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Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Candace Cameron Bure to star in
Hallmark's "Christmas Town"

Candace Cameron Bure - image: Hallmark Crown Media

Hallmark movie news just keeps pouring out today!

US Weekly has revealed - Candace Cameron Bure will be starring in (of course!) a NEW HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE THIS YEAR! Candace's new movie will be "Christmas Town," based on a book by author Donna VanLiere. In fact, a number of Donna's books have been made into Christmas movies, already, including two previous ones for Hallmark: The Christmas Secret and The Christmas Note!

Here is a synopsis of Christmas Town via US Weekly:
"Lauren Gabriel leaves everything behind in Boston to embark on a new chapter in her life and career. But an unforeseen detour to the charming town of Grandon Falls has her discover unexpected new chapters – of the heart and of family – helping her to embrace, once again, the magic of Christmas."

Candace's co-stars in the movie are Tim Rozon ("Wynonna Earp") and Beth Broderick ("Romance at Reindeer Lodge")! According to US Weekly, Beth will portray Betty... "a waitress at the local diner who helps Lauren (Candace Cameron Bure) in the new town." Oh, I think Beth will be great in this new role! Since she has such a fun, carefree spirit, this sounds like an ideal character for her!

According to US Weekly, Tim Rozon is... "the film’s leading man, Travis, a local of the town who helps Lauren (Candace Cameron Bure) by giving her a ride from the train station in to the town of Grandon Falls." I am unfamiliar with Tim Rozon's work, so I'll be interested in seeing him portray this character, opposite of Candace! What do you think? Please share your thoughts in comments below!

If you would like to read the book, Christmas Town,
before you see the movie, 
it is available from Amazon -

Christmas Town will be one of 40 All New Christmas Movies coming to the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries this year to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Countdown to Christmas!

This Year will be Candace' Cameron Bure's 8th Hallmark Christmas movie!
Candace's Previous Hallmark Christmas Movies:

Moonlight & Mistletoe - 2008
Let It Snow - 2013
Christmas Under Wraps - 2014
A Christmas Detour - 2015
Journey Back to Christmas - 2016
Switched for Christmas - 2017
A Shoe Addict’s Christmas - 2018


  1. I have not read the book upon which this movie will be based, but if it's anything like "The Christmas Secret" or "The Christmas Note," I assume it will have a poignant, heartstring-tugging, family-related twist in it.

    While I don't doubt that Beth Broderick will be good in the role of Betty, I wonder why Nicola Cavendish -- the actress who played Betty in the two aforementioned movies -- is not reprising the role. Maybe she was unavailable, but that's unfortunate.

    I'm guessing this one could end up on the HMM Channel instead of on HC?

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Since most of the Hallmark movies based on Donna VanLiere's books are already on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, this one could easily premiere on the Hallmark Channel and move to HMM later on.

      As for Beth playing Betty... like you, I will also miss Nicola Cavendish playing the role of the infamous Betty of Betty's Bakery. She has that extra something special spunk about her that always makes her a joy to watch. I, too, wonder why she isn't returning to the role. Like you said, it is unfortunate; I'm sure many will miss her in that role.

    2. Joyce in CarolinaWednesday, May 08, 2019

      Wasn't the name of the town The Christmas Secret & the Christmas Note were in Wilsonville?? The synopsis for this one says Grandon Falls, thus the different actress. Although it's odd to have the same name as Betty.

    3. That's a very good point, Joyce. That might account for the different Betty. How many books has Donna VanLiere written? Perhaps there is a character named Betty in all of them -- sometimes it might be the same Betty character in Wilsonville, and sometimes it might be a different Betty??! lol I'm juat grasping at straws.

      The mystery of Betty is going to linger until it's finally time to see this movie!

    4. Excellent point, Joyce! I was wondering if they could be different characters, since this movie describes Betty as a waitress at a local diner, instead of a owner of a bakery!

      Since the locations are different, as you pointed out, they must be different Betty's, too! Someone who has read the book would surely know! I agree - it is odd to have used the same name. I mean... I guess in real life there are many who share the same name, but in this instance, it's kinda confusing and unclear.

      Would the real Betty (of Betty's Bakery) please stand up! (LOL!)

