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~ James 1:17

Monday, July 30, 2018


Hallmark's Christmas in July movies have come to an end.

I confess - I sure miss turning on my TV and seeing them, BUT instead of feeling empty, I feel RE-CHARGED!

CHRISTMAS in JULY was a refreshing summer treat and now I feel powered up - 100% FULL of Christmas charm, wishes and whimsy!

7 Ways to KEEP
that Christmas Feeling!

here we go...

7. Instant REPLAY

Okay… so you know you recorded one or two, or MORE Christmas movies during Christmas in July… so pick a favorite among them, watch, and enjoy today!

Also, keep in mind... you’ll want to prepare some extra space on your machine to record all the NEW movies coming this holiday season! It’s the perfect time to get ready.

6. Plan your Christmas decorations

Decide now what kind of decorations you will use this year. If you need a new ornament or two, check out Hallmark’s newest Christmas Keepsake ornaments here!

Santa's Magic Train With Music, Light and Motion is one of my favorite new ornaments for 2018!

Santa's Magic Train With Music, Light and Motion Ornament

It's also a good time to plan your outdoor Christmas dรฉcor - while it's still warm outside!

Outdoor or Indoor - Snowfall Christmas Lights Display Projector
Pre-Lit Santa and Rudolph Christmas Yard Decoration
Outdoor Nativity Holy Family Set

5. Plan a Get-Together

Plan a small gathering with Family and Friends, or plan now for a BIG Christmas party this holiday season, perhaps an ugly Christmas Sweater party like Candace Cameron Bure in “Switched for Christmas” or Brooke D’Orsay in “Miss Christmas.”

By the way, for you Ladies... BOTH Candace and Brooke's exact CHRISTMAS SWEATERS from the movie are still available at Amazon!

Candace Cameron Bure - Reindeer Christmas Sweater

Brooke D'Orsay - Reindeer Christmas Sweater

4. Organize your Christmas DVDs

This is the most perfect time to reflect on what you have in your Christmas DVD collection and which ones you still want/NEED! Check out my list of newest 2018 Christmas DVD releases – here!

Includes: Christmas Next Door, A Bramble House Christmas, and so much More

*See more 2018 Christmas DVD releases – here!

3. Enjoy TODAY

Let's simply enjoy the season we are in – at this moment in life! When the weather is sunny and pleasant... do something outside… like a nice walk, hike, or stroll along the beach... or gather on the front porch with friends... or have a picnic in the park. Whatever you do – choose something you might not be able to do once the cold weather returns.

Enjoy these beautiful summer days and summer nights, and that will make the Christmas season even more Special!

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice today and be glad in it!" ~Psalm 118:24


Christmas is right around the corner!

Keep a close eye here at It’s a Wonderful Movie for all sorts of Christmas movie news! It’s such an exciting, fun time to hear all about the festive holiday movies coming soon! Stay here for the latest scoops!

See the 2018 Christmas Movie LIST (so far!) - here!

1. Choose JOY

Do SOMETHING for SOMEONE else. GIVE to others. That is CHRISTMAS in motion… giving!

If we change our perspective, sometimes we can look on the brighter side of things!

To really get you into the spirit... here’s an uplifting, awesome Music Video with the group for King & Country! It includes Hallmark actress Candace Cameron Bure! The song is joy. Let it move you... 1, 2, 3...

Music Video:

Celebrate the true traditions and meaning of Christmas. Each day of the year, we believers in Christ should rededicate our lives to Him, for that is the true SPIRIT of the Christmas season! When we connect with Him in prayer and live out our faith, it gives the Christmas season and the story of a coming Savior even greater meaning! Every day - believe and receive the greatest gift of Christmas! I encourage you to read Luke 2 – which is what Linus shares with Charlie Brown – “what Christmas is all about”!

Hope this inspires YOU to keep that CHRISTMAS JOY -
down in Your Heart!

Every Day of the Year!

