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Monday, March 14, 2016

Hallmark's Sunday Schedule creates Dilemma for Viewers: with "When Calls the Heart", "Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge", "White Hot", "Chesapeake Shores", and More!

Since Hallmark first announced this year they would air their New Original Drama Series, beginning with "When Calls the Heart", 30 Sunday Nights in a Row at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel - devoted Hallmark movie and TV series fans collectively took notice, knowing this would directly conflict with the Premiere of Original Movies on their sister station, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, which also premieres on Sunday nights.

The first simultaneous showing was the premiere of Season 3 "When Calls the Heart" up against the premiere of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From the Heart" on February 21, 2016. Those of us, who are loyal watchers of both series, (unless you could record one), had to unfortunately choose between them.
images via: Hallmark Crown Media

At the time, I received a lot of viewer feedback from many of you, Hearties and POstables, and the question was often the same... "Why?"

I wish I had an answer, but it doesn't make sense to me, either. Airing competing premieres surely takes away from the ratings to both Hallmark programs.

Subsequently, following this original dilemma, I wanted to be certain you all know - there will be further match-ups like this in the course of this 30 weeks of original series... including the premiere of part two of "Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge" on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, which will coincide with a new episode of "When Calls the Heart" on the Hallmark Channel, Sunday evening, March 20th.

images via: Hallmark Crown Media

Also, a new original Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie "White Hot" will premiere at the same time as the new season of "Good Witch" premieres April 17th on the Hallmark Channel.

Furthermore, if and when there are other new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movies premiering from now until late Summer - they will also air at the same time as the new drama series on the Hallmark Channel. Several new Mystery Movies are expected to premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries this summer, which may coincide with the new Hallmark Channel summer series "Chesapeake Shores", premiering Sunday, July 17.

images via: Hallmark Crown Media, courtesy: http://chesapeakeshores.tumblr.com/
So, what can be done? As loyal viewers, I think we should let Hallmark know we would like to watch the premieres of both programs. On both stations. Without them airing at the exact same time.

When viewers voiced that waiting a year to see the continuation of "Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge" was too long, Hallmark listened, and moved the premiere up to March. When viewers said they wanted to see more of "When Calls the Heart", but... only if the characters remained in Hope Valley, again Hallmark listened, and season 3 has that same unique charm, once again, as Season 1.

My Solution: Move the 1 hour dramas up 1 hour on the Hallmark Channel. That way, viewers can turn to the other station afterwards to watch the movie. Also, I have felt that airing a family show, such as "When Calls the Heart" from 9pm-10pm, may be too late for some children, and "When Calls the Heart" is most definitely one of those rare shows you can wholeheartedly trust to watch with your children, of all ages!

Another factor: Social Media! Fans of "When Calls the Heart" - who call themselves #Hearties - will definitely be LIVE tweeting during their show and IF the new movie premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries AFTER "When Calls the Heart's" time slot, then I'm sure many would turn there - and continue to watch and tweet during the movie, as well!

Promo Idea: Hallmark could even have a countdown commercial to the premiere of the new movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries after the credits roll on the Hallmark Channel series. I know they are always looking for ways to promote the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel, and that would definitely generate interest!

How You can Help: If you would like to see the premiere times for these programs change - please contact Hallmark via Facebook and Twitter, and kindly ask them to consider changing their Sunday Night Schedule - so viewers can watch both!

When contacting Hallmark, please feel free to share a link to this post:

Since I know how many of us enjoy and appreciate both networks - I created this post to be helpful to all Hallmark fans and hopefully, Hallmark, too.

Please share your thoughts on this - in the comment area below!


  1. I have thought the same thing. I am a fan of the 'series' that the Hallmark channel carries and then I would love to watch the new movies on the sister station of movies and mysteries. I do not understand why it was moved.

  2. Finally, someone has addressed this! Thank you. I've been watching this train wreck coming and wondered if anyone was going to care to say something. I'm relieved you did. Hopefully this will create a movement of Hallmark fans to reach out to the network and be noticed! Airing two of their own premieres at the same time doesn't make good business sense.

  3. Yeah, hope Hallmark is listening. We love them both, just NOT at the SAME time!

  4. It matters not to me since I don't have Hallmark. Even if I did, I'd probably just pick one over the other or check to see which one was airing later in the week since this is a common practice of Hallmark. :) Either way, there are some fantastic things coming this spring to Hallmark! :)

  5. Thank you! Once was bad enough, it surely can't continue on this way. Hallmark should have realized not all of us have a way to watch one and record the other. I like all your suggestions and solutions, especially the countdown commercial at the end. Hallmark really should consider that, it's a brilliant idea!

