Monday, April 30, 2018

Which Hallmark Channel "Spring Fever" Movie did You *Like* Best? #YourTake

"The Sweetest Heart," "Royal Matchmaker,"
"Home by Spring," and "Once Upon a Prince"

"Which "Spring Fever" Movie, did you think,
bloomed the brightest?

The Hallmark Channel premiered FOUR NEW ORIGINAL MOVIES as part of *SPRING FEVER*!

Please share "YOUR TAKE" on this recent block of Original TV movies in comments below by answering these Two Questions...

(you can choose more than one for both questions!)

1. Which "SPRING FEVER" movie did you like/love the most?

2. Which "SPRING FEVER" movie poster (above) do you like best?

Looking forward to hearing all your responses!

My take...

1. Movie: I enjoyed them all, so I'm picking two... "Royal Matchmaker" and "Once Upon a Prince!" I guess I was swept away by both royal romances!

2. Poster: Again, I liked them all, but I'm giving the edge here to "Royal Matchmaker!" I love her beautiful pink dress and his uniform. The flower background in the "Once Upon a Prince" poster is stunning, too, I just wish I could see more of them, and her gorgeous dress!

Thank you - in advance - to everyone who shares below!

Blessings, Net


  1. I liked watching The Sweetest Heart best.

    My favorite poster is Sweetest Heart as well :)

  2. The only one that really held any interest was the Sweetest Heart.

    1. Same; that was the only one that consistently held my attention. Julie Gonzalo is adorable

  3. Best movie: Home by Spring, absolutely loved the story as well as having Kix Brooks

    Best Poster: The Sweetest Heart

  4. Movie: My favorite was "Home by Spring." The actress was absolutely adorable.

    Poster: My favorite is "Once Upon a Prince." Tunnel type flower background is fun and cozy.

  5. I absolutely loved Home by Spring, Poppy Drayton was really fab and the dialog was really good. I was also very impressed by The Sweetest Heart. Julie Gonzalo was incredible. I've always liked her, she was awesome in Veronica Mars and A Cinderella Story too.

    I think the poster for Once Upon a Prince is my favourite - all those flowers!

  6. Loved Royal Matchmaker (I want a sequel)
    Best movie poster: Royal Matchmaker

  7. I loved Royal Matchmaker best! Joy Lenz was fantastic & witty once again! I also loved her in Lifetime's Christmas movie Snowed Inn Christmas!

    Best poster for sure is Once Upon a Prince, those flowers are gorggggeous!!!!!

    xoxo, Em

  8. Movie: I'll pick two -
    Home by Spring and
    Once Upon a Prince

    Poster: I'll pick two, again -
    Once Upon a Prince, for the awesome flower backdrop and
    Royal Matchmaker, love a man in uniform!


  9. Ooooooh, Net, me too!! I loved "Royal Matchmaker" and "Once Upon A Prince". For the poster, I love the flowers, beautiful bridge and the way those two darlings are looking into each others eyes!!

  10. Movies: Sweetest Heart and Royal Matchmaker
    Poster: Home by Spring

  11. 1. Favorite movie Once Upon A Prince
    Just found the story & acting so lovely & charming
    2. Favorite poster Royal Matchmaker. Just so beautiful & draws you in

  12. Movie: None were outstanding, but like you, Net, I give the edge to "Royal Matchmaker."

    So sorry to those who like "The Sweetest Heart," but it seemed ridiculous that it took that guy looking at an old couple to finally realize he was in love and needed to go home, or he'd regret it one day. "Home by Spring" was fun and all, but the whole story was based on lies. Again, it took two hours and several years later for the couple to realize they were in love in the first place. "Royal Matchmaker" and "Once upon a Prince" were basically the same story of a Prince falling for a commoner, however, in my humble opinion, the romance in "Royal Matchmaker" was a bit more believable.

    Poster: Those are all fine.

  13. Favorite Spring Fever Movie & Poster: Once Upon a Prince

  14. 1 HOme by Spring

    2 Royal Matchmaker (my wife picked this one)

  15. Royal Matchmaker. Joy lenz was terrific as always.

  16. All of the movies were great, but my absolute favorite was Royal Matchmaker.

  17. Hi - I can't vote yet as I've only seen two, but I like seeing the results of these "best movie" voting contests. How do we search for past winners of "Spring Fever," "June Brides," and so on?
    Thanks! Amy

    1. Thank you, Amy G., for sharing! If you are viewing my site through a mobile device, you may not be able to see this, but if you view through web version- in the right column you will see a list featured called "Your Take," which features past favorite picks starting from Summer Nights 2016!

      Here's a direct link to last years Spring Fling favorites!

    2. Oh, thank you! I'd never noticed that feature before. It will be fun to read everyone's comments as I got to the Hallmark party late and am just now seeing some of the past year's movies.

  18. 1. Loved The Sweetest Heart

    2. Once Upon a Prince for best poster

  19. Joyce in CarolinaMonday, April 30, 2018

    Movie: The Sweetest Heart

    Poster: Royal Matchmaker

  20. Royal Matchmaker! I love how naturally funny and romantic it is

    Poster: Royal Matchmaker because I think it’s amazing how they changed the poster to a less retouched one (because you can barely recognise Joy in the first one) because real is more beautiful and it proves that you don’t need to overly photo shop posters, that people want the real thing

  21. Tie: “Royal Matchmaker” and “Once Upon a Prince”

    Poster: Royal Matchmaker

  22. I thought this year's spring movies were just ok. However, I did love a few past spring movies including Tulips in Spring and Surprised by Love. I think I've seen each of these at least 5 times.

  23. I really liked Once Upon a Prince out of all the Spring Fever movies! My favorite poster is the one for Home by Spring because, to me, it looks like a real-life photo instead of the usual photo-shoot styled posters.

  24. Favorite Movie: "Royal Matchmaker" and "Once Upon a Prince"
    Found both of these movies absolutely charming! These, along with "A Royal Winter" are my favorite royal movies! They have witty banter, great chemistry, and terrific acting. I felt myself drawn into the story line, becoming invested in the characters and rooting for their happily ever after! What girl doesn't dream of marrying a prince? Well, Kate and Susana both do! Haha, and I even believe it! :)

    Favorite Poster: "Once Upon a Prince"
    Like others have mentioned, the way those two are looking at each other is absolutely adorable! I love the whole feel of the poster! They look real too, not fake! And their eyes say it all....all the love they share for each other!

    I actually like all four of the Spring Fever movies this year! And I've watched 3 of them SEVERAL (shush, don't tell) times already!


  25. 1) Finding Father Christmas
    2) Hearts of Christmas
    3) A Christmas to Remember
    4) Sound of Christmas


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