Friday, July 8, 2016

*HALLMARK HALL OF FAME* 2016 Christmas Movie News!!!

The Hallmark Hall of Fame Facebook page recently teased details about this years upcoming HHOF movie!!!

Along with this pic...

image via: Hallmark Hall of Fame

They shared this news...

"This Thanksgiving Weekend, we have an ALL new Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movie world premiere! Details coming later this summer. We wanted *you* to be the first to know!"

Wow! So.... it looks like we can expect the *Hallmark Hall of Fame* movie to come during the 5 night Thanksgiving movie event, if they do it exactly as they did it last year! Will Candace Cameron Bure host all 5 nights again, or will it be somebody new? Only time will tell!!!

Since you all love Christmas Movies, I thought you guys would enjoy this news! (Thank you to Lucille - for sharing this juicy tid-bit with me - to share with all of you!)

Hope You ALL are enjoying *Christmas in July* on Hallmark!!!

UPDATE: It's looking like there is also the strong possibility of this new Hallmark Hall of Fame (HHOF) movie premiering on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. This has been hinted on social media. (Thank you Sherry for sharing this news with me!) It does make sense, after all, since HMM is promoted as the Network with the Gold Crown Christmas collection!

I'm just hoping those who don't have Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, won't be too disappointed and Hallmark will make this movie available on DVD soon after it's premiere, as they typically have done with other HHOF films.


  1. I saw Hallmark Movies & Mysteries talking about this on Twitter. As soon as I read their Tweet, my first thought was that it might be a new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. Guess I was right! I wonder if this movie will premiere exclusively on the Hallmark channels or if the new movie will first air on the major networks and then premiere on the Hallmark channels on a later date? I hope that this new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie premieres on the major networks because I think it could bring in viewership and ratings like "Coat of Many Colors" did. I am happy that Hallmark Hall of Fame is continuing to make movies and I hope they continue in the future.

  2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, July 08, 2016

    Net -- Hopefully you got the email I sent you last night/early this morning.

    I think that the annual Hall of Fame Christmas movie is going to go directly to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (in which case it wouldn't have anything to do with the 5-night Thanksgiving Week event on the main channel) -- and, in fact, I wonder if ALL of the new HoF movies are going to go to HMM.

  3. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, July 08, 2016

    Oh, also -- Net, you may remember that I told you that Michelle Vicary stated that they try to do 2 Hall of Fame movies in a year, if they can, but that they want to place them on the schedule at times that are meaningful/relevant to their other programming (I am paraphrasing, but that was the essence of it). She said that they always try to do a Christmas HoF movie -- so I think it's a given in any year that there will be one (my bet is that "Pair of Jacks" is this year's HoF Christmas movie) -- and she also mentioned Valentine's Day, quite curiously. I don't know if that means that there will be a "Valentine-themed Hall of Fame movie," or just a Hall of Fame movie that airs closer to Valentine's Day.

    Quite honestly, the Hall of Fame movies have bigger budgets -- so any time I see that an actor with a bigger name is attached to a Hallmark movie, and/or that the theme is particularly serious, I wonder if it will be a Hall of Fame presentation.

  4. I really hope Candace Cameron Bure does not host all 5 nights again,nothing personal,each leading lady must have the chance to host their own movie, just my opinion.

  5. I would like to see all the leads - guys and gals introduce their own movies on Thanksgiving week and I hope they bring the HHOF movies back to local TV stations so my family can watch it.

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