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Monday, January 28, 2019


It's time to feel the love... as we Countdown to Valentine's Day with the Hallmark Channel, which leads up to 2 All New Valentine's Day Movie Premieres during the Countdown, and one Bonus New Valentine themed Movie premieres the weekend following Valentine's Day - on February 16th!

images: Hallmark Crown Media

Enjoy the Countdown Celebration of Valentine's Day Movies from January 28th - February 14th! (And, after the Countdown is over... you can take pleasure in even more sweet treats from Hallmark - the weekend after, too!)

❤ Countdown to Valentine's Day ❤
Hallmark Channel Movie Schedule:
(Times listed below in Eastern Standard Time.)

Monday, January 28:
2 p.m. “June in January”
4 p.m. “My Favorite Wedding”
6 p.m. “Pearl in Paradise”
8 p.m. “Anything for Love”
10 p.m. “Dater's Handbook”

Tuesday, January 29:
2 p.m. “Campfire Kiss”
4 p.m. “Love at First Dance”
6 p.m. “Love at Sea”
8 p.m. “All of My Heart”
10 p.m. “Love at First Glance”

Wednesday, January 30:
2 p.m. “The Convenient Groom”
4 p.m. “Love at First Bark”
6 p.m. “Once Upon a Prince”
8 p.m. “Valentine Ever After”
10 p.m. “A Dash of Love”

Thursday, January 31:
2 p.m. “Love, Of Course”
4 p.m. “One Winter Weekend”
6 p.m. “One Winter Proposal”
8 p.m. “Summer in the Vineyard”
10 p.m. “SnowComing”

Friday, February 1:
2 p.m. “Elevator Girl”
4 p.m. “Royal Matchmaker”
6 p.m. “Winter Love Story”
8 p.m. “Christmas Under Wraps”
10 p.m. “Autumn in the Vineyard”

Saturday, February 2:
12 a.m. “Cooking With Love”
2 a.m. “Appetite for Love”
4 a.m. “A Dash of Love”
6 a.m. “Walking the Dog”
8 a.m. “Love at First Glance”
10 a.m. “Valentine Ever After”
12 p.m. “Love on the Sidelines”
2 p.m. “SnowComing”
4 p.m. “Very, Very, Valentine”
6 p.m. “My Secret Valentine”
8 p.m. “Valentine in the Vineyard” (premiere)
10 p.m. “Cat Bowl”
11 p.m. “Anything for Love”

Sunday, February 3:
1 a.m. “All Things Valentine”
3 a.m. “Love by Chance”
4:30 a.m. “All for Love”
6 a.m. “Dater’s Handbook”
8 a.m. “Appetite for Love”
10 a.m. “SnowComing”
12 p.m. “Love at the Shore”
2 p.m. “Kitten Bowl VI”
4 p.m. “Cat Bowl”
5 p.m. “Kitten Bowl VI”
7 p.m. “One Winter Proposal”
9 p.m. “Winter Love Story”

Monday, February 4:
2 p.m. “Yes, I Do”
6 p.m. “Falling for You”
8 p.m. “Very, Very, Valentine”
10 p.m. “Season for Love”

Tuesday, February 5:
2 p.m. “Love in Design”
4 p.m. “Tulips in Spring”
6 p.m. “Pearl in Paradise”
8 p.m. “A Dash of Love”
10 p.m. “Walking the Dog”

Wednesday, February 6:
2 p.m. “Surprised by Love”
4 p.m. “Portrait of Love”
6 p.m. “Cooking With Love”
8 p.m. “Appetite for Love”
10 p.m. “All for Love”

Thursday, February 7:
2 p.m. “The Wedding March”
4 p.m. “Royal Hearts”
6 p.m. “Moonlight in Vermont”
8 p.m. “Valentine in the Vineyard”
10 p.m. “All Things Valentine”

Friday, February 8:
2 p.m. “Eat, Play, Love”
4 p.m. “A Summer to Remember”
6 p.m. “A Country Wedding”
8 p.m. “Pride, Prejudice, And Mistletoe”
10 p.m. “My Secret Valentine”

Saturday, February 9:
12 a.m. “Love on Safari”
2 a.m. “A Harvest Wedding”
4 a.m. “Love, Of Course”
6 a.m. “A Dash of Love”
8 a.m. “Love Struck Cafe”
10 a.m. “Appetite for Love”
12 p.m. “The Sweetest Heart”
2 p.m. “Valentine Ever After”
4 p.m. “My Favorite Wedding”
6 p.m. “Valentine in the Vineyard”
8 p.m. “The Story of Us” (premiere)
10 p.m. “Cooking With Love”

Sunday, February 10:
12 a.m. “Winter Castle”
2 a.m. “SnowComing”
4 a.m. “A Winter Princess”
6 a.m. “A Novel Romance”
8 a.m. “All of My Heart: The Wedding”
10 a.m. “Love at First Dance”
12 p.m. “Anything for Love”
2 p.m. “Valentine in the Vineyard”
4 p.m. “My Secret Valentine”
6 p.m. “The Story of Us”
8 p.m. “Very, Very, Valentine”

Monday, February 11:
2 p.m. “The Perfect Bride”
4 p.m. “My Summer Prince”
6 p.m. “Perfect on Paper”
8 p.m. “Love at First Glance”
10 p.m. “Appetite for Love”