Blessings! Net

King & Country - joy. - mp3 download here

King & Country - NEW CD - Burning Ships - Pre-Order


  1. I love that for King & Country video with Candace!

    1. Oh, so glad you love it too! It's so fun to see Candace in a music video!

      I've seen for King & Country in concert and they are absolutely A-MAY-ZING!!! This is such a great combination! :)

  2. It's nice to know I'm not the only one missing the Christmas movies today. I love your list of seven things, Net. I need to make an effort to enjoy more of those. That's such an awesome video of For King & Country with Our girl Candace. I knew this new song, but I hadn't seen the video. Thanks to you, I feel that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart! ❤️

    1. Anna, I 'm so glad you finally got to see the video! It is so good! Glad it moved you! Candace is terrific in the role of "Nancy, the anchor woman". I was so glad at the end when she finally comes out of her doom-and-gloom shell... and gains a more positive perspective & outlook on life! We all need that encouragement, from time to time! :)

      Spreading HIS Joy!!!
      Blessings, Net

  3. This is precisely why I love this site. Great list of ways to keep the Christmas spirit. How did you know I needed this today?

    1. Oh, thank you! I'm so glad this post touched you today!

      Your comment brought me great joy! :)
      Blessings, Net

    2. Agreed! I just love this post! Your light shines and it's a delight to read!

    3. Awwwwe, thank you, Janell! That means so much to me, truly! I'm happy to know you enjoyed this post today!

      I appreciate you taking the time to share the JOY! How sweet and thoughtful! :)

      Blessings to You, Net

  4. Hi Net,

    I love your list, especially "Choose Joy"!

    If I may add a couple more...

    1. Read a book that includes Christmas, either fiction or non-fiction. I personally love both that involve Victorian Christmas celebrations.

    2. Play Christmas music. I play my Christmas cd's all year long, especially those that have religious songs on them. Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit like Christmas music!


    1. Mark, Those are absolutely more great suggestions! I love Christmas books & Christmas music... and there are many, many options in both categories to get us in the spirit!!!

      That's one of the things I love best about the Christmas movies... just hearing those sweet Christmas carols we all love playing in the background. Even if one of the movies may not be a favorite, once I hear Joy to the World, Silent Night, etc... playing softly in the background... well, I'm generally hooked!

      Thank you for sharing in the JOY of Christmas!!!
      Blessings, Net

  5. Awww, Net, you make things so much easier for us and I hope "Jim" read your post. I do miss all the wonderful Christmas movies but I found joy in your words; Thank You!! I pre-ordered the new movies posted and three 2018 Christmas ornaments; two "Mom" ones for my girls and the beautiful red Evergreen truck for me! I loved the music video, now that was a "lift"!! God bless you, Net!!

    1. Linda, That is super sweet how you ordered those ornaments for your girls and the Christmas in Evergreen truck, too, for your tree! (another one of my favorites!) That will be so pretty surrounded by lights! Glad you enjoyed this post and the uplifting video, too! Candace is so fun in it! I love what she says at the end about changing our perspective... it's such an important, positive message!

      Thank you for sharing the TRUE JOY of Christmas!!!
      Blessings, Net

    2. Jim, I've been doing the same thing... playing my own selection of Christmas movie favorites. Yesterday was "A Gift Wrapped Christmas," the Lifetime movie with Meredith Hagner! Oh my goodness... she's so fun! That movie always lifts my spirits!

      As for the for King & Country music video... I too love when they break free from black & white to color. Oh my goodness... YES, it does remind me of 'The Wizard of Oz,' as well. I remember being so excited when that came on TV when I was a little girl. Candace also made me think of Reese Witherspoon in 'Pleasantville,' since they seem to be portraying the same era and they do the same effect of b&w to color.

      Jim, I think it is nice how you are nostalgic about Christmas, and how you treasure the memories of the season. Being sentimental is a nice quality... it means you care! So good to hear how much you are looking forward to the Fall and Christmas season! Me too! :)

      Happy Christmas in August to You, as well!
      Blessings, Net

    3. Jim, never consider your feelings a weakness. It's what makes you so endearing to all of us who read your beautiful posts. God loves you and loves to hear your prayers so take His yoke that is so much lighter than our own; ask and you shall receive!!

      "The Wizard of Oz" was the very first film I saw in a movie theater as a child and my beloved Dad took me. Thanks, Jim, for the wonderful memory you just gave me!!

