Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's “A Happy Yule Log” this Thanksgiving on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

Hallmark Press Release:

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries proudly presents
its annual “A Happy Yule Log,”
starring Happy the Dog and Happy the Cat,
which burns brightly all Thanksgiving Day
Wednesday, November 22th at 5pm E/PT, 4C

Happy the Dog and Happy the Cat - image via Hallmark Crown Media

“A Happy Yule Log” features 24 hours of merry and bright holiday music to set the tone for a perfect holiday. Happy the Cat and Happy the Dog, Hallmark’s own rescued and adopted pets, will adorably stretch out and cozy up by the fire while you listen to your favorite holiday tunes, wrap presents, and cook a sumptuous holiday feast.

The 2017 “A Happy Yule Log” will also feature surprise visits from the dog and cat’s furry friends – like Pip Squeak, an abandoned piglet -- who want to come in from the cold and warm themselves by the fire. Holidays remind Happy the Dog and Happy the Cat that they didn’t always have a home, warm fire, or food to eat. These animals were once homeless: until someone rescued and adopted them, and brought them to a safe place. The holidays are about reaching out, spreading generosity, hope, cheer, a hot meal, and help to those who need it most.

From everyone at Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Happy the Cat and Happy the Dog, we are grateful to you! Happy Thanksgiving!

press release via: Pam Slay, Senior Vice President, Network Program Publicity & Social Content



  1. Sure would like to get a copy of the songs and artist's list, especially the one I heard about 15 minutes ago (5:15pm or so)....the Frosty the Snowman with a little "chipmunk type chorus."

  2. Love how Hallmark celebrates Christmas! Would like to see Thanksgiving promoted more. As the person above noted, it would be great if you would add the play list to your blog. There was a Thanksgiving song played but we were not able to find out who sang it. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to all at Hallmark!�� Erin

  3. Me, too - I would LOVE to know what the instrumental was that played just after 10:20 on Thanksgiving morning. Love the animals' antics!

  4. I LOVE the Happy Cat, Happy Dog and friends Yule Log. Started watching it Thanksgiving Eve and continued on and off on Thanksgiving day. The animals are a joy to watch and the music is awesome. I am a big fan of the more traditional Christmas songs and the set decorations were beautiful.

    Please make a TV Special on the making of the Yule Log. I would love to see how you get all the wonderful shots of those cute pets and the behind the scenes of decorating the set and coaxing the animals to frolic and play. Happy Cat popping out of the pumpkin made me laugh all day.

    Thank you for giving us the best Holiday Cheer. I salute you for bringing back the Yule Log. Your Happy version is the best.

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas all of you at Hallmark channel.

  5. It would be great to see a how they film it

  6. Is Happy The Cat the same cat that's in The Nine Lives of christnas?

    1. They sure do look similar, but I don't believe Happy the Cat is the same cat who played Ambrose in The Nine Lives of Christmas movie. What a cutie! I always love watching and listening to this special Yule Log on Christmas Day!!!

  7. the piglet was the best


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