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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Can't Buy My Love" a PixL Original Movie (Also Known As: "The Big Grab")


Movie: Can't Buy My Love

Also Known As: The Big Grab

Network: PixL
Original Air Date: March 4, 2017

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Original Air Date: June 29, 2017

*UPDATE: The movie The Big Grab has unfortunately been removed from the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries TV schedule on June 29th. Stay tuned for more updates!

*UPDATE #2: The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Facebook page is showing this will air on July 6, but it is NOT showing up on their schedule... Looking into it!


Adelaide Kane ... Lilly Springer
Ben Hollingsworth ... Jeff Alexander
Rodrigo Rojas ... Nick Boxton
Andrea Bordeaux ... Megan
Lamon Archey ... Vince
Jean Louisa Kelly ... Veronica
James Remar ... Rex
Alesha Renee ... Keely
Brian Chin ... Finn
Nadine Ellis ... Dr. Kathleen Richwood
Alexandra Grossi ... Crystal
Ethan Maher ... Carter
Jackie Geary ... Carter's Mom
Peter Banifaz ... Private Courier aka Fred
Malea Rose ... Calandre


Storyline: A wealthy playboy tries to change his immature ways when he falls for a tough EMT driver.

More via Pixl: Lilly (Adelaide Kane), a hard working EMT, is only focused on her job and getting into medical school. So when wealthy slacker Jeff (Benjamin Hollingsworth) enters her life it throws her off course. At first, Lilly wants nothing to do with Jeff or his sense of entitlement and lack of direction. As she spends more time with him, she starts to realize that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

Interview - Last year I interviewed screenwriter Cara J. Russell (thanks to my movie friend Gina, who set it up!) and Cara shared a little bit about this movie - which was untitled at the time of our interview together last April! You can see that full interview - HERE!

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  1. I wonder if it's going to be another movie NOT AVAILABLE to watch on PixLs subscribed YouTube channel haha

  2. Love a good PixL movie

  3. The preview on PixL's website looks good

  4. i can watch this nor the moving romance I'm about to just cancel my pixl subscription

  5. Just like the Moving romance this movie is not available to watch on youTube. I tried couple of times to reach out to PixL on Facebook and they didn't respond so i canceled my subscription and requested a refund for the last 2 months. Don't know what the reason is for the viewing problems but one would think they would care enough for their paying customers to at least acknowledge the problem instead of just ignoring it. i do plan to resubscribe once they get back on track (if ever).

    1. That's too bad- PixL on YouTube is still not working for you all. I would cancel, too, if I were you. I appreciate you keeping us informed. Hopefully, they will get it fixed sooner, than later for all of their faithful subscribers. Please keep us posted!

    2. I really enjoyed this movie. I really loved Megan and Lance's storyline. Also loved Megan's pajamas and clothes she wore.

      I like how Pixl is doing their storylines. A moving company and a EMT I like it. Instead of just being either a farmer executive etc..Jobs that are way up instead of down to earth.

    3. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this PixL movie, Anonymous! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on it - especially with those of us who were not able see it!

  6. Anonymous Tom from last month regarding the PixL Movie Channel on YouTube and the video not available problem. I also was ready to cancel my subscription but decided to continue the fight so that other people who subscribe end up not getting what they paid for. I have a folder of 14 back and forth emails with PixL and mostly YouTube. YouTube's latest email from today said that their "specialist team" is still investigating the issue. I told them I will not rest until this is settled even if I have to file formal complaints with the appropriate agencies who oversee internet sales. My over 40 years working with computers tells me this is a problem that should be easy to solve.

    1. Thank you so much Tom for keeping us informed on the PixL/YouTube issue. I'm amazed they are not able (or trying) to fix this, especially since this is a service that many viewers pay into monthly.

      I know $1.99 probably seems small to a big company, but viewers are paying for a service they are not receiving and that's not right.

      If they have, say 15,000 subscribers - then that is approximately $30,000 a month which is a lot of money for a service that isn't even working.

      Hopefully, Tom... that is good news you are receiving feedback from them regarding the fact that they are still "investigating the issue." Please let us know if you hear anything else. Anything at all.

      Thank you, again, for the update. Net

    2. Wow! Thank you for doing that for us!


  7. Replies
    1. The songs for this movie with custom written by Robert Irving and Jordan Rippe

    2. Is it possible to find some where full list of the songs? Mostly interest in song at the beginning. Thank you

    3. IKR, ive been looking for the songs, i even emailed Stephen Graziano the composer, who was really kind and refered me to Robert Irving but he never got back to me:(( and that was months ago.

  8. Anonymous (Tom) again with good news! Persistence finally paid off and A Moving Romance and Can't Buy My Love can now be viewed on the YouTube PixL Movie Channel. It took nearly 20 back and forth emails but they worked, so Net please inform your loyal readers the movies are available for viewing..

