Thursday, October 1, 2015

HAPPY October! 30 DAYs 'til HALLMARK's Countdown to CHRISTMAS!!!

Wishing you all... a very "Happy" October 1st!

image via: Hallmark
I simply had to share this adorable picture of the Hallmark ambassadors
"Happy the Cat" and "Happy the Dog"...
who are Counting Down the Days 'til Christmas with us!
On October 31st, (30 days from today!!!)...
the Hallmark Channel
will bring viewers it's annual "Countdown to Christmas" movies
and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
will begin airing "The Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas"!
See the Christmas TV Schedule for updates & details!
See the Christmas Movie List for the entire list of Hallmark Christmas Movies and more!
Christmas is Coming!!!
God Bless Us, Everyone... Net


  1. I can not wait!!! Bring it on!!!

  2. I can't believe in just 30 days our long, anticipated Christmas movies will begin...Wahoo!!!!!!.....and who better to announce than our "Happy Pets" lol!! Yes, Net, God bless us, everyone!!

  3. I woke up this morning to much cooler weather, and that just made me want the holidays to hurry up and get here even faster. :-) I can't wait to watch some of these holiday movies.

  4. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 02, 2015

    I can't believe it's now under 30 days until the merriment begins! It seems like only yesterday we had a couple hundred days left. It seems like it was only yesterday when we had the brief Christmas in July marathon.

    I commented on Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas page that they are pulling out all the stops this year -- 18 movies that are part of the Countdown to Christmas (including "The Bridge," which they just added to the official list of Countdown movies on the Hallmark Channel website), as well as the "When Calls the Heart" production on 12/26 (which doesn't seem like it's going to be all about Christmas, as I suspected).

    That's 19 new movies (though WCTH is technically a segue from Season 2 to Season 3) across Nov-Dec, five of which will debut during Thanksgiving Week. (Who knows where "The Ultimate Legacy" will ultimately end up, or when it will premiere?) That is a LOT of new movies.

    I don't see how Hallmark can top itself going forward. It is going to be very interesting to see how the ratings pan out this year, and if the abundance of new movies is going to bring even more people in on a steady basis, or if viewership will drop off by a certain point because there are too many new movies to keep up with. I can see either scenario happening.

    In future years, if Hallmark doesn't deliver at least 17 new movies every holiday season, people will be grumbling and complaining on the Facebook pages about how there are not enough new movies (even when there were 'only' 12 new ones, I don't see how anyone could say there were not enough new ones). Hallmark has raised its own bar -- the bar that was set by Hallmark for holiday movie premieres -- and there's no going back after this year if the 19 new movies end up being a success! They can't go from having 19 premieres down to 12 again.

    I don't know what the other networks (Lifetime, UP, Ion, Insp. ABC Family, etc.) are going to do. If they ALL churn out movies that are very similar in tone to what Hallmark is delivering, I think that they may suffer because people will be overloaded with all of the similar choices on different channels. However, if the other channels stray too far from familiar holiday movie themes, it could also backfire on them. Either way, they can't keep up with Hallmark unless they are ready to throw down the gauntlet and actually start competing, making as many movies (if not more) as Hallmark makes.

    So far, the other channels are upping their Christmas movie games, but they are not really offering any solid competition to Hallmark. Hallmark really IS the heart of Christmas on TV, it seems.


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