Monday, March 19, 2018

LIFETIME Announces 14 NEW CHRISTMAS MOVIES for 2018 Holiday Season!

movie images courtesy: Lifetime

"It's a Wonderful Lifetime" is Back!

The Lifetime network is reviving this beloved Christmas promotional theme as the channel is becoming even more competitive during the Holiday Season... by ordering 14, yes FOURTEEN All New Original Christmas-Themed Movies to air throughout November and December, 2018!

With past well-loved movie offerings such as "Gift Wrapped Christmas," "Christmas in the City," and "Last Chance Christmas" and more recently, "Snowed-Inn Christmas" and "Christmas in Mississippi"... hearts were won over by these heartfelt, family-friendly festive Lifetime Christmas movies, that often starred actors and actresses we are familiar with on Hallmark, such as Andrew Walker, Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton, Gabe Hogan, Meredith Hagner, Travis Milne, Wes Brown, Jana Kramer, Melissa Joan Hart, Ashley Williams, Arielle Kebbel and more!

It is certain to be a full Christmas TV Movie viewing Season... Bigger than ever for both Lifetime and Hallmark!!!

As you may recall, Hallmark officially announced the number of Christmas movies they are producing during their "Spring Fever" preview show, hosted by Danica McKellar. For the 2018 Christmas movie season, the Hallmark Channel will create 22 new Christmas films, while Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will create 12!

If you add up Lifetime and Hallmark together, well then... you have an incredible number... 48 all new Christmas movies! And, that doesn't include UP, ION, or INSP! Or, any other network... that may surprise us with a new Christmas movie! We will most likely end up with way over 60 Christmas movies for the 2018 Christmas Movie Season, a truly fantastic gift for all us TV Viewers who love Christmas Movies!!!

I hope you have enJOYed this news!!! Blessings, Net


  1. Awesome, I liked some of the Christmas movies on Lifetime last year, so this is great news. I also love some of the movies from years past that they didn't play last year like Snowglobe Christmas with Alicia Witt, so hopefully all these new movies do not prevent them from playing some of the older movies. But great news!!!!

    1. Just curious. Is this related to ABC Family's Snowglobe from 2007? Christina Milian is in both of these.

    2. The only relation to these two movies is Christina Milian (as you mentioned), the snow globe theme, and Christmas, of course!

      If anyone's interested, they are both available on DVD...


      A Snow Globe Christmas

    3. I was hoping they was going to make a mistletoe promise2

    4. "The Mistletoe Promise" (such a good movie, by the way!) is a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. I haven't heard of a sequel, but you never know!

      One more thing...
      It is airing once in July at 12pm/11c. on Tuesday, July 17, on the Hallmark Channel!

      See the full Christmas in June/July schedule - *here*.

      Hope you can catch it then!

  2. Oh, just wondering, are you going to have that section on your site where we can talk about and have added Christmas movies in production, filming, ideas, etc? I always enjoyed that part of the site, but I don't find it now.

    1. Thank you, Sabrina, for your sweet message! I have decided not to that particular post this year. Instead, I am awaiting word from the networks, and then I share the news... either, on my Christmas movie page here or, sometimes, I will create a new post. I loved that page, too, and all of your wonderful feedback while doing it, but since the number of films has increased so much, I feel it's best to await word directly from the networks.

      Thank you, again! Blessings, Net

  3. Love Christmas movies! Looking forward to this Christmas!

  4. "Oh Boy", Net, however will we be able to keep up!! LOL!! The only time I venture to Lifetime is for some of their Christmas movies I've enjoyed and now we will have fourteen more to add to our list!! Looks like a lot of DVR's will be humming along and Christmas will be celebrated well into the winter months and I'll be happy, happy, happy!!

  5. Love the great Christmas tidbits here at IAWM. Let's get the Christmas movies started in September...haha.

    1. Yeah, Jim!!!!! Great idea!!!

    2. Love it, too, Jim! Why not? Hallmark should just start at Christmas in July... and keep them rolling until Christmas!!! :)

  6. Thanks, Net, for always keeping us in the s(k)now ;-) ... already looking forward to binge watching from my dvr this winter!

    1. Ohhhh.... that is "snow" (so) cute!!! Love it!!!

      I'm delighted to keep you in the s(k)now!!! (that is so clever, Anonymous!)

      Thank you "snow" (so) much!!!

      Blessings, Net

    2. Ha-hahahahahahahaha.....really cute, you two!!!!

  7. Oh wow! I'm so glad Lifetime decided make more Christmas movies. Their movies Snowed Inn Christmas and Christmas in Mississippi last year were some of my favs. Of course I love Hallmark but Lifetime could sometimes come up with some movies that really hits on the spot so I'm excited for this!

  8. Hi Net, I came across the following information regarding the Hallmark Christmas movies for 2018 (maybe this is already old news, but just in case...):

    * Hallmark Channel will start their Countdown to Christmas on October 27.

    * HM&M will premier their movies on November 4.

    * Neither channel will air new Christmas movies this summer as they had in the past. That's a shame!! One of my favorites, A Christmas Cure, aired last summer!

    * Kellie Martin will star in one called "Vet", which the network says is "an emotional story of heroism and homecoming".

    I love the idea of so many new movies this coming year! My only concern is, I hope they don't sacrifice quality for quantity.

    1. Thank you, Mark! I saw this update, too! It's interesting to see the Christmas movie start dates are pretty much the same, except HMM. Perhaps, they plan to run a block of Mystery movies all throughout October??? It's mysterious!!!

      And, it is sad to see there will be no "new" Christmas movies in July, but I'm still happy they are, at least, bringing the event back. It won't be, quite the same, but it will be nice to see our returning favorites!

      Thank you, Mark, for thinking of "It's a Wonderful Movie" and sharing here!!!

      Blessings on your day, Net


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