    1. So good to hear, Tom - PixL on YouTube is back in business! For all of you who subscribe to this service, that is really great news!

      I'm sure it was Your unrelenting persistence that made the difference, Tom. Thank you so much for sharing this update. I'm sure all of the other subscribers are grateful for your determination on resolving this issue! Thanks again - for sharing this great news!

      And-- Be sure to stop back in and let us know what you thought of the latest PixL movies!!! :) Net

  9. Tom here, after finally seeing the two new PixL movies I really liked Can't Buy My Love and am neutral on A Moving Romance. I'm glad I didn't give up on the YouTube PixL Movie Channel because I like their library of over 100 movies you can watch at any time. Many of them are also Hallmark movies sometimes with different titles. The PixL library has all of the Janette Oke Love Comes Softly movies and some of my all time favorites you don't see often on TV like Straight From The Heart, Soldier Love Story (Meet My Mom on Hallmark), Touched with the always great Doris Roberts, Reluctant Nanny, Casa Vita, The Right Girl and so many more.

    1. Thank you for this movie update/review, Tom. I totally get what you mean about being neutral on a movie. Some are simply not necessarily good or bad. That happens.

      Anyway, those are all wonderful films you mentioned from the Hallmark library on PixL! Sure wish we could all just have this channel on our cable providers like DISH!!!

      By the way, I just re-watched "Reluctant Nanny" last night (recorded from Lifetime last year). Now, that one is super cute!!!

      Blessings!!! Net :)

  10. Can someone please identify the song title and artist that plays in the final scene of this movie?

    1. Do you have the name

    2. I have been searching all over youtube and trying to use Shazam and I can not find the artist and title to the song in the final scene. I love the song, and want to buy it.... can anybody tell me who sings it and the title of the song? Please!

  11. PixL seems to be upping its game just as Hallmark seems to be fumbling the ball!

    Thus was a delightful movie and I would say better than anything I have seen from Hallmark to date this year.

    I remember Ben Hollingsworth from Hallmark's A Wish Come True - he was unfortunate in that it just wasn't a particularly good movie.

    Both he and Adelaide Kane were great in this.

    As is wont with PixL now there were a couple of interesting sub plots included particularly that of Megan and Vince.

    I was rooting for Lily at the beginning but was firmly behind Jeff at the end!

    The one big beef I have with Hallmark are the movie endings - so often I don't find them definite enough and they really need a short epilogue to round things off and then you sometimes get an epilogue when one isn't really needed.

    The ending was absolutely perfect here - Lily and Ben each said those three magic words (I Love You) to each other and then the big kiss followed - what more do you want?


    1. Yes, I really preferred the Pixl movies Casa Vita, When Duty Calls, Late Bloomer, and Diagnosis Delicious over Hallmark's offerings last year

  12. Hello, I'm looking for informations on a song in this movie (about 1:08). Anybody knows the singer's name or the title of the song? Thanks

    1. hi Lenah, During the period of these movies the main titles and lots of the songs were custom written by Robert Irving and Jordan Rippe. That particular song is called Goodbye Yesterday and is sung by Jordan Rippe

  13. Hope Can't Buy My Love eventually comes to Hallmark as seems to be happening with a number of their movies now so a lot more people get to see it.

    We watched this again last night. Ben Hollingsworth was a revelation and he and Adelaide Kane were magic together.

    Have to say that this is my favourite movie to date in 2017.

    Hallmark has gone off the boil somewhat - nice to watch but nothing outstanding.

    Favourite this year has been Moonlight In Vermont and that was by no means Lacey Chabert's best.

  14. OST...soundtrack please. Crawled the net for the starting song (Mr. Cool won't you call me tell you what you wanna know....etc) but in vain.
    Anyone know the title and artist?

  15. I've been looking everywhere for the song title or name of the artist singing at 1:08 in the movie ("it's so hard to think about you...". Can anybody help?

  16. The Big Grab will be airing November 5th at 1:30 pm

  17. I would like the very last song for my wedding please. Can I buy that song maybe? Linda

  18. I want the words to the last song, too. This was a great movie. I can’t believe I had not found this one before now.

  19. We have a recording of this and watched it again last night.

    One of my all time favourites, everything comes together and far better than anything Hallmark has aired this year with great lead actors and supporting cast.

    Wonderful ending too - Hallmark take note!

    I wanted to jump out of my chair punch the air and shout YES.

  20. I am looking for artists and name of song when movie start, can someone help me?

  21. What’s the song at the end of the movie? When they kiss

  22. Anyone knows the name of the song in beginnin?? Im guessing its called Mr.COOL


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