Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie "Christmas Land"


Movie: Christmas Land

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: December 20, 2015


Nikki DeLoach
Luke MacFarlane
Maureen McCormick


via Hallmark: Jules has just inherited a quaint Christmas tree farm bequeathed her by her grandmother. This is good news, since she plans to sell it and use the profits to buy her dream home in the city. The farm needs a bit of sprucing up, but Jules is a natural fixer so she’ll have it cleaned up in no time to impress buyers and be out by Christmas. But the longer Jules stays on the farm and the more she learns how important Christmas Land has been to so many families, the more Jules starts to question her motives to sell. And when the perfect buyer turns out to have ulterior motives for the farm, Jules must do whatever it takes to save Christmas Land.

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*Photo Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Fred Hayes

photo credits - below

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

*Image Credits:
Nikki DeLoach image via: buttermilklipstick.com
Luke Macfarlane Photo Credit: Copyright 2014 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Christos Kalohoridis
Maureen McCormick Photo via: heraldsun.com.au


  1. This sounds really good. I'm putting this on my list of movies to see and record.

  2. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, September 20, 2015

    Could this be the movie with Jessica Harmon and Anna Van Hooft?

  3. Sherry InCaliforniaTuesday, September 29, 2015

    So this one is still a mystery as far as a cast goes, correct? Surely something would have leaked out by now. Surely they would have begun filming by now. I wonder if it is going to get a title change. Or, perhaps, there was an unexpected delay in the filming and it may not be ready in time after all?

  4. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, October 03, 2015

    This has got to be the most mysterious non-mystery movie ever! Lol. Who is in this phantom cast?

    I know I commented the other day and said the same thing, but I have to reiterate -- surely filming would have begun or been completed by now. And, if so, surely at least one of the lead actors' names would have leaked out.

    Could it be that the movie was shot under a different working title instead of "Christmas Land"? Maybe Hallmark changed it to "Christmas Land" later on, after filming was completed?

    The only other thing I can think of -- if the movie has not been completed or shot yet -- is that there could have been a delay. Maybe an actor had to drop out at the last minute. Maybe one of the locations didn't pan out.

    I saw that one of Hallmark's prolific story writers, Rickie, wrote "Christmas Land," but even she said she doesn't know who is in the movie.

    I am mainly just interested to know if the movie actually HAS been filmed yet (even if we don't know the cast) or if it might not make it into the Countdown because it was delayed.

  5. What is happening to the movie Christmas Land hallmark movie?
    When will the trailer be out for it and when will it have its own movie picture on the Hallmark Channel website?

    Thank You
    Sincerely, Mr. Jeremy M. Allocca
    11/29/15 1:58 P.M.

  6. What happened to the film Christmas Land?

  7. What Christmas movies will Hallmark have in 2016?

    Sincerely, Jeremy Allocca
    7:15 P.M.

    1. Hello Jeremy! Great Question! I wish I knew everything that was coming for Hallmark's Christmas Season in 2016 and yet it's quite fun that it is still a mystery. However, I do know a little! I will have a post on it soon - perhaps December 28th, the Monday after Christmas. Stay tuned!!! :)

      Thank you for your comment and your interest in all the Christmas movies!

      Hope you enjoy Christmas Land this Sunday night! Merry Christmas to you! Net

  8. Has Christmas Land out on DVD?

  9. Is that comedienne Chondra Pierce playing one of the townsfolk?

    1. Why, Yes, it certainly is comedienne Chonda Pierce in the role of Gretchen. I have had the pleasure of seeing her speak in person! She has been through so much in her lifetime, and yet, Chonda still finds great joy in life and in her faith, She was a delight to listen to!!!

      You may have also seen in her in another Christmas movie... She also stars opposite of Elisha Donavan in the 2011 Made-for-TV Christmas Movie "12 Wishes of Christmas"!

    2. Who played the developer that bought ChristmasLand? Was it Richard Karn?was the


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