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Saturday, January 5, 2019

I just want to watch Hallmark Movies All Day! (Sometimes... it's just a Binge-Watching Kind of Day!)

Whether it's Fall Harvest, Christmas, Winterfest, or in-between seasons, some days were made just for getting cozy and watching (correction: binge-watching for countless hours!) your favorite Hallmark movies!

Womens Tshirt - Hallmark Movies and Hot Chocolate Day Tee - Mia Bella Clothing Co.

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Admittedly, I have tons of favorite Hallmark movies, as I'm certain you do, too! At any given point, almost any one of them could be #1, like "Surprised by Love," "A Country Wedding," "All of My Heart," "Harvest Moon," and so on and on! And, we haven't even scratched the surface of Hallmark's Christmas movies or mystery offerings!

With our weather chilly, and the outdoors a little less inviting, why not stay warm inside and enjoy a morning, afternoon, or evening with your favorite Hallmark movie? After all, if your family hangs out, too, it's perfect for everyone, and that's why I think we love the Hallmark movies as much as we do!

This Is My Hallmark Christmas Mug

Christmas Movie Watching Coffee Mug

This is my Hallmark-Christmas Movie Watching Womens T-Shirt

I Just Want to Bake Cookies and Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies Shirt
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Since most of us are still watching our Hallmark Christmas movies recorded from Christmastime, then why not have some coffee or hot chocolate in a mug that says: "This is my Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Mug" or wear a shirt that says "This is my Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching T-Shirt!" As long as it makes YOU happy! Right?

And, if you're interested, here's another great non-holiday Hallmark Movie T-shirt option for the rest of the year...

We are truly so blessed in today's world to have Hallmark's G-rated, wholesome, heartwarming movies! I was watching a popular sitcom the other day, and it's pretty well known to be a "family" television show, but they included some language that was cringe-worthy. Honestly, I was very surprised, and needless to say, I have decided I will no longer be watching further episodes.

Have I been spoiled by Hallmark's feel good stories with no language and good morals? If so, then I'm happy to remain in the Hallmark world, cozy in on a cool Winter's day (or even a hot Summer's day, too!) and enjoy these characters I have grown to love, season after season! I may know the next line sometimes (confession: most of the time!) before they speak it, but that's okay. Like an old sweater, it's comfortable, warm, and makes me feel good inside! Is that how you feel, too?

I Just Want to Bake Stuff & Watch Christmas Movies" T-shirt

My sweet Sister gifted me with a Christmas movie t-shirt from Amazon (pictured above) a couple years ago (does she know me or what?), and now Amazon has lots of them! (See various options *HERE*!) I guess we're not alone in our love of Hallmark movies at Christmastime and all year round! I'm so glad to know so many dear friends here (our "It's a Wonderful Movie" family!), who also enjoy watching these movies - every day of the year!

Joyous Blessings to You All!
Happy Hallmark Movie Watching!


This is My Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Pillow

I'm Watching Hallmark Movies Socks - for Men or Women
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  1. I agree. Some of my favorites are also Surprised by Love, A Country Wedding,and Harvest Moon. I could watch Hallmark movies 24/7 all year.

    1. Glad you love these movies, too! So many good ones to love and watch over and over again!!! :)

  2. Oh Net, I will have to get some of these adorable items be cause my DVR is full of Christmas movies still to watch! Now I am set...thanks Net. Now I just have to get some popcorn and cozy up and watch, watch, watch movies all day.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I hope you enjoy lots of these creative items. I always love wearing my Christmas tee as I watch the movies - so fun! Plus, I really love that red truck tee - of course, it makes me think of "Christmas in Evergreen."

      Blessings to You! Net

  3. did anyone notice that according to Hallmark's website, they are playing The Nine Lives of Christmas on Monday Feb 18th? I love having Christmas sprinkled in throughout the year, like the Merry madness movie winners and the Christmas in July. what is so wrong with playing Christmas movies all year? They play the Valentine's movies all year, the Fall movies even when it is not fall. I would love if Hallmark made a Hallmark Christmas channel, Christmas all year. They could start it off with many of the older movies we never get to see, and Hallmark has 100's of Christmas movies at this point to support a channel. My dream of Christmas all year!!!!!

    1. Oh, Yes, Sabrina! I'm super excited about this... a Hallmark Christmas movie in February! I'm hoping it won't change. I have it posted in my Movie TV Schedule, and it looks like it will be a lead in for the 2019 American Rescue Dog Show.

      I'm with you... I would love to see them sprinkle some of the Christmas movies throughout the year! That would be most fun! And you're right, they certainly have a large library of Christmas films to choose from! :)

      Blessings, Net

  4. Hello,
    first of all a big thank you for your blog which is a valuable source of information because it is not always easy to obtain information on the comedies Hallmark, Lifetime or others in France. As such, could you tell me if you know the interpreters of two songs in the movie Christmas Camp with Bobby Campo and Lily-Anne Harrison: this is the opening song of the film that must be "Candy Cane Lane "and the song" The Holly and the Ivy "that we hear near the end of the film. Thanks in advance. Cordially.

    1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful, kind comment! I'm so glad my site is helpful to you in France, as well. That is wonderful news!

      Our Hallmark Channel did not play the movie you referred to, "Christmas Camp," but I have heard it may potentially air at some point.

      As far as the song "Candy Cane Lane" goes... I do know a cute, peppy version sung by Sia, it is played at the end of the Hallmark movie "Finding Santa" with Jodie Sweetin.

      This "Candy Cane Lane" song is available to listen to on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJN-BukWVv8. (Hope you are able to listen to it in your country.)

      And, it's available to download on Amazon in the U.S. here: https://amzn.to/2Fu0afE.

      I'm not sure about the "Holly and the Ivy" song, but I have always loved that Christmas carol. Hope you are able to find it.

      Blessings & thank you, again, for your sweet message! Net

    2. Christmas book called Christmas Camp by Karen Schaler

    3. I am also in search of that version and singer of The Holly and the Ivy and would love to know if anyone ever comes across it.

  5. I've never seen that pillow; I so want one!

    1. Oh, me too! It's the perfect pillow to snuggle up with while watching Hallmark movies! :)


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