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Friday, December 9, 2016

Interview Alert: Michael Nardelli of Hallmark Channel's "Christmas in Homestead"

I am delighted to share a new Interview with you all today...

Who says you can't go home again? Rediscover the joy of going home for Christmas... in Hallmark Channel's "Christmas in Homestead!" It's that joyous happy feeling of finding home... is the place you are loved.

Actor Michael Nardelli, who portrays Ian Carter in "Christmas in Homestead," shares that special wondrous joy, along with details of the "Christmas in Homestead" movie shoot, his own special family Christmas traditions, and much more -- all in my interview with him below!

Actor Michael Nardelli / photo credit: Patrick Maus




Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Welcome to ‘It’s a Wonderful Movie’, where we chat about family movies on TV! Please tell us about your character, Ian, in “Christmas in Homestead”.

Michael Nardelli: Thanks for having me! I play Ian Carter in the film. When we meet him, he’s a very ambitious, very bottom line driven Los Angeles paparazzo. He’s all about that very affected LA lifestyle: who’s in and who’s out, getting the big exclusive, chasing celebrities. He doesn’t have a high regard for peoples' privacy. Over the course of the film, he meets someone who challenges his morals and forces him to become a better person.

"Christmas in Homestead" - foreground: Brooklyn Silzer and Michael Rady,
background: with camera, Michael Nardelli
Photo Credit: Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States
LLC/Photographer: Curtis Bonds Baker

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: What was it like to work with your co-stars: Taylor Cole (“My Summer Prince” and “Appetite for Love”), Michael Rady (“Cloudy with a Chance of Love”), and Katrina Norman?

Michael Nardelli: I loved working and learning from all of them! Taylor is very sweet and outgoing; she treats everyone so respectfully on set. Michael is just an all-around great dude, and I admire how family oriented he is – he flew back to LA from our set in Dahlonega, GA just to see his wife and kids for less than 24 hours. That’s dedication! Most of my scenes are with Katrina, so I got to know her best. She’s just as kind and charming as the character, Zoe, that she plays in “Christmas in Homestead”.

Katrina Norman and Michael Nardelli in "Christmas in Homestead"
Image via: Michael Nardelli's Instagram

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Where did you film “Christmas in Homestead”? Was it real snow or movie magic snow?

Michael Nardelli: We filmed in Dahlonega, GA about an hour north of Atlanta. We filmed in October and it was still really hot weather-wise, so the snow as most definitely movie magic. There was a whole team dedicated to blasting trees with fake snow (usually a soapy substance that dissolved by end of day) and laying out layers of fake snow on the ground. It was magical to see an entire town get transformed overnight. We were literally in a winter wonderland!

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Sounds beautiful! How long was the movie shoot?

Michael Nardelli: Just about a month. I wish it had been longer!

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Do you have a favorite scene or memorable filming moment from “Christmas in Homestead”?

Michael Nardelli: I liked the final scene between Ian and Zoe, where you see that he’s changed and is now thinking of someone other than himself. He gives Zoe a gift that’s totally from the heart, and you understand that Ian is now a different person who’s capable of caring for someone else and their feelings.

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Since we are discussing your Christmas movie, please share… what are some of your all-time favorite Christmas movies?

Michael Nardelli: I have so, SO many! “A Christmas Story”, “Christmas Vacation”, “Miracle On 34th Street”, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, “Holiday Inn”, “White Christmas” and, now, “Christmas In Homestead”!

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Those are some wonderful Christmas movie picks! Do you also have any favorite family Christmas traditions you would like to share?

Michael Nardelli: My family is very into Christmas, so we have a bunch. The big one growing up was we’d always open gifts from each other on Christmas Eve then, on Christmas morning, which was Santa’s day – we’d open his presents to us. My mom always makes sure we get a family picture on the stairs in our Christmas pajamas; there’s no getting around that. But mostly, the traditions center on getting to see friends, family, loved ones and enjoying each other’s company.

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: What does it mean to you – to create movies that families can watch together on Hallmark?

Michael Nardelli: I am so honored to be in one of these Hallmark Christmas movies because they hold such a fond place in so many peoples' hearts. They make you feel good about yourself and ignite that spirit of hope and love that Christmas is all about. It’s a joy that I can sit around with my entire extended family (which now spans all ages) and know each person will like something about this movie, and that there’s nothing really controversial about it. There’s a time and place for conflict and controversy, but I love being in this movie that’s an escape to all the things we love and hope for about human beings. I’m glad I can share this with my little nieces and nephew – they don’t get to watch a lot of my other film/TV work. And I’m also very aware there’s a lot of people who are spending this holiday alone. My heart goes out to them and I hope that maybe, if they happen to flip the channel to “Christmas in Homestead", it can make them smile.

Actor Michael Nardelli / photo credit: Patrick Maus

A very special Thank You to Michael Nardelli for sharing with all of us today! First of all, I was so touched that Michael remembered those who may be alone, this Christmas. My hope is... they will be warmed by memories and enjoy a good Christmas movie... perhaps "Christmas in Homestead", which is definitely one to bring a smile to one's face, as Michael suggested.

Furthermore, I'm always fascinated to hear details on the magic of movie making! I will have to take a closer look at the "snow" (or, rather soap!) in the movie... that's amazing how they make it look so real! Also, loved hearing Michael's all-time favorite Christmas movies... I'm sure many are your favorites, too!!! As for Christmas traditions, wearing matching Christmas pajamas is our family tradition, too! (Is it yours, too?) How fun to know so many other families are also sharing in this fun family tradition, year after year!!!

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed my Q & A with Michael Nardelli above. "Christmas in Homestead" first premiered on the Hallmark Channel Thanksgiving night - during the special 5 night Thanksgiving movie event. If you missed it then, you have plenty more chances to see it this year on the Hallmark Channel!

Re-Air Dates for "Christmas in Homestead" according to HallmarkChannel.com:
Friday December 9 8:00 PM
Monday December 12 2:00 PM
Saturday December 17 6:00 PM
Friday December 23 10:00 PM
Sunday December 25 6:30 AM
Tuesday December 27 8:00 PM

For more information on "Christmas in Homestead" see my page, HERE!

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Blessings & Merry Christmas to Michael Nardelli, his family,
and all of the It's a Wonderful Movie Family!!! Net

Hope you all enjoy the next airing of "Christmas in Homestead"!


  1. This was fun, Net! I had no idea the snow is actually soap. Looks so real, I would never have guessed that.

  2. I enjoyed in him the movie a lot! Hope he is a lead in one of the future Christmas movies! LOL



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