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Monday, May 21, 2018

HALLMARK MOVIES on DVD... from A to Z - - - Page 2

The list of Hallmark Movies available on DVD was becoming so long - I had to create a new page just to be able to save them all! Below is the list divided - from N to Z! (If you would like to see A to M, please visit here.)

Please note: These pages are always being updated; therefore, please be sure to check back for more news on DVD availability!

Hallmark Movies on DVD - N to Z -

-- N --

The Nanny Express

The National Tree

Hallmark 2-Movie Collection
Nature of Love
Pearl in Paradise


The Night Before the Night Before Christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas


Northpole: Open For Christmas

The Note

The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love

The Note III: Notes From The Heart Healer

November Christmas (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

A Novel Romance

A Nutcracker Christmas

-- O --

October Kiss

Oh Christmas Tree!
(also known as: Fir Crazy)

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

Once Upon a Holiday

Once Upon a Holiday
Hallmark Royal 3 Film Collection Once Upon a Holiday/Royally Ever After/Royal New Years Eve

Once Upon a Prince

Once Upon a Prince - in Royal Romance Triple Feature
(Royal Hearts / Royal Matchmaker / Once Upon a Prince)

One Christmas Eve (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

One Winter Weekend
included in the Hallmark Holiday - Collection 1:
Winter's Dream / Perfect Catch / One Winter Weekend

One Winter Weekend
One Winter Proposal

Operation Christmas

Ordinary Miracles

Out of the Woods

Our Christmas Love Song

Our Wild Hearts

Over the Moon in Love

-- P --

A Painted House

Hallmark 2-Movie Collection
Paris, Wine and Romance / Rome In Love

The Perfect Bride

The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells

The Perfect Catch

The Perfect Catch
included in the Hallmark Holiday - Collection 1:
Winter's Dream / The Perfect Catch / One Winter Weekend

Perfect Match

Pete’s Christmas

The Piano Lesson (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

Picture a Perfect Christmas

Pictures of Hollis Woods (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

Plainsong (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

The Pledge

Prairie Fever

Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe

A Princess for Christmas


Pumpkin Pie Wars

Pumpkin Pie Wars
Hallmark 3 Film Collection (Pumpkin Pie Wars/Love on a Limb/Harvest Moon)

Puppy Love

-- Q --

No Movies Listed under Q

-- R --

The Reading Room

Beverly Lewis' The Reckoning

The Redemption of Henry Myers

Relative Stranger

Remember Sunday - Hallmark Hall of Fame

The Return of the Native (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

Road to Christmas

Rocky Mountain Christmas

Rose Hill

A Royal Christmas

Royally Ever After
Hallmark Royal 3 Film Collection Once Upon a Holiday/Royally Ever After/Royal New Years Eve

Royal Hearts

Royal Hearts and Royal Matchmaker
in Royal Romance Triple Feature
(Royal Hearts / Royal Matchmaker / Once Upon a Prince)

Royal Matchmaker

Royal New Year's Eve

Royal New Years Eve
Hallmark Royal 3 Film Collection Once Upon a Holiday/Royally Ever After/Royal New Years Eve

Royal Wedding Triple Feature Dater's Handbook, When Sparks Fly, Royal Hearts

A Royal Winter

The Runaway

The Russell Girl (Hallmark Hall of Fame - DVD re-release)

-- S --

Safe Harbor

Sailing into Love

The Santa Suit

Sarah, Plain & Tall Collection

A Season For Miracles (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

The Secret Garden (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

Hallmark 2-Movie Collection
The Secret Ingredient / You're Bacon Me Crazy

Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen

The Seven Year Hitch

Shadow on the Mesa

A Shoe Addict's Christmas

Hallmark Christmas 3 Film Collection
A Shoe Addict's Christmas
Welcome to Christmas
Marry Me at Christmas

Norman Rockwells Shuffletons Barbershop

Beverly Lewis' The Shunning

Signed Sealed Delivered 4 Film Collection

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (the Premiere Pilot Movie)

Signed Sealed Delivered: Complete Series

Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris with Love

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From the Heart

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost Without You

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: One in a Million

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: To the Altar

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Truth Be Told

Silver Bells (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus

Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery

Skylark: The Sequel To Sarah, Plain And Tall

Sleigh Bells Ring
Hallmark Christmas 3 Film Collection
(Entertaining Christmas / Sleigh Bells Ring / Christmas Incorporated)

Smart Cookies

A Smile As Big As the Moon - Hallmark Hall of Fame


Snow Bride

So You Said Yes

Straight from the Heart

Stranded in Paradise

Strawberry Summer

Summer of Dreams

Summer of Love

Summer Nights Triple Feature
(Summer of Dreams / Summer Love / Summer in the Vineyard)

A Summer Romance

A Summer to Remember

Summer Villa

Sun, Sand & Romance

Surprised by Love

The Sweeter Side of Life

The Sweetest Christmas

Hallmark Holiday Collection Double Feature:
The Sweetest Christmas
Christmas in the Air

Sweet Nothing in My Ear (Hallmark Hall of Fame)
(DVD re-release)

