Thursday, December 1, 2016

'A Nutcracker Christmas' - a Hallmark Channel Original Countdown to Christmas Movie!


Movie: A Nutcracker Christmas

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: December 10, 2016


Amy Acker ... Lily
Sascha Radetsky ... Mark
Sophia Lucia ... Sadie
Catherine Mary Stuart ... Carol
Katherine Barrell ... Beth
Kenneth Welsh ... Dimitri
Tina Pereira ... Juliette
Brett Van Sickle ... Darren
Brendan Saye ... The Nutcracker
David Miller ... David
Sara Mitich ... Jade
Matthieu S. Handfield ... Fritz
Alexandra Hook ... Beth, age 12
Siobhan Murphy ... Jen
Shauna MacDonald ... Sharon
Raven Dauda ... Grace
Geri Hall ... Karen
Amanda Cleghorn ... Suzanne
Shane Daly ... Martin


via Hallmark: A passionate ballet dancer whose talented career was cut short due to a family tragedy finds herself reunited with the dancer she once loved, yet walked away from eight years prior. Now, they must once again team up professionally in order to save a production of 'The Nutcracker.'

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Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Christos Kalohoridis
Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Steve Wilkie


  1. Thank you for posting all of these amazing pictures of the new Nutcracker movie, Net. Anyone know if Amy Acker is a trained ballet dancer or did she learn for this role?

    1. she studied ballet for 13 years.

    2. she did her ballet dancing on Agenl (if you have the dvd you can watch it on the delete scenes...) in the same episode which was about ballet appear the actress summer gleu who is also a ballet dancer.

  2. I love The Nutcracker! This movie looks GORGEOUS!

  3. This is the one I am most looking forwards to...

  4. From a movie database website: She studied ballet, modern dance and jazz dance for 13 years before moving onto acting. She underwent knee surgery while in high school, ending her ballet career, and she began to study acting in her sophomore year. She enrolled at Southern Methodist University in 1995 to take advantage of that school's renowned theatrical program.

    1. Thank you for the info, Linda!

      I too am really looking forward to this movie. The pictures are gorgeous!


  5. The old adage of never judge a book by its cover holds true.

    I have always associated Amy Acker with Person Of Interest and while it is obviously illogical to expect an actress to ever only play one role I was totally distracted when watching her in A Novel Romance.

    Something must have touched my subconscious because I decided to watch it with a completely open mind and what a difference.

    It is superb movie with great secondary actors, a plausible plot and many touches of humour. For once you don't have to suspend belief to watch Hallmark!!

    We rewatch it regularly and it is one of my top 10 Hallmark Movies of all time.

    I won't make the same mistake with Nutcracker - it will get my full attention from the beginning.

    1. Did you watch it? Amy was fantastic as Lily! It went beyond my expectations. The director did a fabulous job of incorporating The Nutcracker into the movie.


  6. Favorite scene with Lily - Upset because Mark won't let her dance due to her sister's death.

    Favorite scene with Mark - Putting the two gossipmongers in their place when they dare to gossip about Sadie.

    Favorite scene with Lily and Mark together - Lily finally realizing that Mark had her best interests at heart.

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  8. An wonderful movie. Although the plot is one of the basic themes, the dance was an unexpected treat and a delight to watch. Bravo Hallmark!

  9. I saw the movie this evening and I was thoroughly satisfied. Although the theme was similar to others of the genre, the addition of the ballet was delightful and very well produced and directed. I expected excellent dancing from Sascha Radetsky as Mark, but was pleasantly surprised by the graceful movements of Amy Acker as Lily and newcomer (at least to me), Sophia Lucia as Sadie. Bravo Hallmark!

    1. Ellen - My thoughts exactly! It was nice having The Nutcracker as a part of this movie, and I was pleasantly surprised with the excellent acting/dancing combination of the three leads. This is one of my favorite 2016 Hallmark Christmas movies so far.

  10. I can't believe that Amy Acker is 40! She looks incredible!

    1. Yes she does. I just saw the movie. She was amazing as well as the rest of the cast!

  11. I've seen everything that Amy's been in since she first appeared on "Angel". I love her range of characters that she can portray. I now have another Christmas movie to love each year!

  12. I have two questions: 1.Why isn't the National Ballet School in Toronto credited with being a major location of this film? 2. Who are the dancers who perform the Nutcracker at the end; students of the NBS or another pro company from the U.S. Can't find this info anywhere.


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