  6. That's crazy! Why would Hallmark go to all that trouble to create two shows, then air them both at the exact same time. You're right, it doesn't make any sense.

    Hallmark seems to be making plenty of unforced errors when it comes down to putting together their schedule. Spring Fling jumped from March to April and The Bridge part 2 was a complete programming marketing disaster last year, especially since they showed scenes for part 2, revealing that it was already taped.

    To be sure, this is just another Hallmark scheduling conflict that must be fixed.

  7. Oh, wow, "dilemma alert"!! Hopefully Hallmark will offer alternative dates like you posted for us last time, Net. Your solutions would be perfect so that we all could watch the premiers together in real time. C'on Hallmark, you can do it!!!

  8. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, March 14, 2016

    Net -- You know I totally respect and appreciate what you do here on this website, and without you a lot of people wouldn't be up to date on what's happening in the world of Hallmark and other channels.

    So, that said, I understand wanting to inspire people to vent to Hallmark in mass quantities for the sake of changing something... but I fear that this is turning into a situation where, whenever Hallmark makes a programming choice that some folks don't like, they will start the petitions and flood Hallmark's social media pages with complaints.

    People are always going to dislike something, and people may not agree on what they like or dislike... so where does it end? When will people just accept the choices that the network makes and then pick their battles, saving the really vocal complaints for the things that are most important?

    It should go without saying that most TV networks air shows that people don't like; air things at certain times that people don't like; cancel shows; move shows around, etc. Not every viewer is going to like every programming choice on every channel.

    The ratings are what tell the true tale at the end of the day, because anyone can say anything on Facebook, Twitter or in emails. People tend to be extra negative (and often ridiculous and illogical) on social media. When people don't tune in and numbers drop, then the networks pay attention. Bombarding someone's Facebook pages with redundant complaints will probably end up annoying Hallmark more than it will have a positive effect at first.

    This isn't a 'design-your-ideal-channel' sort of set-up, where we can tell Hallmark how and why to program their channels to suit our own schedules and preferences. Sometimes it seems like every choice Hallmark makes incites vitriol from certain groups of people who think they can just say "I don't like this" and that Hallmark will immediately change their plan.

    Whether it's the cancellation of Cedar Cove, the removal (probably temporary) of The Waltons from the line-up, the addition of Last Man Standing, too many repeats of old TV series, too many movies, not enough movies, certain actors IN the movies, the story lines OF the movies, separating Part 2 of The Bridge from Part 1, the duration/start date/content of the Countdown to Christmas, etc. -- there is always something that people won't like. At some point, people will be loudly complaining to get something changed because it doesn't work for them, personally -- when it actually does work for someone else. Are we just going to keep complaining about everything we don't like to get it changed, when someone else may actually like what's happening?

    Does any other network change its programming based on the numerous complaints that come in about every little thing, or do they pay attention to the ratings and what people are watching/not watching so they can base their decisions on that? Networks have all kinds of reasons for making decisions to which we are not privy -- they may not make sense to us, but they make sense to them.

    So, I guess the bottom line is that, yes, it's an inconvenience when two things are on 2 different channels at the same time. It's not the end of the world. Every movie will be repeated at some point if someone does not have a DVR. But many people have DVRs these days.

    As Hallmark begins to increase original content on both channels, with a real push to add more series and movies to both channels, at some point there will be more things on Hallmark and HMM will end up premiering/airing at the same time and people will have to find a way to tackle it in their households.

    1. I understand your point, Sherry, and please know, I don't want to create a negative situation for Hallmark. As I stated above, I was just hoping, that we as loyal fans, could suggest a change here to be helpful. It would not only help us, as viewers, but also help Hallmark's ratings.

      As you know from following my site, I do appreciate all that Hallmark does to make their viewers happy... and I'm most supportive of all their family friendly content.

      Thank you for commenting, so I could further explain my point of view. My perspective is to only create positivity and contribute to everyone's complete enjoyment of these two wonderful networks!!!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, March 15, 2016

      Oh, I totally understand where you're coming from, Net. ;) I know you're trying to find a way to help your readers/the viewers. Again, your site is extremely valuable and interesting to those of us who follow Hallmark, etc., and are fans of its original content.

      It's just that I think that people are suggesting changes to Hallmark all the time, or even demanding, threatening, insulting, etc. -- al because they don't like programming decisions. Where does it end?

