Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh, You Better Watch Now... All the Christmas Movie Classics are Coming!

By now... we've all seen many new recently Made-for-TV Christmas movies, but as we get closer and closer to Christmas 2015... you may also want to see some of those dear older Christmas Classics that year after year continue to stand the test of time!

White Christmas
 "Forever White Christmas will be one of my dear favorites!"
When you can see it:
December 18 at 11:45 PM on AMC
December 19 at 9 AM on AMC
December 21 at 9:45 AM on AMC
December 24 at 12:15 PM on AMC

Miracle on 34th Street
(1947 version)
"I believe... there is nothing more precious than restoring one's faith!"
When you can see it:
December 18 at 7 PM on AMC
December 19 at 2:15 PM on AMC
December 21 at 8 PM on AMC
December 21 at 10:15 PM on AMC
December 24 at 10 AM on AMC
December 25 at 3:30 AM on AMC

Christmas in Connecticut

This classic Christmas romantic comedy is such a joy to watch!

When you can see it:
December 18 at 9:30 PM on TCM
December 24 at 2:15 PM on TCM

Love Finds Andy Hardy
"I'm not sure if this is a well known classic, yet... but since it stars Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland - Love Finds Andy Hardy definitely should be! I absolutely love every mixed-up minute of it and I'm sure you will, too!"
When you can see it:
December 19 at 4:45 AM on TCM

See my review of Love Finds Andy Hardy, click here!

It Happened on 5th Avenue

"Every one comes homes for Christmas...
including some uninvited, but welcomed guests!

When you can see it:
December 20 at 10 AM on TCM

Meet Me in St. Louis

"Meet Me in St. Louis will fill your heart with all the joy
and wonder of every season... but especially Christmas!"

When you can see it:
December 20 at 12 PM on TCM
December 24 at 6 PM on TCM

It's a Wonderful Life

I saved the best for last!
"I believe It's a Wonderful Life will always be.. the best movie ever made!
The story, the characters, the actors, the setting, & every detail! 
It's a Wonderful Life is more than a movie...
it's a Devine message that each and every life is precious!" 

When you can see it:
December 20 at 3:04 PM on USA
December 24 at 8 PM on NBC (check local listings)

I hope you enjoy watching these films again -
or for the very first time!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Thank you SO much for sharing when these timeless classics are on! Your site is my go-to site for tv during the whole year, but especially during Christmastime.
    I know you have to put so much time and effort into your site, it's obvious.
    My own personal wish is that you had the listings for each title (mostly all the new movies for the year) like you do above, showing all the times they are on. It's so helpful when you are trying to record things--or just figuring out when you can catch a show! I know that would take so much more work on your part so I'm just thankful for your listings how you have it and I'll do the other part myself.
    God Bless You, Thank YOU so much for your site.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for all the kind words on my site... I appreciate it so much!!!

      I wish I could share ALL the encore airings for all the new movies, too... but unfortunately many of the main stations that give us these new movies, change their schedules around so much mid-stream, so it would be rather difficult to do.

      I know since many Christmas Movies premiere the same night - we have to look for an encore airing of the movies if we want to see them. And, since there were so many more movies this year, than any other - it's been extra challenging! I do my best to keep the Christmas TV Schedule updated with encore airings - so I hope that helps!


  2. Now these are my favorite. Thanks Net for giving us the old ones, too. None of the new movies could ever compare.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all you do for us!! I know there is a whole lot of work involved in compiling AND maintaining this schedule and you do it with so much love and attention that I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you!! I pray you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed 2016.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan... for your very sweet message! It means the world to me - truly!!! It is all my joy!!! And, your comment makes all the effort that goes into this site worth it - knowing how it touches your life!

      Thank you, Susan, for being a Blessing to Me!!! :)

      I pray a very Merry Christmas for You & Yours, as well!!! God's Blessings, too, for a Happy 2016!!!

  4. I'm disappointed that I don't see "The Christmas Card" on the list. It's one of my very favorites!

    1. I love The Christmas Card, too - It's a wonderful Hallmark movie. I don't consider it, though, as one of the old classics, but it is a good one! You will find it on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in my Christmas TV Schedule!

  5. I agree with you whole heartily, Net!! We all love the new, exciting, spellbinding Christmas movies but you just can't beat the "Classics". I look forward to watching them every year, so, thank you for your effort and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too!! God Bless!!

    1. Yes, you are so right, Linda... no one can top those dear classics we cherish annually and never grow tired of seeing!

      Merry CHRISTmas to you... my dear movie friend!!! God Bless You!!! Net

  6. Is everyone aware that TCM is sponsoring Miracle On 34th Street on the big screen? You have a choice of this Sunday at 2 and 7 pm or Dec 23rd at the same times. To check to see if it's showing in a theater near you, visit There is a service charge, but I don't believe you can buy them at the theater.

    1. That sounds amazing! I know TCM has wonderful festivals for those who attend... with terrific classic movies and some of the dear stars who still remain from that era. I hope many fans of "Miracle on 34th Street" are able to attend this one! Sounds like great fun! Thank you for sharing, Catherine!

      Merry Christmas to You!!!

  7. Thank you for all the listing and especially these old classics and thank you for keeping the tv movie schedule going year round. Thanks to your web site I never miss any of the movies now!
    Thank You!!!

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you for your thoughtful comment!
      Merry Christmas!!!

  8. One of my favorites (although not quite a "classic" since it's only from 1999) is airing tonight on TNT. It's the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol. I absolutely love this version as it stays so true to the original story by Charles Dickens. Unfortunately, it airs on TNT so it gets lost among the constant airings of their very sub-par Christmas Movies like Fred Claus and the like. And they only air it one day a year and that's it unlike their other movies which they air constantly. I still look forward to it every year though!

    1. Thank you for sharing! That is an intriguing version! Hope many were able to watch the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol last night!

      It's fun to have one certain movie to look forward to seeing every year!

      Merry Christmas!!!


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