Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lifetime Christmas Movie "Wish Upon a Christmas"


Movie: Wish Upon a Christmas

Network: Lifetime

Original Air Date: December 13, 2015



Larisa Oleynik
Aaron Ashmore
Alan Thicke




via Lifetime: When business executive Amelia returns home to help a family-run ornament company, the employees see her as their savior who is coming in to rescue the company. They are heart-broken and shocked to learn that her plan to get the company on track involves massive layoffs. As Amelia prepares for the holiday 'trimmings', she finds herself rekindling an old romance with her high school boyfriend Jesse, who is also the company's owner. She also soon begins to see the charm of the local business - but will she be able to save it in time?

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*Photo credits : Dave Dolsen & Dean Buscher


  1. I always get the Ashmore brothers confused! LOL Wish it came on Saturday instead of Sunday.


  2. I love the movie. Just one comment and it's not only this movie I find a lot of movies lately are doing this. The male actors are wearing lipstick and eye makeup. I don't like it.

  3. Did anyone else find themselves really curious about Mr. Tompte's name? For some reason, it really struck me as familiar, so I googled it - try it if you haven't, and you will be amused!

  4. where was wish upon a christmas filmed

  5. Stock footage is in Ponchatoula
    Louisiana, kids walking on train track next to red building, also aerial photo with flag looking down rr tracks is here.
    Millies Cafe is actually Clayburn Tea House at the corner of Clayburn Road & Wright Street in Clayburn Abbotsford, BC Canada. This little corner store is in quite a few Hallmark movies including Christmas Shepard. Haven't found either the house or Factory building yet, still looking though. Hope this helps?


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