      If Hallmark wanted our input on how to program their channels more often they would get it. They have reasons for doing things that may never make sense to us, and what they will look at is what people are or are not tuning into. If they see that one premiere of something did NOT get a lot of viewers when it was up against a premiere on one of their other channels, then they will know that it's probably not a good idea to do that.

  9. Hallmark's scheduling solution for viewers with both channels who want to watch the HMM movie as well as the HC Sunday night series: the movies typically encore on a Tuesday night or a Friday night. Problem solved. If you like a particular series and can't DVR it, watch the series on the night it airs, then catch the "competing" movie when it encores.

    1. Great post, Net. I'm one of those Hallmark fans who hates to miss any premiere, but I guess they us with no other choice, but to choose between them.

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, March 15, 2016

      Yes -- I agree. The solution is not that complicated, really. Watch the encore. That's what it's there for!

      I had to do that very thing -- watch encores -- ALL THE TIME during the holiday season. I have a DVR that only records 2 things (not one of the newer models that can record 4 or 6 things at one time). There were lots of things over the course of 2 months that were on at the same time -- a few times there was something on the regular Hallmark Channel that was premiering while another new movie was premiering on HMM. And let's not even get into my non-Hallmark shows and movies that I had to find space and time for. It involved a lot of juggling, and a lot of watching encores or watching things well after their premiere night -- but I did it, and it was fine.

  10. I visit your site all the time, Net and I don't comment much, but this got me to thinking and I had to say I think this is a very reasonable idea you are presenting here for the Hallmark networks. I hope they are listening.

    The question "Why?" has also run across my mind.

    WHY, Hallmark, would you want to compete against yourself?

    Throughout the week on the Hallmark Channel (minus the morning talk show Home & Family) they mostly play repeats of dramas and sitcoms. The ones most of us have seen over and over.

    Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is better during the week since they show past and recent Hallmark movies throughout the day.

    New content, as far as new movies or original drama series only comes on the weekends. Fine. But again, WHY would any network want to schedule this special programming at the exact same time as they premiere something on the other network, which they own? Makes me wonder if, the people who are working at these separate networks are purposefully choosing to compete for our viewership and against one another. Otherwise, I can't explain it. I'm asking WHY, too, and as a devoted viewer of both of their networks I would like to see this changed. We all pay extra for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. I don't think it's too harsh for us to kindly ask, as you have done, that they show their premieres at a different time. Yes, it is possible to see it later, but again WHY make us choose and hunt for repeat showings?

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, March 15, 2016

      With all due respect, though, there are lots of channels that people get with their paid cable or satellite subscription. Not just Hallmark or HMM. I have certain premium channels as part of my subscription, and it doesn't give me the right to tell those networks how to program their line-ups. I'm not sure why people think they are entitled to tell Hallmark how to run their channels -- and I say this from having read a lot of ridiculousness on Facebook, full of fire and brimstone, over the last couple of years. People think that they, for some reason, are the armchair programmers of Hallmark. I don't see that happening with other networks as much. It's just interesting to me.

      That doesn't mean that I understand every choice Hallmark makes -- I don't understand a lot of their programming choices, and I am REALLY befuddled by the fact that they can't seem to release information without changing it later on. But it is what it is -- it's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

  11. Wouldn't it be better for them to not air them at the same time? I don't get why this is an issue or why it's bad to ask them to change it.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, March 15, 2016

      It is a curious choice, and inconvenient, but programmers have reasons for doing things that they don't have to share with the rest of us. I don't understand a lot of it.

      The thing is that people complain about everything on the channel -- every programming choice/schedule change Hallmark makes is met with vitriol, and sometimes downright whining, if we are being honest, spouted by some group of viewers or another. EVERY little thing. There are petitions, threats, demands, stomping and pouting, huffing and puffing and so on, all the time.

      Where does it end? Why do people think that they can design what happens on these 2 channels to accommodate their schedules? It is baffling to me.

      Of all the things to complain to the Hallmark Channel(s) about, I don't see why running a premiere on each channel on the same night, when the movies on HMM will be repeated within the same week and when many people have DVRs these days, is such a huge deal. It's essentially saying, "Well, Hallmark, I know that I can record this movie, OR I can watch it a few days later on your channel. But I don't want to! So you have to change your plans to suit me!"

