Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hallmark's Christmas in July is coming soon!

It's official! just unwrapped the best news!

Christmas in Angel Falls - Hallmark Crown Media

"Gold Crown Christmas Week," as we anticipated, begins Friday, June 29th and runs until Sunday, July 8th UPDATE: July 15th on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

Plenty of past favorites will be seen, according to, such as: Christmas Homecoming (Julie Benz, Michael Shanks), Engaging Father Christmas (Erin Krakow, Niall Matter), Christmas in the Air (Catherine Bell, Eric Close) and Christmas in Angel Falls (Rachel Boston, Paul Greene).

"Christmas Keepsake Week" begins Friday, July 6th UPDATE: July 13th and runs until Sunday, July 22nd on the Hallmark Channel!

We shall see lots of premieres from last season, according to, including Switched for Christmas (Candace Cameron Bure, Eion Bailey), Coming Home for Christmas (Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe) and Christmas at Holly Lodge (Alison Sweeney, Jordan Bridges).

No word from on Hallmark Drama, but it was previously mentioned that they would air Christmas movies beginning July 23rd. More news will surely be more forthcoming there. Hallmark Drama was also not mentioned in Hallmark's latest Christmas in July press release - link below.

Hallmark Movies Now is also joining in on this annual tradition - by offering Christmas movies through Hallmark's streaming service!

UPDATE: Read Hallmark's Press Release for the most up-to-date info on Christmas in July!

Wherever you watch... it's surely going to be an enchanting month of Christmas movies!!!


  1. Come on Christmas July or June 29th!!! Ha!!!! Ha!!!! I love Hallmark Christmas movies in the middle of summer!!!! It's such a nice break from the heat!!!!!

    1. Yes!!!! It's the perfect way to spend our Summer Holiday... dreaming of White Christmases!!!! It does help with the heat, too... at least we can imagine it's cool outside! It'll be here before we know it! :)

  2. Can't wait for Christmas movies, don't forget we are all going to watch a christmas movie this Friday cause it's the 25th:)

    1. Oh, it sure is, Sabrina!!! My "Mark" the 25th post will be up real soon and we can all share then what we're watching! I just love to hear everyone's Christmas movie picks! :)

  3. Oh, Net, this is great news! It's like reaching the half way mark and being rewarded as an incentive to go "all the way"! Yay to Hallmark's "Christmas in July". I'm happy and I'm loving your new banner, too!!

    1. I love that, Linda! Hallmark is, indeed, rewarding us each holiday and season of life... we are so truly blessed!

      So glad you love the new banner, the film strip is all new- I think it looks a bit refreshed, and the posters are, of course, what makes it... each one is so bright and colorful!

      Thank you for sharing all the joy & happiness!!! :)

  4. Me too, Net I can't wait to hear what everyone is watching. I am deciding myself what to watch, maybe making it something I haven't watched in a while :)

  5. We are now up to a minimum of three weeks for Christmas in July and possibly more with Hallmark Drama Channel. WooHoo!! I love it.

    Always love sharing this Christmas stuff with all my friends here at IAWM. You all know how I feel. Some people think my exuberance for Christmas is too much...haha. They just don't get it!!

  6. My wife & I have been watching HM Christmas movies for years and last Christmas season, our 9 year old daughter starting watching with us. We home Drama plays movies on the 23rd so we get a much full of Christmas. Thanks for the update!


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