Friday, February 5, 2016

"Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge" Part 2 to Premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries & the Hallmark Channel!



Movie: Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge Part 2

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: March 20, 2016

Encore Presentation: Sunday, March 27 at 7/6c on Hallmark Channel

Please Note: The time on the Hallmark Channel is at 7pm/6c.

*Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge is Available on DVD - ➤Click Here!


Faith Ford ... Donna
Ted McGinley ... Charlie
Katie Findlay ... Molly
Wyatt Nash ... Ryan
Andrea Brooks ... Kristen
Matt Hamilton ... Lonnie
Kazumi Evans ... Jenny
Jaime M. Callica ... Luther
Alison Araya ... Edna
Troy Mundle ... Jake
Joel Berg ... Jesse Duffy
Natasha Burnett ... Ronnie
Robert Egger ... Fred Fellows
Carey Feehan ... Preston Millington III
Taylor Hastings ... Rae Ann Duffy
Nicole G. Leier ... Shauna
Mark McConchie ... Bert
Kirsten Van Ritzen ... Eloise


via Hallmark: "The Bridge, Part II" begins seven years after the first, with Ryan returning home from being on the road touring as a professional singer and Molly working at her father’s corporation. After they both receive devastating news regarding The Bridge and their beloved friends Charlie and Donna, Molly and Ryan meet again in Franklin, Tennessee. They are reminded of their unspoken love and dreams about a possible future together, which never happened. Can they open their hearts to second chances -- for them, for Charlie and Donna, and for The Bridge?

*Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge is Available on DVD - ➤Click Here!

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Images Courtesy: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks


  1. I loved part I of "The Bridge" and am looking forward to watching part II in March. Great storyline and great cast especially Faith and Ted. By the way, is that Lori Loughlin's husband (Garage Mysteries) that plays Molly's father? Sure looks like him but I didn't catch his name...

    1. The actor's name is Steve Bacic.

  2. YEA!! I was hoping they'd move the air date up for this movie...Christmas 2016 was the original air date and I knew myself and a lot of my friends weren't happy about that. Thanks for the info!!
    AND, thanks for all you do for us!!!

  3. I hope they play part 1 again before airing part 2. It would be nice to see the whole thing!

  4. I also hope they re-air part 1. I didn't watch the first part back in December after I heard that Part 1 wasn't a whole movie but merely half of one. I figured I'd just wait until next December to watch both parts. I'm just happy to have a new Christmas movie to watch in March! No need to wait for Christmas in July!

  5. Thank you, Jill...thought that was him...

  6. Omg I'm so upset I didn't know they were airing the second part of the Bridge so I missed it... Are they going to air it again??

    1. Oh dear. I'm so sorry you missed it, Krista. I don't think it will be on the Hallmark Channel, again. If you have Hallmark Movies & Mysteries it will be on there this Wednesday. Hope you can catch it there!

  7. This was nothing like the much better book.


  9. Anyone know when Part 2 will air in Canada? Will it be on Showcase? Thanks.

    1. Friday, November 5 @ 8pm on Showcase :)

  10. I missed part 2 on 11/5/2016 is it on again?

    1. Yes! Absolutely!

      You can see Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge Part 2:

      Sunday November 20 3:00 AM

      Wednesday December 7 11:00 AM

      Friday December 9 3:00 AM

      Tuesday December 13 1:00 AM

      (All times Eastern Standard Time!)

      The first part, most likely, will air before this one each time!

      Hope you can catch it again!!! :)

      By the way, be sure to check out my Christmas TV Schedule for repeat listings for all your favorite Christmas Movies!!!

      Blessings!!! Net


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