-- T --

Taking a Shot at Love

A Taste of Romance

Time For Me To Come Home For Christmas - DVD

Time For You To Come Home For Christmas

Timeless Love

Timepiece (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

Karen Kingbury's A Time to Dance

A Time to Remember

Tis the Season for Love

Thicker Than Water

Though None Go with Me

The Town Christmas Forgot

Trading Christmas

True Love Blooms

-- U --

An Uncommon Grace

Undercover Bridesmaid

Under the Autumn Moon

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

-- V --

Valentine Ever After

A Valentine's Match

The Valley of Light (Hallmark Hall of Fame)
(DVD re-release)

A Very Merry Mix-Up

Very, Very, Valentine

A Veteran's Christmas

-- W --

The Water Is Wide (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

Wedding at Graceland

Wedding Bells

Wedding Daze

The Wedding March

Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love

Hallmark Double Feature: Wedding March 1 & 2

Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride

Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New

Wedding Of Dreams

Wedding Planner Mystery

What I Did For Love

What the Deaf Man Heard (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

When Calls the Heart - Seasons 1-5 Ultimate Collector's Edition

When Calls the Heart
Premiere Movie

When Calls the Heart:
Television Movie Collection - Season One

When Calls the Heart Complete Season 2
10-DVD Collector's Edition

Season 3
When Calls the Heart: It Begins With Heart
Also Known As:
When Calls the Heart: New Year's Wish

When Calls The Heart: Year Three
Complete Season THREE
Includes: The Special New Years Wish Episode!

When Calls the Heart - The Heart Of Faith
This is the When Calls the Heart 2016 Christmas Movie on DVD!

When Calls the Heart Christmas

When Calls The Heart: Year Four

When Calls The Heart Season 5
When Calls The Heart: The Heart of Homecoming

When Calls the Heart: Complete Season 5

When Calls The Heart: The Greatest Blessing
(This is the Christmas Movie from 2018)

When Calls the Heart: Year Six

When Calls the Heart: Finding Home

When Calls the Heart: Year Seven

When Calls The Heart Double Feature:
Into the Woods & New Possibilities

When Calls the Heart Double Feature: Open Season & From the Ashes

When Hope Calls: Season One

When Love Is Not Enough

When Love is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story
Hallmark Hall of Fame - DVD re-release

When Sparks Fly

Where There's a Will

Winter Castle

Winter Love Story

Winter's Dream

Winter's Dream
included in th Hallmark Holiday - Collection 1:
Winter's Dream / Perfect Catch / One Winter Weekend

A Winter Love Story

A Winter Princess

Winter in Vail

A Wish for Christmas

With Love Christmas
Hallmark Christmas 3 Film Collection A Dream of Christmas/The Mistletoe Inn/With Love Christmas

Witness to Murder: A Darrow Mystery

Working Miracles

Write Before Christmas

-- X --

No Movies Listed under X

-- Y --

You Lucky Dog

Hallmark 2-Movie Collection
You're Bacon Me Crazy / The Secret Ingredient

Your Love Never Fails

You've Got a Friend

-- Z --

No Movies Listed under Z - yet!

I hope you have enjoyed this list of Hallmark Movies on DVD. If you plan to order one of these movies for your collection, please click on the images or titles above. I appreciate your support!

Please share in the comments below - your thoughts on these movies. Which ones do you have? Which Hallmark movies would you still like to have in your DVD collection?

Thank You and Blessings to All who visit here, Net



  1. I love the movie, Summer Villa. Do you think that it will ever come out on DVD?

    1. Oh, that is a good one, Susan! I love the romance between Hilarie Burton and Victor Webster in "Summer Villa." It sure doesn't hurt to put it out there that you would like to have it on DVD. Hope it becomes available one day!

    2. Hi Net and Susan ... I WANT THAT MOVIE, TOO!!! Add me to the petitioners list! -Kate

    3. I actually found that one on Amazon, so it's definitely on DVD. One of my favorites as well. I'm looking for "Love at the Shore", "Christmas Getaway", and "One Starry Christmas." Does anyone know who we can contact at Hallmark to see what movies will be available on DVD, and when?

  2. Wow! This is an extensive list!!! Do you own most of these? Do you recommend all of the Jesse stone series?

    1. There are certainly a lot of Hallmark movies on DVD. I do own quite a number of them, myself, but I'm always searching for past favorites, too, such as "Window Wonderland."

      As for the "Jesse Stone" mystery movies, I have not seen all of them. They did not originate on the Hallmark Channel, but they have played them all on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. From what I have seen and read, I would not recommend them for family viewing. Hope this helps.

      Blessings! Net

  3. I keep searching for Christmas movies from 2018. Do you think we will see more soon, including Lifetimes Christmas movies?

    1. If previous years are any indication, Missy, then we should have lots of Christmas movie DVD releases coming up sometime this Summer / Fall / and throughout the Holiday Season!!!!!

