryan Cabrera.

Movie Review:

Please note: This movie is NOT family friendly! It includes a homosexual couple with a child. For those of you, like me, who believe in traditional marriage, this is one you'll definitely want to avoid.

See or Skip:

Skip this movie!

*images courtesy: Lifetime


  1. So happy to see Hilarie Burton in another Christmas movie, and it's another One Tree Hill cast reunion (Her, Antwon, Tyler, Lee and Barbara). Hilarie's Hallmark movie Naughty or Nice is one of my all-time favorites. BTW, just to let you know Net, that Up TV will be starting to air Christmas movies on October 27th!

    1. Hello Jill! I agree, this one looks great! Hilarie Burton seems to be an annual favorite now at Lifetime each Christmas season! I loved her in Hallmark's "Naughty or Nice," too! Plus, "The Christmas Contract" was so fun last year on Lifetime!

      I'm also thrilled that UP's Christmas movies are coming soon! You can see the list of new UP movies on my site - here:

      Plus, I have them all listed in the Christmas Schedule - here:

      Lots of NEW Christmas movies to look forward to seeing this year!!! :)

    2. Net,

      This movie was filmed in my hometown of Ponchatoula, LA this past May and June. I am actually a background person in a few scenes in the church. I’m on the altar just behind the actors in a shiny red sweater with a candy cane scarf. It was so much fun to watch this movie be filmed around town and to be a part of it. It’s going to be a wonderful movie because it was filmed in our wonderful, cute, charming, loving and beautiful little town in the heart of the Deep South.

    3. Net,

      This movie is going to be awesome because it was 100% filmed here in my town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana! Yes, the town actually exists! 😉 It was wonderful seeing the community coming together and decorating their store fronts all in the middle of May when it’s hot as hell here! It was a little confusing to some people. There are soo many of our citizens in the movie, myself included. I am in a couple of the church scenes. One scene I’m standing directly behind the actors on the altar wearing a shiny red sweater with a candy can scarf talking to a lady and a little girl. I was in a few audience scenes too, but you never know what they will use. It was so fun having them in town for several weeks.

    4. Hello Lisa! Thank you for sharing your awesome filming experience here with us! I will definitely look for YOU in your shiny red sweater and candy cane scarf! That is the best color to wear to be spotted on screen!

      I was already excited to see this movie, but now, it will be even more fun, like searching for an Easter Egg! I know Hilarie Burton and Jana Kramer often film their Christmas movies in Louisiana, so you never know... they may be back again next year! :)

      Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa! :)

  2. Just read through all the Lifetime Christmas movies, Net, and they sound wonderful, too! Saw one last night, Christmas in Tennessee with our HM faves Rachel Boston and Andrew Walker and it was adorable (especially the girl who played Rachel's daughter). Loved it and am looking forward to more!

    1. Hello Barbara! Oh, I just love "Christmas in Tennessee," too! I also watched it Tuesday night! How fun - we must've watched it together! It is so refreshing and delightful! I agree, Rachel Boston and Andrew Walker, are truly wonderful! It definitely has a Hallmarkesque feel to it!

      By the way, speaking of the little girl, actress Kate Moyer, who is absolutely fantastic in this movie. Kate also stars in Hallmark's "When Hope Calls" series as one of the young orphans Lillian and Grace have taken in at the orphanage home. She adds such a great spirit and heart to her role there... I sure hope we see her in even more Hallmark projects! :)

    2. We did watch it together! Seems like Lifetime got a bit of a headstart on HM with their Christmas movies, and, as you probably know, they are going to be on 24/7 too! Wow. Talk about living in Christmas movies! So many movies, so little time lol. But I love just knowing these movies are on for over two solid months. It's very comforting, don't you think?

      I will look for Kate Moyer! She was just wonderful, and her expression when she first saw Santa was pure joy. Thanks again for all you do! Happy Harvest!

  3. Replies
    1. Me too, R's Rue... looking forward to this one for sure! :)

  4. I love Hilarie in Naughty or Nice and The Christmas Contract. (My absolute favorite, though, is Summer Villa.) I wonder why she isn't making Hallmark movies anymore.....

  5. I recorded this but haven't watched it -- thanks for the heads-up re: yet another Lifetime Christmas movie ruined by same-sex couples (I expect even more in the future, sadly) -- I will scratch this one off my to-watch list.

  6. Aww, I'm so sad to learn about the content in this one! I enjoy these actors and had been looking forward to it being another great movie. Such a sad shame that this is becoming more common. I'm so grateful to be able to come here, Net, and find which movies are truly family-friendly. Thank you for all you do!


  7. Wish we would have found this sooner. Wasted almost an hour when the brother with a husband arrived.... deleted it. From now on we come here for a quick check!


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