Friday, November 4, 2016

'Christmas in Homestead' - a Hallmark Channel Original "Countdown to Christmas" Movie starring Taylor Cole & Michael Rady!


Movie: Christmas in Homestead

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: November 24, 2016


Taylor Cole ... Jessica
Michael Rady ... Matt
Brooklyn Rae Silzer ... Sophie
Jeff Branson ... Vince
Katrina Norman ... Zoe
Brandhyze Stanley ... Rosalie
Sylvia Jefferies ... Barbara
Michael Nardelli ... Ian
Aaron Nelson ... Gavin
David de Vries ... Pete
Rhoda Griffis ... Pauline


via Hallmark: Life is turned upside down for the handsome mayor of Homestead when a Hollywood movie comes to shoot there in the middle of the Christmas season. And when the movie's producer - and leading lady - starts falling for the mayor, a widower whose precocious daughter just happens to be her biggest fan, Christmas in Homestead gets a whole lot more complicated for everyone.

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  1. Favorite scene with Jessica - From improvising a REEL Happy Ending to the REAL Happy Ending.

    Favorite scene with Matt - The HILARIOUS scene where he watches Jessica's movie, reacts, and gets ALL bashful. SO DANG ADORABLE!!! :)

    Favorite scene with Jessica and Matt together - Their first meeting where she mistakes him for the Bakery owner. This later leads to her sticking her foot in her mouth even more when she doesn't realize that he's the Mayor.

  2. Only made it halfway through Christmas in Homestead. I love these movies which show beautiful quaint small towns all decorated for Christmas. My problem was similar to many of these movies such as 2015s "I'm Not Ready for Christmas" starring Alicia Witt. They have the main female character who has almost no redeeming qualities but somehow the main character is attracted to her and continues to show interest. Makes the plot just too hard to swallow unfortunately. I thought the actors were fine and did good work with the material they were given and the settings were perfect but I guess I'm getting tired of this particular story line.

    1. It got better but you had to get through the first 30 minutes which I agree were tough.

    2. I thought this was not too bad. I was expecting some more chemistry between the two leads. They both did a good job portraying their characters though! I want to see more of Michael Rady in another movie! Taylor Cole was great too. I'm not sure about Vince's character. I do like the sweet little girl Zoe. Overall, it was okay, but forgettable.

    3. Zoe is Matt's younger Sister but the little girl named Sophie, Matt's Daughter

  3. Loved this movie. Any idea when or if its coming to DVD?

  4. I also loved Christmas in Homestead. One of my favorites of this Christmas season. Hope it comes out on dvd.


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