Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Hallmark Wedding Movie... Here Comes "The Convenient Groom"!!!

Christian Author Denise Hunter first shared on her Facebook Page back in February that her book The Convenient Groom would soon become a Hallmark Channel movie!!!

Author Denise Hunter announces her book
will become a Hallmark Movie in Facebook Video!
Originally, "The Convenient Groom" was planned to be a "Spring Fling" film in April, but only three films were announced under the "Spring Fling" Hallmark theme, soooo speculation has risen - that it will air now during "June Weddings", which seems quite appropriate, especially considering the title!

Denise shared recently on her Facebook page, April 9, "Unfortunately production was pushed back, so the film is being delayed a bit. I'll let you know when I have an exact date to share!"

The Convenient Groom
(Nantucket Love Story)
Denise Hunter

"The Convenient Groom" storyline via Denise Hunter's web-site:

"Dr. Kate has it all-a radio talk show, a nationally-syndicated column, and a publisher who is paying for a lavish wedding to coincide with the release of her first book, Finding Mr. Right-For-You. But when her fiance jilts her the morning of the wedding, her life begins to crash around her. Who, after all, would want a relationship book by a counselor who can't even hold her own engagement together?

When Lucas Wright realizes what has happened, he offers to marry Kate and save her public image. Kate's heart-and her pride-have been deeply wounded. Are Lucas's handsome smile and utter devotion enough to convince her that her marriage is more than she had ever expected?"

Denise Hunter holds up copy of her book The Convenient Groom
image via: Facebook
My thoughts...
This will be a delight to see this Christian author's work become a Hallmark Movie! I haven't read this particular one, but I have read others and have enjoyed her stories very much... so, I'm thrilled to see Denise Hunter's book become a Hallmark movie!!!

Hopefully, we will see it in June! Stay tuned for more details...

If you would like to read The Convenient Groom before it airs on Hallmark, click here to get your copy on paperback or e-reader!

*A Special Thank You to Sherry and Lori M. for sharing this exciting movie info!!!


  1. Ooooh, I wonder who the star will be!! I love this type of movie!! Keep us posted.

    1. The star of 'The Convenient Groom' is Vanessa Marcil... You may know her from the soap opera 'General Hospital', Hallmark's 'Stranded in Paradise' with James Denton or 'The Nanny Express' with Brennan Elliott!

  2. Love Denise's books! This is going to be so good! Congrats to her on it becoming a Hallmark movie!

    1. Thank you Marie for sharing your comment on loving Denise Hunter's books! I do hope you will enjoy the movie adaptation of her story, as well!

  3. Love her writing! Read this years ago and enjoyed it

    1. Oh, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the book... I hope you will love the movie, too!!!

  4. YAY!!!! Denise Hunter is one of my favorite authors!! Can't wait to see it!

    1. Me too... It's coming soon! Saturday, June 18th!!!

  5. Denise writes contemporary RomCom bliss. Perfect fit for Hallmark - and I cannot wait to see this one (hopefully after I read this one since I've not yet read it).

    1. Hope you enjoy this book, Rissi! Like you, I have read Denise Hunter before, but not this one! You are so right, her stories are storyteller bliss, so I'm sure we'll love this one, too!

      Thank you for commenting! Blessings to you!!! :)

  6. When will I be able to watch on the Hallmark Channel?

    1. The premiere date for 'The Covenient Groom' is June 18, 2016 on the Hallmark Channel, and then there will be encore airings after that! See the complete "June Weddings" schedule here!


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