Wednesday, November 4, 2015

TCM's Classic Christmas Movies!

Many of the Classic Christmas Movies We Love -
are Newly Added to the 2015 
Including: Meet Me in St. Louis, It Happened on 5th Avenue,
Christmas in Connecticut, A Christmas Carol, and more!!!
See the Christmas TV Schedule to find your faithful favorites
airing this year on TCM!


  1. YEA!!!! My all time favorite Christmas movies are the ones on TCM and of course, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. I wish TCM would show all Christmas/holiday movies all the time like Hallmark.

    1. Oh, me too!!! That would be wonderful! Unfortunately, it seems this year they are playing even less than usual.

  2. No Carol for Another Christmas or Man Who Came to Dinner?

    1. The Man Who Came to Dinner is on the Schedule - it will air on December 6, 11, and 25.

      I did intentionally leave off Carol for Another Christmas. The feedback on the film has been that it is a very dark, disturbing Christmas story, and I only prefer to share uplifting, positive family friendly Christmas programming.

      Carol for Another Christmas is scheduled to air December 13 at 4:30 AM on TCM.

  3. OK, I didn't see it on the schedule, but Man Who Came to Dinner and Carol for Another Christmas are both listed on this TCM schedule as airing ...|535539&name=Carol-for-Another-Christmas

    1. As mentioned in my comment above ^ - The Man Who Came to Dinner is on the schedule 3 times - Dec. 6, 11, and 25.

      Carol for Another Christmas will air Dec. 13 at 4:30AM. I have heard it's such a dark story - that's why it's not on the schedule. However, I personally have never viewed it - so I would like to hear from those of you who have - should it be on the list???

    2. It's definitely a bit emotionally dark, but it's still very much G-rated in terms of actual content (it aired on network TV in 1964, after all), though I think kids would find it more boring than disturbing. It's a parable dealing with war, with the Christmas Carol story superimposed on Cold War-era America. It was written by Rod Serling, so it's got that Twilight Zone feel to it.

  4. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! That TCM image. I am a huge TCM fan and I have never seen it. Meet Me in St. Louis is such a gem, one of my all time personal favorites! Did you create the image? Otherwise, would love to know where you found it? Catherine

    1. Oh, thank you!!! Glad you "LOVE" it! It's my own personal fan art creation for promoting TCM's Christmas Movies.

      The TCM logo is via TCM, however, and is used here for promotional purposes. The "Meet Me in St. Louis" image is from the film. And, the bells are from a vintage Christmas card. So glad you liked it, Catherine! I love TCM movies, too, and "Meet Me in St. Louis" holds a special place in my heart, as well!

      I was hopeful others would love it - and I'm so thrilled to hear you do!


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