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Friday, March 31, 2017

HALLMARK Announces the CHRISTMAS MOVIE Bracket WINNER during MEOW Madness!!!

Which Movie was Most Chosen over all 64 others to be
the Ultimate Favorite
during Hallmark's Christmas Movie Bracket Challenge!!!

Who will it be?

We are down to the Final Two -

"The Christmas Card"


"When Calls the Heart Christmas"

I know many of us LOVE them both and many other Christmas Movies that were previously eliminated... so either way, it's a win-win for all of us viewers!!!

The Winners of the various cash prizes- "will be selected in a random drawing taking place on or about Tuesday, April 4, 2017, from among all eligible entries." (via bracket rules listed on Hallmark's web-site.)

"Meow Madness" according to Hallmark... "is a feline catstravaganza presented in association with North Shore Animal League America (the nation's largest no-kill shelter and animal adoption organization) and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation. Hosted by Beth Stern, TV personality and national spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America. Four time NBA Champion John Salley and award-winning reporter, sports analyst and commentator Mary Carillo are "Meow Madness'" official play-by-play announcers. Hallmark Channel enjoys home court advantage for the inaugural “Meow Madness” special as 100 adorable, adoptable “cat-letes” purr-fect an unstoppable zone defense while taking shots from the “flea throw” zone as each team claws its way to “The Final Fur.” "

Meow Madness
Airs Monday April 3, 2017
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel

Don't forget... during Meow Madness-- Hallmark will reveal the winning Christmas movie title - either "The Christmas Card" or "When Calls the Heart Christmas"! And, as an early Christmas gift on Friday, April 7 8pm/7c. - the Hallmark Channel will treat Christmas movie fans by airing the champion movie!!!

*Personally, I love this extra early Christmas gift, it's purrr-fectly furry & fun... as Hallmark announces THE WINNER of the Christmas Movie Bracket Challenge on Monday - April 3rd!!!

Blessings to YOU ALL!!! Net :)

Which movie, do you think, will pull out the Big Win???


During the the first Meow Madness on the Hallmark Channel, came the results in the Christmas Movie Bracket Challenge... "The Christmas Card" defeated "When Calls the Heart Christmas." (see more details - HERE!)

Tune in for the winning movie, “The Christmas Card” - Friday, April 7th at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel!


  1. Although there are a lot of "Hearties" out there I think A Christmas Card will win reasonably easily. It has always been incredibly popular.

    I'm pleased The Nine Lives Of Christmas did so well.

    Always remembering that this was not a straight vote as to what the favourite Christmas movie was but A Christmas Card could very easily have won that anyway.

  2. I choose The Christmas Card for win

  3. I hope it is "The Christmas Card" that wins. On one bracket I had "The Christmas Card" and "When Calls the Heart" to make the final four but only "The Christmas Card" to make final two and also picked "The Christmas Card" to win. Doubt I'm in the running but who knows.

  4. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, March 31, 2017

    The winner will be The Christmas Card. I think it is a slam dunk.

    Neither The Christmas Card nor the When Calls the Heart movie would have been my pick. So... it's not a win-win for me, but that's OK. I still have Christmas in July to look forward to, and that will be here soon!

    A lot of people who do not have HMM will be happy to have one opportunity to see The Christmas Card when it airs on Friday, April 7th. It will be back on HMM in July and Nov-Dec, so this is a rare opportunity to see it on the main channel.

    And, if, on the off chance WCTH wins (which I do not think will happen), people who missed seeing it on Christmas day 2016 will be happy to have the chance to see it.

  5. I hope they share how many points the winning entries accumulated. I would love to know if anyone had a perfect bracket or close to it. I'm rooting for The Christmas Card, it is a classic!

  6. No surprise with either movie. A Christmas Card has been the hands-down favorite movie on Hallmark for many many years. And When Calls the Heart is the most popular program on their channel right now.

  7. The Christmas Card? Really??????? Wow, that's a shocker to me. I get the When Calls the heart but the Christmas Card? I was waaaaaayyyyy off on my bracket :)

  8. I was sad to see Nine Lives of Christmas knocked out of the running, but at least it made it to the final four! Given that it's "Meow Madness," it would've been a shame had it not made it to the finals. :) That said, I hope When Calls the Heart wins. I only recently became a fan of the show, so I didn't have the opportunity to see it when it first aired. At least Christmas Card is on Netflix. :)

  9. Susan - Des MoineSaturday, April 01, 2017

    I had three of the final four correct. The Christmas Card was an absolute lock. I also went with Crown for Christmas because I thought that 2015 was a really bad year for Hallmark and that was the only movie that stood out for me as being above-average. Nine Lives of Christmas is also one of my favorites so I went with that as well.

    I basically picked movies that I like which is why I didn't pick When Calls the Heart. I don't watch that series so it wasn't on my radar. In the 2016 bracket I went with My Christmas Love which got knocked out in the first round so that killed my bracket. And with When Calls the Heart making the final 2, that means I'm definitely out! Hope someone on here wins!

  10. I really hope it's The Christmas Card. Absolutely a beautiful movie. I voted for the Christmas card all the way.

  11. I voted the Christmas card in each bracket. I hope it really wins as it's just a beautiful Christmas movie. The snow the warmth of togetherness at the cabin home the sleigh ride and how one Christmas card brought them together. It's all bout warmth family and love.

  12. I'm so glad to see the Christmas Card is one that was chosen. I voted for the Christmas Card in every bracket. I think it is a beautiful Christmas movie. I just love the togetherness in the log cabin home, the snow, the love and how one Christmas card brought love to 2 perfect people. It's all a bought love warmth and togetherness.

  13. I loved operation christmas and angels and ornaments,I really thought one of them would win

  14. Christmas card had to win an absolute heartfelt, loving and inspirational movie. The love between that family is contagious. I have this movie taped on my DVR for the past three years and watch it continuously all your long. I have even looked up the acting careers of the main characters of this movie it was saddened to know Miss Rosie had passed on but I'm grateful that she was a part of this movie and that we still have it. Thank you Hallmark you did good. Merry Christmas


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