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Monday, March 27, 2017

How did your Hallmark "Christmas Movie" Bracket do?

"Christmas Under Wraps" defeats "Fir Crazy"

"Let It Snow" defeats "Help For the Holidays"

"The 9 Lives of Christmas" defeats "Meet the Santas"

"Christmas Cookies" defeats "Sleigh Bells Ring"

"The Christmas Card" defeats "The Christmas Note"

"Finding Father Christmas" defeats "Operation Christmas"

"Crown For Christmas" defeats "12 Gifts of Christmas"

"I'm Not Ready For Christmas" defeats "Just In Time For Christmas"

"A Christmas Detour" defeats "'Tis the Season For Love"

I personally had some hits and misses! I picked all of the ones above and lots of other winners, too, but I missed "A Dream of Christmas" defeating "My Christmas Love," "Once Upon a Holiday" defeating "A Christmas Melody," and "A Heavenly Christmas" defeating "Every Christmas Has a Story."

You win some - you lose some!

See ALL the Results on Hallmark Channel's Web-site!

How did your "Christmas Movie" Bracket do? So far?


  1. I know what you mean, Net. I was shocked by some of the results. Especially My Christmas Love not advancing. I saw a ton of raving about that movie, and many said it was their favorite one from this year. So needless to say I totally missed that one. I never voted for Dream of Christmas, plus I took My Christmas Love pretty far on my brackets. Oh well. The other one that really surprised me was Wish for Christmas beating December Bride. I thought most people liked December Bride as well. Obviously I was wrong. I too missed Heavenly Christmas and Every Christmas has a Story. I went back and forth with Once Upon a Holiday and Christmas Melody. I guess it just goes to prove that you can't trust everything that you read and see online.(Or anyway really). Hopefully the ones we did get right will keep advancing. Good Luck!! Have A Wonderful Day!!!

  2. Susan - Des MoineMonday, March 27, 2017

    Interesting results so far in the First Round. Not too many surprises but at least one big one in my opinion - In the 2016 category, I'm a little shocked that "My Christmas Love" got out-voted by "A Dream of Christmas". At least on this website, "My Christmas Love" was one of the only movies from this past Christmas that was universally praised as being the best of the season so I'm surprised it didn't even make it out of the first round. That pretty much kills my bracket since I had that movie going to the Final Four!

    It looks like people definitely like the more recent movies as every movie (other than The Christmas Card) that was older than 5 years got knocked out in the first round.

  3. Looks like my bracket is pretty "busted." I had a Bride for Christmas going forward a few rounds, so that's a big loss of points for me. I was also more miss than hit on the new movies section. Oh well. At least, they were super fun to watch.

  4. I got 20 right and 12 wrong. Looks like I'm out of the running! That didn't take long! Good luck to everyone else!

  5. Well, that means my bracket is busted now. I'll have to check my other match-ups but it's not looking good.

  6. Net, I missed the same ones you did, plus several others. I never would have thought My Christmas Love would be beaten. That's the biggest shocker of all. Guess I'm not winning $10,000!!!!!

  7. I lost my favorites Window Wonderland and The Magic Stocking in the first round. Some real surprises.

  8. YAY! Crown for Christmas won, LOVE that movie. I would love to know why you started to do this blog? Was it your love for movies? I know the commitment it takes to do a blog and you do this one so beautifully. There is a lot of your heart poured into here and it is shown and so much appreciated ! Thank you.

    1. Oh my, THANK YOU so much, Michelle!!! I first started out with a Christmas TV Schedule on a Geocities web-site in 2003, and then I started covering Hallmark movies throughout the year, too!

      The Hallmark Channel turned 15 years old last fall- so, it was very new then. At that time, there were only one or two new movies a month (if we were lucky!) and the Hallmark Movie Channel didn't even exist. When Geocities eventually shut down around 2008 - I started this blog and from there, the movies increased and interest in them did, as well.

      I've been blessed to talk with so many movie fans from all over the world, plus writers, actors, actresses, and such kind people at Hallmark, INSP, UP, etc...!

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment & question, Michelle! It truly means so much to me! :)

      Blessings to you!!! Net

    2. so how do we know who won because I know my second choice was the Christmas Card so will they put there name on here

  9. I lost with the Heavenly Christmas win. We just didn't care for it but then again Hallmark spent plenty of $ on other movie such as the North Pole series and we didn't care for them either. We enjoyed "Every Christmas has a story" more. Also surprised by the Christmas Melody loss.

  10. I got 21 right and 11 wrong. I, too, am shocked that "My Christmas Love" was beaten in the first round. There was so much buzz about it online, and I didn't hear all that much about "A Dream of Christmas." I guess it goes to show that we who like to discuss movies online are not necessarily representative of the general viewing audience!

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, March 28, 2017

      That's what I've always believed as well, Amy!