Tuesday, February 12:
2 p.m. “Lucky in Love”
4 p.m. “Love Blossoms”
6 p.m. “Falling for Vermont”
8 p.m. “Cooking With Love”
10 p.m. “Autumn in the Vineyard”

Wednesday, February 13:
2 p.m. “Sun, Sand & Romance”
4 p.m. “Bridal Wave”
6 p.m. “Elevator Girl”
8 p.m. “Anything for Love”
10 p.m. “Summer in the Vineyard”

Thursday, February 14:
Happy Valentine's Day!
2 p.m. “Valentine Ever After”
4 p.m. “Very, Very, Valentine”
6 p.m. “My Secret Valentine”
8 p.m. “The Story of Us”
10 p.m. “Valentine in the Vineyard”

Bonus! Valentine's Day Weekend:

Friday, February 15:
2 p.m. “A Taste of Romance”
4 p.m. “The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells”
6 p.m. “Chance at Romance”
8 p.m. “The Nine Lives of Christmas”
10 p.m. “All of My Heart: The Wedding”

Saturday, February 16:
12 a.m. “October Kiss”
2 a.m. “Pearl in Paradise”
4 a.m. “Summer Love”
6 a.m. “Autumn Dreams”
8 a.m. “Royally Ever After”
10 a.m. “Love on Safari”
12 p.m. “Winter Love Story”
2 p.m. “All of My Heart”
4 p.m. “Season for Love”
6 p.m. “The Story of Us”
8 p.m. “Love, Romance & Chocolate” (premiere)
10 p.m. “Moonlight in Vermont”

Sunday, February 17:
12 a.m. “Birthday Wish”
2 a.m. “Elevator Girl”
4 a.m. “For Better or For Worse”
6 a.m. “Stranded in Paradise”
8 a.m. “Harvest Love”
10 a.m. “Royal Hearts”
12 p.m. “Love, Of Course”
2 p.m. “The Story of Us”
4 p.m. “Love, Romance & Chocolate”
6 p.m. “Unleashing Mr. Darcy”
8 p.m. “2019 American Rescue Dog Show (Part 1)”
10 p.m. “Marrying Mr. Darcy”

Monday, February 18:
President's Day!
12 a.m. “Love at First Dance”
2 a.m. “A Country Wedding”
4 a.m. “Like Cats & Dogs”
6 a.m. “My Favorite Wedding”
8 a.m. “Falling for Vermont”
10 a.m. “Valentine in the Vineyard”
12 p.m. “The Art of Us”
2 p.m. “Love on the Sidelines”
4 p.m. “Walking the Dog”
6 p.m. “Love at the Shore”
8 p.m. “2019 American Rescue Dog Show (Part 2)”
10 p.m. “Love at First Bark”

(*Please note: Dates and Titles may change. Please be sure to check back for any additional updates and changes!)

For more on the new Hallmark Channel Valentine's Day movies, click on their titles for extra details:
Valentine in the Vineyard
The Story of Us
Love, Romance & Chocolate

Wishing you Faith, Hope, and Love!
Blessings to You All, Net


  1. Thanks for this list, I've been watching a lot of these!

    1. Oh, wonderful, Christine! It's so good to hear you enjoyed the Valentine's Day schedule from the Hallmark Channel!

      Happy watching!!! :)

  2. What's movie is ?

    1. The "?" Movie is/was "Love at Sea!" That's actually the second time Hallmark didn't have a movie listed in their schedule and it ended up being "Love at Sea." Interesting, huh?

  3. I have to say, while I love the valentine Day selections, I am so disappointed not to see "While You Were Dating" in the line-up! I must be the only one who loves it because it has continually got the shaft since its premier in 2017! It was my favorite from 2017 AND still topped the 2018 line-up! So witty, fun, terribly sweet, terrific acting! Power couple! Loved it! Sure would like to see it shown more (Hint hint Hallmark......there are some who like it)! And it is completely Valentines-ey!

    1. LB, I agree... that is one of those movies I, too, miss seeing on the list. In the beginning I wasn't sure if this movie would appeal to me, but this re-building love story pulled me in. It's too bad they aren't showing it this year.

      Could it be on Hallmark's streaming service? I did notice it's available on Amazon Prime Streaming, if that helps.

      Thank you for sharing! Blessings, Net

    2. I thought that While You Were Dating was underrated. It was never really shown a lot, even when it first debuted, so I am guessing a lot of people didn't even see it.

      I don't think that WYWD was removed from the line-up because people didn't like it, as much as that Hallmark is simply trying to build up its streaming service. Many of the movies on their Hallmark Movies Now service and WYWD is one of them) are beloved, or even fan favorites, and I suspect they are moved to the streaming service to get people to subscribe to it. For example, "Angels and Ornaments" and "Love on the Air" were moved to HMN, and those movies have gotten a lot of favorable feedback from viewers.

      They also moved "I Do, I Do, I Do" to Hallmark Movies Now, unfortunately.

    3. It's kind of disappointing to see so many movies, especially our cherished favorites, be moved over to Hallmark's streaming service. I miss seeing many of the great classics in rotation on TV. Thankfully, I have most of my favorites either recorded or on DVD.

      I'm already wondering what will be taken away this Christmas as they debut more new Countdown to Christmas movies than ever before. I certainly hope we can still hold on to most of the cherished favorites we all love!


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