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"Bad Date Chronicles" - a PixL TV Movie with several Hallmark Stars!


Movie: Bad Date Chronicles

Network: PixL

Original Air Date: July 1, 2017

Bad Date Chronicles poster image via: Facebook

Merritt Patterson and Justin Kelly - image: PixL TV

Bad Date Chronicles - on the set image via instagram
pictured: Matt Bellefleur, Merritt Patterson, Gina Holden, and Justin Kelly

Bad Date Chronicles - image via
pictured: Lanie McAuley, Gina Holden, Matt Bellefleur, Merritt Patterson, Giles Panton, Justin Kelly

Note #1: You are sure to recognize several actors/actresses in "Bad Date Chronicles" from previous Hallmark movies, including: Merritt Patterson ("A Royal Winter"), Justin Kelly ("For the Love of Grace"), Giles Panton ("Three Bedrooms, One Corpse: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery," "Tulips in Spring," and "My Favorite Wedding"), Gina Holden ("How to Fall in Love" and "Christmas Comes Home to Canaan"), and Matt Bellefleur ("When Calls the Heart" and "A Bride for Christmas").

Note #2: This movie was written by Rick Garman, who also wrote the Hallmark movies "Christmas in Homestead" and "The Perfect Bride." Plus, he has more movie projects coming up on PixL this year - "Once Upon a Date" and "Same Time Next Week." ((Extra juicy details: Jewel Staite ("Call Me Mrs. Miracle" and "The Christmas Ornament") and Travis Milne ("Summer Love" and "A Gift Wrapped Christmas"), more Hallmark stars, will star in "Same Time Next Week," a movie about PIE! Stay tuned! "Once Upon a Date" is a romantic comedy starring Katrina Bowden, Dean Geyer, and Marci T. House ("Christmas Cookies" and "Love by Chance"). Details to come!))

Justin Kelly - image: PixL TV

Merritt Patterson - image: PixL TV

CAST - Bad Date Chronicles:

Merritt Patterson ... Leigh
Justin Kelly ... Conner
Lanie McAuley ... Erin
Giles Panton ... Brad
Gina Holden ... Allison
Matt Bellefleur ... Milo


Storyline: "Leigh runs the website "Bad Date Chronicles," which allows people to anonymously post horrible date experiences. When rival blogger Conner becomes the subject of one of her posts, they agree to date each other to see which one is the 'bad dater'."

More via PixL: "Leigh’s (Merritt Patterson) job consists of publishing her viewer’s mortifying dates on her column, The Bad Date Chronicles, until she has a bad date of her own with a rival newspaper’s editor, Connor (Justin Kelly). When Leigh shares her date with The Bad Date Chronicles readers, Connor heads over to Leigh’s office to demand an apology. Leigh refuses to apologize, so Connor decides to publish his version of their date on his website. Things take a turn for the worse when Leigh’s boss and Connor’s boss notice the increased numbers of views to their websites since the battle of the sexes have been published. Connor and Leigh agree to go on another date and write about it in their columns. Leigh and Connor must make a decision if the next story they publish will either showcase the truth or sabotage their love."

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  1. I wish I got the Pixl channel. All of us Directv folks need to call Directv 20 times a day and ask them to add it :)

    1. Agree, Sabrina! DirecTV really needs PixL! DISH has it, so why not?

      For those of you who are not aware - PixL is a station that plays Family Movies 24-7 without commercials! Some movies are even from the Hallmark library!!! It is available through Dish, Youtube (with a subscription fee), and other cable providers, but NOT DirecTV.... yet!!! ;)

  2. Hey Net, Gina stoping by to let you know PixL updated their site with stills from the film

    1. Thank you for sharing this update, Gina - I added the three new images above! Hope you enjoy the movie!!! :)

  3. The movie looks good..
    Going to watch it this weekend.
    Watch Bad Date Chronicles online

  4. If you have not seen this movie. It is a must see!!
    I think it was better than any Hallmark movie this year. Coming from someone who loves Hallmark!!!
    This movie was Funny and entertaining throughout the whole movie. With no boring parts at all. Pixl really showed with this movie that they can make movies as good as Hallmark or even better. I really enjoyed this movie

    1. Thank you for sharing your review of "Bad Date Chronicles." I'm happy to hear how much you loved it! I only hope those of us who don't have PixL - can see it someday soon!

      Thanks so much! ☺

    2. I've seen some of the Pixl movies. They're OK, but there has never been one I wanted to see a second time.

    3. Have you seen Casa Vita, It Had to Be You, and Late Bloomer? Those are great ones that never get old

  5. Can't buy my love has been my favorite so far, and also loved casa vita and change of heart

  6. PixL is now available for Amazon Prime


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