    5. Betty works as Waitess at Diner where Lauren works there in Grandon Falls

      Betty who owns Bakery in Wilsonville

    6. Joyce in CarolinaThursday, May 09, 2019

      Well guys! We have created our own mystery! The hunt for Betty the baker continues! Lol!

    7. Yes, this is definitely a Hallmark mystery!!! :)

  2. Hope to see a 2019 movie for Bobby Campo!!!

    1. With 40 New Hallmark Christmas coming... you never know who will be cast in them! :)

  3. The last Hallmark movie that featured the Jewish Festival of Lights was 2012’s Hitched for the Holidays starring Joey Lawrence of TV’s Blossom and Emily Hampshire as characters pretending to be a couple to get their meddling families off their backs, only to fall in love for real. Indeed, many Hallmark movies tell the tale of a seemingly mismatched couple brought together by forces beyond their control who wind up living happily ever after. Although the plots may seem formulaic and predictable to some, the films are hugely popular with both the women the network’s advertisers are targeting and a sizable number of men.

  4. The Hallmark Network, whose lineup of Christmas-themed romantic comedies is as much a part of the holiday season as cold temperatures, ugly sweaters and fruit cakes, has two movies with Hanukkah themes under development that it plans to air next year “2019”.

  5. Hallmark and its sister network Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, said the movies are in their early stages. The script of one called “Holiday Date” is being written. According to a company spokeswoman, It will have “Hannukah elements … which is a lot of fun as Hanukkah and Christmas overlap in 2019.” Additional details on the other holiday movie weren’t available.

    1. Yes, I have both Hallmark Hanukkah themed holiday movies listed in my 2019 Christmas Movie List!. I remember when these movies were announced last year; I found it to be rather interesting that these Holidays are overlapping in 2019. This is such a great way for Hallmark to honor this momentous time!

  6. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Candace and I've enjoyed each and everyone of her films; "Let it Snow" being my favorite!! I'm not familiar with Tim Rozon but he sure is a handsome fella!! Can't wait for this one!!

    1. I knew Tim Rozon was in Instant Star & Wyonna Earp

      He protrayed as Tommy Quincy & Doc Holliday

    2. That is so true, Linda! Christmas on Hallmark would definitely not be the same without Candace! I often wonder why it took from 2008, when "Moonlight and Mistletoe" was made - to 2013 for her to make another, with "Let it Snow!" Course, after that hit... thankfully, she's made one every year!!! :)

  7. Christmas Secret & Christmas Note are in the same town of Wilsonville.

    Jason, Christine & her kids: Hayley & Zack, Betty, Judy, Marshall, Gretchen Daniels, Melissa McCreary, Vivian, Ethan, Kyle, & Phil are expected to return to Wilsonville. They’re all live in same town of Wilsonville for Christmas.

  8. Hallmark movie called; “Winter Song”, will be filming on Monday in Brighton

    At least two businesses and several spots around Brighton have a chance to be in a movie.

    A film crew shot scenes at downtown eatery Lynn's on First on Monday.

    And they are set to film at decor shop Wood 'N Things throughout next week.

    The film is called "Winter Song," production coordinator Anthony Arrigo said Wednesday.

    "It's a Christmas feature that takes place in Michigan," Arrigo said.

    He declined to disclose anything else about the plot or cast.

    "It's a full-length feature that will premiere on TV or at a screening," he said. "It's not going to necessarily be Hallmark, but it will be that type of movie, that vibe. ...Typically, these things are shot first and sold after."

    He said the newly-renovated amphitheater at the Mill Pond, The AMP, a residential location in nearby Whitmore Lake and some other outside locations will be in the film.

    1. Yes, I saw an article on this new movie, "Winter Song." At this point, as they are filming, they are currently unaware if this will end up on Hallmark, or elsewhere. As most Christmas movies are filmed there is often an expectation or hope that a film will end up on Hallmark, but there are many other networks, who also might want to play it.

      Could this end up playing on Hallmark? Absolutely! However at this time, it is not official.

      We'll have to keep an eye on this one! :)

  9. Yay! I really loved those two other movies based on this author's books! I am glad Candace is doing one based on this author's book.

    1. I feel exactly the same! One of Donna's stories sounds like a perfect fit for Candace. :)


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