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Challenge takes place
October 3rd - October 9th!


Even if you didn't participate in Round 1, you are still welcome to join in this time!

To Play: Look at the screen-captured images below and leave a comment below guessing which Hallmark Christmas Movies they are from. Answers & Scores will be posted next week. (More details below!!!)

Most of today's Christmas movie images are from the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! See if you can guess which movies these images are from - as we look forward to "Countdown to Christmas" and "The Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas" coming October 27th!

Here they are... Christmas Movie mystery images:



(*HINT: This is NOT an Original HALLMARK Christmas Movie,
but it has played on the Hallmark Channel!)

(*HINT: This is a NOT a HALLMARK movie,
but it is a TV Christmas Movie from another network!)




Please submit your guesses in the comment box below! I will hold onto all submissions until next Monday, October 9th, and post all the responses then. At that time, I will also present more Christmas Movie images!!!

To see Round One Images, Answers, and Scores - visit HERE!

Scoring: One point will be given for each correctly guessed answer. A high score of 25 points can be earned - at the end of 4 weeks!

If you comment under Anonymous, that is fine, but please leave something to identify you apart from other Anonymous commenters, whether it be your first name, nickname, initials, or something! Thank you! Enjoy the challenge!

Hope you all have fun guessing - as we Countdown to Christmas together!!!


Christmas Movie Challenge


1. Matchmaker Santa

2. Holiday Engagement

3. Eloise at Christmastime

4. Christmas for a Dollar

5. A Very Merry Mix-Up

6. Northpole Open for Christmas

SCORES – Round #2:

NK - 6
WCTH fan - 6
BKF - 6
BJLC - 6
Anna - 6
Melissa - 5
RH - 5
Linda - 5
Alicia Tolar - 5
CJ - 5
Helen - 5
Em - 4
SammaMichelle - 4
Sabrina Letasi - 4
Stephanie - 4
Anonymous :) - 3
Joyce in Carolina - 3
Misty - 2
Amy Lama - 2


  1. Ah man, I never submitted last week and I had 4 right. haha
    1) Matchmaker Santa
    2) I'm gonna bang my head against the wall because I know the whole plot but can't figure out the name :-(
    3) Eloise at Christmastime
    4) ??
    5) Very Merry Mix Up
    6) Northpole open for Christmas

  2. 1--Matchmaker Santa

    2--A Holiday Engagement

    3--The Preachers Wife (this commercial plays during my DVR recording of Growing The Big One from last year so I know it well

    4--Finding Father Christmas??? only one I am not sure of

    5--A Very Merry Mix up (my favorite part of the movie)

    6--Northpole 2--this one I hope I am right, but it looks like the house and Bailey Madison

  3. I LOVE this game, as I have seen most Hallmark movies many times haha. My husband thinks I am crazy cause that is all I want to watch. I LOVE Hallmark.

  4. Oh my goodness, this round was a bit harder...pic#4 had me at first but I think I might have it...I guess I will see next week. So, here goes nothing...
    1. Matchmaker Santa
    2. Holiday Engagement ( One of my favorites!!!)
    3. Eloise (I absolutely love everything about this movie)
    4. Christmas for a Dollar ( a family favorite at our house and a touching Christmas Story that everyone should see. It portrays the true meaning of Christmas...giving of ourselves...how precious!!!)
    5. Very Merry Mix Up
    6. Northpole Open for Christmas ( Love the Real Snow in this movie!)
    Thank You Net...can't wait til next week!

  5. 1. Matchmaker Santa
    2. A Holiday Engagement
    3. Eloise at Christmastime
    4. ?? I'll take a guess and say Falling for Christmas
    5. A Very Merry Mix-up
    6. North Pole Open for Christmas

    How fun! This has me so excited for Christmas!


  6. 1:Matchmaker Santa
    2:Holiday Engagement
    3:Eloise at Christmastime
    5:A very merry mixup
    6:Northpole Open for Christmas

    Thanks Net

  7. Oh, boy, this one is a little harder for me, Net. Ok, here goes:

    1) Matchmaker Santa
    2) Holiday Engagement
    3) Eloise At Christmastime
    4) No Clue
    5) A Very Merry Mix-Up
    6) Northpole: Open For Christmas

  8. Wow! I will have to really guess on this one! LOL


  9. 1. Matchmaker Santa, 2. A Holiday Engagement, 3. Eloise at Christmas, 4. A Christmas Box (don't this is right but can't figure it out), 5. A Very Merry Mix Up, 5. North Pole Open for Business

  10. My guesses for round 2 are:

    1. Matchmaker Santa – 2012
    2. Meet the Santas – 2005
    3. Eloise at Christmastime –2003
    4. A Christmas Tree Miracle – 2014
    5. Journey Back to Christmas – 2016
    6. NORTHPOLE: Open for Christmas – 2015

