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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another Christmas Movie in the works!

I just recently discovered this news! Looks like another NEW Christmas Movie is in the filming process, titled...
"The Last Love Letter"

According to a casting call for extras on the web-site, voiceofalexandria.com:

Want To Be In A Movie? Here's Your Chance

"If you ever wanted to be in the movies, you'll have a chance tonight (Friday) in Northfield. Strike Accord Productions wants extras to hang around Bridge Square in downtown Northfield, to create outdoor scenes about a Christmas fair in a film that's now being called "The Last Love Letter." Line producer Jillian Nodland says you can show up at the square any time from 5:30 tonight until as late as 5:30 tomorrow (Saturday) morning. You're asked to wear cold weather clothing with Santa hats or other Christmas touches. Nodland says you won't get paid, so there's no checking in-and-out -- you can stay as long as you like -- and if you're there late at night, the crowds will be most likely be smaller, and you'll have a better chance of seeing yourself on film."
(information via: voiceofalexandria.com Posted on Jan 22, 2016 by Minnesota News Network)

So... this is intriguing Christmas movie news, huh?

What we know, thus far, is an unusual working title for a Christmas movie: "The Last Love Letter". Honestly, it actually sounds more like a Valentine's Day Movie title, but still very interesting. We know there is some sort of fun Christmas fair in the film, and we also know, from the information provided above, the production company, Strike Accord Productions. I looked them up and according to the Strike Accord Productions web-site, STRIKE ACCORD, INC. is a production company that started with husband and wife, Mike and Lori Leahy. Their mission statement is... "to create socially and spiritually conscience films".

Could this be a TV, Theater, or Direct-to-DVD release? For now, it's anybody's guess. If you see or hear anything - please feel free to share!!!


  1. You do not mention who will be in the movie, The Last Love Letter. I am looking forward to it. I enjoy Hallmark Movies and look forward to weekends or when you have them on during the week. Any chance that Andrew Walker & Arielle Kebbel will be in another movie together. I just love their movies together.
    I watched Unleashing Mr. Darcy and it was a really good movie and I hope to see it again.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, January 27, 2016

      I don't think Net knows who is in the movie. This is just a tidbit of Christmas movie news (from a casting call) in that it was discovered that something is being filmed in Minnesota that involves a Christmas fair scene and extras in Christmas clothes.

      It might not even be a Hallmark movie, but if it is a Hallmark movie it will get a different title than the working title they are using right now. Hallmark is notorious for changing movie titles -- sometimes more than once per movie!

      I don't think that Hallmark usually shoots in Minnesota -- they tend to film a lot in Canada and Salt Lake City -- but there are always exceptions (as in the case of "A Christmas Melody" last year), so it's anyone's guess who this movie is for (meaning which channel, which studio, etc.).

  2. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, January 27, 2016


    Well, we know for sure that if it is a movie that ends up on Hallmark, the title will surely be changed to something Christmasy.

    It sounds like it could be a movie that ends up on UP, Ion or Lifetime. Maybe HMM. If they are creating socially or spiritually conscious films I would imagine that this one will not end up on the main Hallmark Channel.

  3. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, January 27, 2016

    Using the hashtag #thelastloveletter, quite a few Tweets popped up on Twitter. I saw at least one of them reference Hallmark, and another one referenced MarVista -- which, as you know, is prolific in the made-for-TV movie world.

  4. Did you hear anything about this movie starring Ryan Mcpartlin?

    1. I hadn't heard about that one. Thank you for sharing this movie... titled, "Heaven Sent". Sounds somewhat similar to "Angel in the House", which premiered on UP a few years ago. Interesting enough though... the title doesn't sound real Christmassy and the description doesn't mention Christmas, but the movie has an alternate title known as: Christmastime. So it must be a Christmas Movie! Sounds like it would fit in with any of the networks... such as: UP, ION, Lifetime, or Hallmark - in this case it sounds more like a Hallmark Hall of Fame or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, with the more intense, dramatic storyline. Also, I noticed the Director is Michael Landon Jr.

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, January 28, 2016

      Net -- I agree. This "Heaven Sent" project (a.k.a. "Christmastime") sounds like it could easily be an UP movie if the tone of it is as serious as it comes across in print. It could also be an ION movie. Or, it could be one of those movies that is being made for no specific channel just yet, and then will be sold to a channel.

    3. Last Christmas the movie How Sarah Got Her WIngs was originally titled Heaven Sent


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