      The comments here, or even on social media and discussions forums, are basically a microcosm of the overall viewer base. I think that a lot of viewers tend to think that if they have certain opinions, and they see 50 or 100 other comments sharing that same opinion, then it must certainly be the opinion of the majority of the viewing audience.

      That's not necessarily the case, though. There are millions of people who tune in for Christmas movies on the 2 Hallmark channels, and I'm sure only a small percentage of those people are commenting and giving their opinions in various online communities. And I suspect that a lot of people are just hesitant to speak up online to begin with, for fear of being shot down and jumped on for having a differing opinion, so they remain silent.

    2. How many of those are voting on the "Familiar Faces" and not the movie? Some appear in many of these movie with somewhat similar storyline and if you look at movie posters- many don't tell you much. I had to go to youtube to view some to remind me of the ones I didn't care for and the ones that turned out great.

  11. Susan - Des MoineTuesday, March 28, 2017

    After the first round of results, the second round shouldn't have surprised me but it did. I know this contest was promoted heavily on Home & Family and those viewers definitely have a different opinion than a lot of people who frequent Net's website.

    I'm not sure if people remembered all the movies or were just voting for the big names like Lacey Chabert and Cameron Candace Bure. I'm more than a little surprised that A Royal Christmas beat A Very Merry Mix-Up which is a movie that has been praised a good deal. I've always thought that A Royal Christmas was one of the lesser Lacey Christmas movies.

    And then you have 9 Lives of Christmas only beating A Princess For Christmas by 500 votes! Didn't expect it to be that close.

    So now we're up to the third round and Christmas, Inc. and Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through the Snow have made it to the Sweet 16. I didn't like either movie but I know a lot of people did. I just don't see them as Final 16 candidates. Oh well!

    1. I am still shocked that A Royal Christmas beat A Bride for Christmas. I agree that maybe some viewers are voting on familiar personalities than the body of work (the movie). I thought A Bride for Christmas was a better movie. As a matter of fact as far as similar "Royalty" story lines that "A princess for Christmas" was better than "A royal Christmas".

    2. Susan - Looks like your assessment was right on target. With two Lacey Chabert movies, and two Cameron Candace Bure movies in the Final 8, people definitely either like those two actresses and their work or are just voting for them because their "household" names.

  12. I can't seem to find my original bracket anywhere. Is there a way to find it or is everyone just really good at remembering which ones they voted for?

  13. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, March 29, 2017

    This was the Tuesday, 3/28/17 breakdown of the top 16 movies, in order of number of votes:

    A Christmas Detour -- 61,983
    The Christmas Card -- 56,915
    When Calls The Heart Christmas -- 55,488
    Crown for Christmas -- 55,151
    Let it Snow -- 51,833
    Journey Back to Christmas -- 50,218
    A Royal Christmas -- 48,852
    The Christmas Ornament - 48,088
    Dashing Through the Snow -- 45,945
    Nine Lives of Christmas -- 42,885
    A Wish for Christmas -- 42,659
    A Heavenly Christmas -- 39,279
    Ice Sculpture Christmas -- 38,962
    Christmas List -- 36,937
    Snow Bride -- 34,816
    Christmas Incorporated -- 34,254

    Of course, that list will be narrowed down to 8 by tomorrow, I guess, and another movie could rise to the top. But it was interesting to see where they all landed on the list, how many votes each one received, and which movies were eliminated after the top 32.

  14. My first reaction was that there some very strange results but then I remembered that voters were choosing what film they thought would win rather than which one they preferred so I think Susan - Des Moines has hit the nail on the head when she suggests people were voting for the films with big names.

    Had it just been a poll to choose the best film we would probably be looking at very different results.

  15. There's a degree of luck involved in what you get pitched up against.

    For example it was most unfortunate that A Boyfriend For Christmas was pitched against Snow Bride in Round 1.

    Royal movies do seem to be very popular with viewers in general.

    Although I was the only person on Net who wasn't bowled over by My Christmas Love I am pretty shocked by the extent to which it was beaten.

    I'm also really surprised that Christmas Incorporated and Ice Sculpture Christmas are doing so well and that Snow Bride only just scraped past A Cookie Cutter Christmas - now that surely has to be in the running for the worst Hallmark Movie ever!

    What a battle between A Heavenly Christmas and Every Christmas Has A story.

    I see A Christmas Detour has now made it to the quarter final that's a movie I like very much.

    Of the ones remaining I hope The Nine Lives Of Christmas could win but it now comes up against A Royal Christmas in the quarter final and didn't it win a poll conducted by Hallmark just a few months ago?

    The Hearties could be gathering in force behind the Christmas Special but I rather suspect that A Christmas Card may end up victorious.

    1. I think most people here had A Christmas Card winning it all. Since Hallmark left out so many of their classic movies there just wasn't much competition for it. I'd be really surprised if it didn't win it all.

  16. I see that "A crown for Christmas" made the Elite 8. It is not even the best "Royalty or princess" Christmas movie. I guess they had a weaker bracket. Bracket now stinks thanks to the 9 Lives upsets!


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