  11. Name These Christmas Movies #2
    1. Match Maker Santa
    2. Fir Crazy
    3. Miracle On 34th Street
    5. A Very Merry Mix-Up
    6. North Pole: Open For Christmas

  12. My guesses: 1. The Santa Incident 2. Santa Switch 3. Eloise at Christmas 4. The Christmas Box 5. don't know 6. Northpole


  13. Here are my guesses for round 2
    1 Matchmaker Santa
    3 Eloise
    4 Christmas for a Dollar
    6 Northpole 2

    I love this game!
    xoxo, Em

  14. Had to guess on a few here
    1 Matchmaker Santa
    2 Holiday Engagemant
    3 Eloise at Christmastime
    4 Christmas for a Dollar
    5 A Very Merry Mix Up
    6 Northpole Open for Christmas

  15. I've received some great answers & guesses in for NAME THAT CHRISTMAS MOVIE - ROUND #2!!!!

    Answers received (so far) from:

    Sabrina Letasi
    Alicia Tolar
    Anonymous :)
    Joyce in Carolina
    WCTH fan

    Thank you all, above, for participating!!! :)

    For others - If you haven't submitted your answers, yet, you still have until Monday, October 9th, by 12 noon EST. to get them in! Hope you have fun with it!!! :)

    1. 1 Matchmaker Santa
      2 Hitched for the Holidays
      3 Eloise at Christmastime
      4 The Christmas Orange
      5 very Merry Mixup
      6 Northpole Open for Christmas

  16. "BKF"

    1. My mom's favorite movie: "Matchmaker Santa"

    2. "Holiday Engagement" with Bonnie Somerville

    3. I love this one! "Eloise at Christmastime"

    4. This one was hard. The old-fashioned box and marbles made me think of Buddy and Sook, but I don't think that's right. I've only seen this other movie once, but it was from Up which I know you watch, Net. "Christmas for a Dollar"

    5. I think this one is from "A Very Merry Mix-up"

    6. I want to be Clementine! "Northpole 2: Open for Christmas"

  17. This one was a little tougher. I could only come up with four of them. :( It was still fun though. Thanks!!!

    1. Matchmaker Santa
    2. ?
    3. Eloise at Christmastime
    4. ?
    5. A Very Merry Mix-up
    6. Nothpole 2: Open for Christmas

    Have A Wonderful Day!!!

  18. I hope I can clarify my answer to #6 to North Pole 2!


  19. Even after some research, I'm really stumped on most of these! #1 is the only one I know. #2 is driving me nuts because it's so familiar and I feel like it's from one of my favorites, but I just can't place it! I'm sure I will be like "Of course!" when you reveal it. :)

    1. Matchmaker Santa
    2. A Christmas Melody (random guess)
    3. ???
    4. ???
    5. A Very Merry Mix-Up
    6. ???

  20. What a blessing your site is...bringing a smile and joy to everyone!
    So here are my guesses for round #2...
    1. Matchmaker Santa
    2. Holiday Engagement ( Net you are such a Giver)
    3. Eloise at Christmastime
    4. Christmas for a Dollar ( This movie reminds me of my Daddy & Momma, and how they were such givers of themselves and especially at Christmas and in return they were overjoyed in receiving just socks or a thimble....simpler times might have been harder but were special in treasured memories with family.)
    5. Very Merry Mix Up
    6. Northpole Open for Christmas
    Hopefully I got some of them...Have a Blessed day Net!

  21. Watched All of my Heart tonight and it was fantastic! Best of the year, in my opinion. Well, then I remembered Lacey in the first picture of the Round 2 challenge, and now I'm just in the nick of time getting my answers in!
    1 Matchmaker Santa (a big favorite at our house! Lacey's first Christmas movie, right?)
    2 A Holiday Engagement (the cell phone costume - how cute!)
    3 Eloise at Christmastime (my girls love this one! Me too!)
    4 Christmas for a Dollar (almost didn't get this one, but I asked my husband and he remembered the children putting marbles in the box. I was impressed. Maybe he should get that point!)
    5 Very Merry Mix Up (love Alicia Witt and the clock reference)
    6 Northpole Open for Christmas (which, by the way, has the same Santa as question 1!)

  22. 1 Matchmaker Santa
    2 Holiday Engagement
    3 Eloise at Christmas
    4 The Christmas Box
    5 A Very Merry-Mixup
    6 Northpole 2 Open for Christmas

  23. Answers also received from:
    Amy Lama

    Thank you all for joining in on the fun!!! Stay tuned for Round #3!!! :)


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