    4. Love your memory of seeing "The Wizard of Oz" with your father. That is so precious, Linda. I bet it was truly amazing on the big screen in the theater. Wow! The colors were probably amazing!

      I recall being so excited as a little girl when they played it on local TV. It was always a very special event, I can remember my family all hurrying in to gather and watch it together. Such special times. Isn't it wonderful how some movies can hold such beautiful memories!?!?!?!

    5. Oh, Net, the moment Jim said "The Wizard of Oz", it instantly took me back in time. My Dad, holding my hand, walking into the movie theater, smelling the buttery popcorn and being led to our seats by an usher in uniform, yet!! When was the last time you saw that?? LOL!! I sang "I'm off to see the wizard" and "Somewhere over the rainbow" for months after. When the scene turned to color I thought I'd never see anything so spectacular ever again. Oh, through the eyes of a child....wonderful memories of my Dad that I'll keep with me forever!!

    6. Oh my, Linda, the way you described that memory was so touching. Beautiful! I love all the details... holding your Dad's hand, the buttered popcorn, and the usher dressed in uniform. Wow! I've never seen that in person, only in the movies.

      Like you, I would also be singing all the Judy Garland songs, especially "Somewhere over the Rainbow" for a long time after... and maybe today, too! (haha!) It's a story that stands the test of time, and hopefully still touches the hearts of children and grown-ups, generation after generation.

      Thank you for sharing your cherished memory!
      Blessings to you, always... Net

    7. Oh, Jim... what a memory! Your poor Sister. I totally relate, as I always cupped my hands over my eyes during that scene... tooooo scary! In fact, I am still a little freaked out about those flying monkeys to this day! If we can fast forward through that part - that is perfectly fine by me. How sweet of your father to try and comfort her. Scary movies can leave a lasting effect for years to come... I suppose that's why I love Hallmark's safe, happy endings.

      Thank you for sharing your memory! Blessings, Net

  6. Net, what a JOY your blog is everyday for me!!!!! I lLOVE that King & Country Song...I play it almost everyday! It is so right we need to choose HIS JOY each day to make the right choices and to be a light to so many that are lost. I wish everyone could have the Joy of the Lord in their lives. Thank you for sharing how to keep Christmas in our ❤️Hearts all year!

    1. What a sweet thing to say, Sydney! That blesses me so much that you find JOY in visiting here every day! I am delighted to know that you also LOVE the for King & Country song "joy"... I, too, listen to it just about every day, as well! It would be a wonderful world if everyone could have that JOY! :)

      Blessings to you, today & always!!! Net

  7. I just looooove that you included the new song "joy" by For King and Country! They are my favorite band and I love this video clip where CCB also starred in!

    1. Oh, cool CH Mom... I'm so happy to hear you looooove the song "joy" too! Doesn't it just... "move you"!?!?!? for KING & COUNTRY is most definitely my favorite band, as well. I have seen them in concert... they are spectacular performers, incredibly talented on their vocals and all sorts of instruments!

      Thank YOU so much, CH, for sharing the love! :)
      Be blessed today! Net

    2. It's a dream of mine to go to their concert! I heard they always go all out with the performances!

    3. Oh my goodness... for KING and COUNTRY are truly INCREDIBLE!!! The lights, the vocals, multiple instruments, especially the drums, and everything! It's just beyond anything I've ever seen! They even came into the crowd singing and playing instruments... it was AMAZING! Actually, it was the first time some younger members in my family had attended a concert and they were completely blown away.

      Beyond all the lights and entertainment, their message of God's grace, joy, and love shined through. At the end, Joel played the piano while other Christian artists sang and an altar call was given. It was simple, yet beautiful. We never wanted it to end.

      I sure hope you are able to attend a concert one of these days! I truly believe you will be blessed!

      Spreading HIS Joy, Net

  8. Hey, Net, "For King and Country" are performing on Fox and Friends this morning and gave a great interview...nice exposure!!

    Love the new banner!!

    1. AWESOME, LINDA!!!!! I just turned my TV on at the top of the hour when I saw your message... and there they were! How sweet and thoughtful of you to comment and share this news... I hope others catch it, too!

      (Oh, and thank you for the Banner mention... it's always so fun to create something new!)

      Have a beautiful, blessed day, my friend! Net :)


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