      I moderate a forum (and am now writing articles) about a particular company -- a giant in the entertainment industry, but not specific to TV -- that people love with all of their hearts. People both rave and rant about this company on a daily basis, with all kinds of ideas of how that company should change to accommodate the fans. The trouble is, rarely does said giant company ask us for our opinions on the really big decisions. If and when they DO ask our opinions, it is usually via some sort of survey that we can all answer individually, and it asks very specific questions. They either ignore or give robotic, generally unfulfilling, answers to the complaints and unsolicited suggestions that come in on social media or via email. People like to feel that they are being heard -- and sometimes they are heard, but the issues about which they were complaining often don't change. They may get a little treat or reward for their disappointment, but the greater issue that prompted the communication doesn't often change.

    2. Not everyone has the ability to record both shows, as you claim. What is baffling to me is your reaction here. This was only a simple suggestion, not at all rude or demanding. It's obvious Net means only the best for Hallmark, so I don't think we need to question that.

      All the networks listen to feedback from Social Media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, etc, etc... and on on, for their programming. This is no different.

  12. This is somewhat unrelated to the topic at hand, but I love the image you shared of Chesapeake Shores. Can't wait to see it this Summer!

  13. Susan - Des MoineTuesday, March 15, 2016

    Perhaps Hallmark sees it as two different audiences? The audience that watches When Calls the Heart might be a different audience that watches the Mystery programming. Don't know but I'm just glad they're making so many new programs for us to enjoy. It doesn't bother me because I simply record one of the programs. Almost everyone has a recording device in this day and age. And if not, Hallmark tends to re-air the show many times anyway so I don't really see a major issue, or at least not one to get upset about.

  14. Good for you! You have some great ideas of how to deal with this dilemma. Thank you for tackling this sensitive subject. Their whole setup is kind of ridiculous :-)

  15. People are bothered/upset about schedules conflicting with one another, and I'm over here like "Why aren't more people upset about the lack of diversity on this channel?!?" THAT'S the issue to be concerned with! There is no doubt in my mind that Hallmark has gotten feedback from viewers about the lack of diversity on their shows/movies, and yet, they do absolutely nothing to correct it. It's absurd! When it comes to programs airing simultaneously, you can easily solve that problem by DVRing one of the shows or catching a repeat airing of it. Problem solved. There's bigger fish to fry, people....like how is Hallmark going to solve the problem of no diversity in its programming.

    1. I guess that's what we have other channels for.

    2. And sadly, that's apparently Hallmark's thinking/answer about this issue, too--just watch another channel if you want to see diversity. Gee, great solution.

    3. I have to agree! Hallmark has a serious problem when it comes to the lack of diversity in their programming. There are so many black women who watch this channel, and we enjoy watching quality, family, romance movies just like white women do. There is no reason why black women shouldn't be featured on this channel in lead roles. That doesn't mean just making "black movies" either. Why not showcase interracial romance? What is the harm in having a black woman/white man romance as the lead in a Hallmark movie? I mean, c'mon, this is 2016 -- black women/white men romantic pairings are EVERYWHERE -- except for on Hallmark programming.

      And the solution is not to simply watch another channel. Hallmark needs to right this wrong.

  16. All I have to say is thank goodness I have a DVR and can record everything!! I am looking forward to all of the new shows and movies on both channels.

  17. I agree with many of the points made here both pro and con. I wasn't very comfortable with the way that Hallmark was basically bullied into airing the second part of The Bridge this month. They had a good reason to hold it until next Christmas. It was a very good way to get people excited about the new holiday programming. But now they're airing it in March and they won't get nearly the ratings or the advertising dollars. I don't pretend to understand the intricacies of television programming but I concur with the comments here that there are many viewers who are just unreasonable with their demands. They don't want to pay extra for the second Hallmark Channel so they want Hallmark to only air new programming on their main channel. I for one am just happy that Hallmark is spending the time and money to gain new viewers on both channels. I'd rather have two Hallmark channels than just one and if this is what it takes to have that, than I'm all for it.

  18. I think it comes down to Crown Media offering Hallmark Movies & Mysteries as a PREMIUM channel. We pay an extra $4.99 a month for the privilege. I do think we are getting good value for our money especially in that we are going to get to be the first to view the Bridge Part 2 tonight. I do agree with "Anonymous" above that it was unfortunate that Hallmark was bullied into this earlier airing of the Bridge Part 2. It is a story about faith and coming together as we do at CHRISTMAS.
    When given the choice of watching Hallmark Channel or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on a Sunday night, 9 times out of 10 we go with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries because it is something more appealing than what is being offered on Hallmark Channel at the same time. We are also fortunate enough that we have a DVR so are able to record the alternate offering.


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