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Disney Channel Original Movie: "Adventures in Babysitting"

"Adventures in Babysitting" MOVIE BELOW...

If you loved the popular 1980's teen flick "Adventures in Babysitting" starring Elisabeth Shue, as the babysitter, plus Keith Coogan and George Newbern... then chances are you'll like this! Although nothing can replace the original, the Disney Channel has created a TV movie remake version also titled "Adventures in Babysitting" starring two well known Disney sitcom stars Sabrina Carpenter ("Girl Meets World") and Sofia Carson ("Austin & Ally"). See details below!

"Adventures in Babysitting" (1987) Rated: PG-13 via: Buena Vista

*See trailer for New Movie below...


Movie: Adventures in Babysitting

Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: June 24, 2016

image credit : Disney Channel PR

"Further Adventures in Babysitting" with Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson
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image via: Disney Channel


Sabrina Carpenter ... Jenny
Sofia Carson ... Luci
Kevin G. Quinn ... Zac Chase
Max Lloyd-Jones ... Officer James
Gillian Vigman ... Helen
Alissa Skovbye ... Claire
Nikki Hahn ... Emily Cooper
Jet Jurgensmeyer ... Bobby Anderson
Arielle Tuliao ... Staff Girl
Kevin O'Grady ... Barry Cooper
Lisa MacFadden ... Party Hostess
Ken Lawson ... The Scalper
Jasmine Chan ... Dominique Cassidy
Mallory James Mahoney ... Katy Cooper
Kathryn Kirkpatrick ... Trixie
Teana-Marie Smith ... Female Officer
Michael Roberds ... Head Chef
Madison Horcher ... AJ Anderson
Simon Chin ... Planetarium Guard
J.C. Williams ... Police Officer
Hugo Ateo ... Hal
Raf Rogers ... Pastry Chef
Morgan Tanner ... Dancer
Curtis Albright ... Art Student
Oliver M. Smith ... Tino
Max Gecowets ... Trey
Kwasi Thomas ... DJ Chill
Joshua Morettin ... Trent
Matthew Hoglie ... Pedestrian
John Specogna ... Gala Event Attendee

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via Loosely based on the (original) flick, the new Adventures in Babysitting will center on two competitive babysitters, Jenny (Carpenter) and Luci (Carson), who find themselves searching New York City to find one of their charges.

via IMDB: Two teen rival babysitters Jenny and Luci, team up to hunt down one of their kids who accidentally run away into the big city without any supervision.

via “Adventures in Babysitting,” inspired by the hugely popular 1980s film of the same name, is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie starring Sabrina Carpenter (“Girl Meets World”) and Sofia Carson (“Descendants 2″). In “Adventures in Babysitting,” a dull evening for two competing babysitters, Jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lola (Sofia Carson), turns into an adventure in the big city as they hunt for one of the kids who somehow snuck away.


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*Thank you SleepyKittyPaws for sharing the Premiere Date in Comments below!


  1. I loved the original when I was a teenager. I'm sure my children will enjoy the remake too.

  2. These "young one's" today need all the faith and goodness they can consume!! Good call Disney Channel!!

  3. I'm very excited about this one. I loved Adventures in Babysitting!

  4. I was looking at the cast list and I immediately recognized Max Lloyd-Jones’ name on it. Many “When Calls the Heart” fans, including myself, would recognize him as Tom Thornton, Jack’s younger brother. As a “When Calls the Heart” fan, I am happy that Max’s acting talents are being recognized not only outside of the “When Calls the Heart” community, but outside of the Hallmark community as well. I just hope that Tom can appear in both the “When Calls the Heart” Christmas movie and the third season of the show.

  5. Really looking forward to this one, as I, and now my kids, also love the original. (OK, I love it, they thought it was pretty good.)

    There's a premiere date now, FYI, June 24:

    1. Thank you! Finally, a premiere time is released! I will be sure to get that premiere date added above. Thank you for sharing, plus providing the link! :)

    2. It will be released four days later on DVD ...

  6. So I finally got around to watching the “Adventures in Babysitting” remake (I’ve had it saved on my DVR since June) and I can honestly say that this was one of the better of the Disney Channel movies from the “newer” era that I’ve seen in a long time! After thinking about how much success this movie garnered in 2016 (positive reviews, multiple airings, a DVD release, achieving the title of Top Cable TV Movie of 2016, being the 100th movie in Disney Channel history, etc.) I feel that it could have a chance at being nominated for the 2017 “It’s a Wonderful Movie” awards!

  7. Hi I am 11and this is one of my favorite movies


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