Wednesday, April 6, 2016

UP Premiere Movie "The Game of Love" starring Heather Locklear


Movie: The Game of Love

Network: UP

Original Air Date: May 15, 2016

image via: BREATHECast


Heather Locklear ... Frankie
Lochlyn Munro ... Jake Cornell
Tom Stevens ... Barton
Emily Tennant ... Alexandria
Milo Shandel ... Ben
Dianne Doan ... Miss Tzu
Garry Chalk ... Coach Zimmer
Andre Tricoteux ... Arthur
Michael Kopsa ... Bunky
C. Ernst Harth ... Joe
Tasha Simms ... Portia
Viv Leacock ... Agent
Kirsten Van Ritzen ... Ms. Kessler
Linda Darlow ... Roz
Nimet Kanji ... Judge
Warren Abbott ... Bobby 'Big Shot' Sanders
Christos Shaw ... Photographer
Sharon Crandall ... Irma
Douglas Roy Dack ... Homeless Man
Roderick Glanville ... Phil
Harmony Slingsby ... Kid
Howard Markson ... Snarky Sportscaster
Denis Corbett ... Frankie's Staff 2
Yolanda Corbett ... Frankie's Staff 1
Steve Middleton ... Party Guy


via UP: In this romantic comedy, it’s the love for a basketball team versus the simmering attraction between two long time sweethearts. Jake Cornell (Lochlyn Munro), third generation owner of the Cleveland Pioneers basketball team, has devoted his entire life to his work. He is still very attracted to his charming, smart and beautiful ex-wife Frankie (Heather Locklear) who has faithfully supported him in the past, even marrying him twice; but his strong devotion to the team overpowered and eventually ended their marriage – two times. Now that they are divorced, Jake and Frankie, along with their two adult children Barton (Tom Stevens) and Alexandria (Emily Tenant), disagree on the future of the team. Jake’s about to lose the one thing he loves the most – the Cleveland Pioneers – to the other love of his life, Frankie. Sparks fly as Frankie takes over the front office. Will the team that drove them apart actually end up being the thing that brings them together for good?

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(Thank you L. Monroe for the tip on this movie!)


  1. Wow, Heather Locklear!! I don't ever remember seeing her in a Hallmark movie. I'm looking forward to this one; hope she joins "the family"!

    1. I know I've been sharing mainly Hallmark movies lately, because we haven't seen anything new from other networks, (except PixL) so I just wanted to be sure you know - this movie "The Game of Love" will actually be shown on UP. We haven't had as many of those this year, but it's good to see them do another!

    2. I like the movies they play on UP but there's usually come from outside production studios with them simply as the distributor so that's probably why they don't release as many a year. Because they aren't as widespread as Hallmark

  2. Awwww.....can't believe I missed that, Net! I just assumed it would be shown on Hallmark. I still wonder if she'll ever do a movie for them...

  3. I don't have UP available to me. I really want to see this movie. A portion was filmed in my home.
    The cast and crew was so friendly and down to earth. It was an honor to meet Lochlyn and Heather.


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