Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Presents: Dylan Neal and Brooke Burns in "Gourmet Detective A Healthy Place To Die"


Movie: Gourmet Detective A Healthy Place To Die

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: August 2, 2015


Dylan Neal ... Henry
Brooke Burns ... Maggie
Steve Valentine ... Michael
Matthew Kevin Anderson ... Munro
Marc Senior ... Bailey
Ali Skobye ... Abigail
Samantha Ferris ... Captain Forsyth
Shannon Chan-Kent ... Lucy
Patrick Sabonbgui ... Lucas
Crystal Lowe ... Gretchen
Christine Willies ... Doris


via Hallmark: When a journalist is found murdered during a gourmet food conference at a luxurious resort, chef-turned-sleuth Henry Ross teams up with beautiful, no-nonsense police detective Maggie Price to solve the culinary crime. Together, they work to untangle a web of mystery - involving the journalist, a movie star and high profile fixtures of the San Francisco restaurant scene - and solve the murder before the killer gets away.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. We enjoyed the first Gourmet Detective movie.

    1. Oh, you're welcome, Susan! So good to hear you enjoyed it! This all new Mystery Wheel is so fun on HMM!

  2. Looks like Gourmet Detective #3 is also in the works. I found this page on IMDB

    I can't verify if it's true or not but I keep a list of all the HMM Mystery movies since March and I have had it there from when I first created the list.


    1. Thank you H.R. for sharing this new movie title link. Can't wait to hear more about this upcoming project!

      I so appreciate you sharing this news! :)

  4. Okay, I have to say that I actually really like these Gourmet Detective movies! I finally got to watch the first one on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining it was. I was looking forward to the second one, watched it Sunday night, and liked it even more than the first one! Such a fun and cute premise!

    I wasn't chomping at the bit to watch the first GD because I'm not a fan of any of Brooke Burns' movies, except for The Most Wonderful Time of The Year (my absolute fave Hallmark Christmas movie!). But she is great in these mystery movies! She and Dylan Neal! For me, their banter is what makes the movies so entertaining. They are hilarious together! Their chemistry is perfect! Casting definitely got it right this time! I love relationships that start off with the 'I hate you, but I don't REALLY hate you' flirtatious banter. Brooke and Dylan play it so well. Lol.

    I don't really watch any of the Hallmark series, but I SO would watch a Gourmet Detective series. That totally needs to be in the works! I'm already looking forward to the 3rd movie installment coming in 2016 (per Dylan's twitter).

    Gosh!--I love coming across a good Hallmark movie! I'm not impressed with the majority of movies they pump out every month, so I'm thrilled (and surprised! Lol) when I end up really liking one. And these GD movies are it! :)

  5. Loved the second Gourmet Detective movie. I even liked this one better than the first movie. Loved their was more comic banter, my favorite is the driver debate at the golf cart. Always great chemistry between Brooke and Dylan. Can't wait for more Gourmet Detective movies. Love all mystery wheel movies, great success for HMM.

  6. Is there any listing of when the Gourmet Detective will repeat? Sadly I missed it .


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