      Now, the only question is... which Christmas movies will it be? That's anyone's guess for now, but I'm hopeful we will see many of our favorites from Hallmark, and hopefully, Lifetime too!!!! :)

  4. I love your list of DVDS, Net! I refer to it all the time. I think I own about just about all of them! If we could only get Matchmaker Santa, I'd be so happy! Add to that Family for Christmas!

    1. Oh, thank you! I'm so glad to hear how much you enjoy the DVD lists!

      By the way, I love those Lacey Chabert Christmas movies you mentioned, too!!! Would love to see them both on DVD one day!!! :)

  5. Would like to see My Favorite Wedding and A Harvest Wedding on DVD! Pllllleeeezzz!!!!!!!

    1. yes!!! those two were so good!

    2. Oh, those Hallmark movies are both so good, Em, and such great actors & actresses... Paul Greene, Maggie Lawson, Jill Wagner, and Victor Webster! Those movies definitely need a DVD release! Excellent picks!!! :)

  6. I had planned to order just one, but there was The Sweetest Christmas, Christmas in Evergreen, SSD truth be told and impossible dream, and the royal 3 in 1 collection! (I'm signing as Anonymous, don't tell my hubby!)

    1. Oh my goodness... Your secret is safe with me!!! I love it! Those are all such wonderful movie choices, Anonymous!!! :)

  7. I would love if "Sweetest Heart", "Love, Once, and Always", "Royally Ever After", "Royal Matchmaker", "Murder She Baked: Just Desserts" "Love's Complicated" "Love by the Book" "Love Blossoms" "Harvest Wedding" "Eat, Play, Love" "Coming Home for Christmas" "Recipe for Love" "Cooking with Love" "My Secret Valentine" "Very Very Valentine" "With Love, Christmas" "Stop the Wedding" "Tulips in the Spring" and more on DVD. Yes, that is a long list, I noticed. But there are so many good movies I'm itching to buy, but they aren't even on DVD!

    1. Wow!!! That is a wonderful DVD wish list, Gianna! You are spot on with lots of fantastic movie choices I would love to add to my collection, too, and I suspect many other Hallmark viewers, as well! We will definitely have to keep a look out for all of these movies... let's hope they release them real soon!!! :)

  8. Thanks so much for this! It's very comprehensive.

    I wish they would add "Matchmaker Santa" with Lacey Chabert to the dvd library. I love that one--so whimsical and sentimental.

    I'd also like to see the Flower Shop Mystery series out on dvd--although what I'd really like to see is more installments, as well!

  9. I would love if Like cats and dogs, Hello its me, Finding Santa, Just Dessets comes out on dvd. I also hope the Wedding March 3 Here comes the bride, Wedding March 4 and Marrying Mr. Darcy will be on dvd.

  10. I wish love you like christmas will come out on dvd.

  11. I love if Like cats and dogs,Hello it's me,Finding Santa,Marrying Mr.Darcy,Love you like christmas,Wedding March 3 and Wedding March 4,My Secret Valentine,Harvest Love come out on dvd.

  12. Hello! Just wondering if anyone knows when Hallmark's Signed Sealed Delivered: Higher Ground movie is coming out on DVD?

    1. I keep hoping we will get news on this too! It would be extra nice if they could release the last four- "Higher Ground," "Home Again," "The Road Less Traveled," and "To The Altar" in one DVD collection. But, I'm sure POstables will take them any way we can get them! Right? I'm keeping a lookout for any clues on this one, and I'll be sure to add it above if/when it becomes available.

  13. I would love to get The Mistletoe Promise, A Joyous Christmas, Miss Christmas, and The Birthday Wish on dvd. These were just shown 2017.

  14. Would love to get Second Chances with Allison Sweeney which is an old one and Falling for Vermont, not sure of the hold up on that one....

  15. I loved the movie SMALL TOWN CHRISTMAS(DEC. 2018) with Kristoffer Polaha and Ashley Newbrough. Please bring out on DVD!! Thank you!!

  16. Every month I have to check for specific Hallmark DVDs: Matchmaker Santa, Christmas List (Alicia Witt), Winter Wonderland, Love in Paradise. I can find some that someone copied from the TV broadcast but no Hallmark produced DVDs. Why is that? Do they want to have cheap products sold using their creativity and no profit from it reaching Hallmark? Just produce the DVDs so I can stop the monthly checking.

    1. I hear ya - it would be really nice to have the Christmas movies you mentioned on DVD!!! If only - someday they would release them. I keep hoping and searching, too! Those are all on my list, as well!

      Thank you for sharing! :)

  17. Would love to have Hearts of Christmas (Kristoffer Polaha) and an older one Our First Christmas. Hoping many of the 2018 movies will be released in DVDs.

  18. Love on the air,will it ever be on dvd?

  19. Thanks Net! I had been begging Hallmark to release Love To The Rescue so I just ordered that DVD. So excited about this! Before I joined this site I had ordered so many Hallmark DVD's that my TV room looks like a Hallmark store. I had also ordered A Winter Love Story. Still longing for Two Turtle Doves and Time For You To Come Home For Christmas on DVD. Also Falling For You and Flip That Romance.


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