Friday, April 24, 2015

The Premiere is Finally Here! "WHEN CALLS THE HEART" returns for Season 2 on the Hallmark Channel! ...Plus 2 Movies filled with Love & Grace...!

It's the Season 2,
long anticipated - 2 hour opening episode of
A sneak-peek of the storyline:
via Hallmark -- "In the exciting return to Coal Valley, Elizabeth and Jack are closer than ever after their first kiss, but their budding union barely has time to begin when Elizabeth receives a distressing telegram from home requesting her" ... click here to read more!

See the Season 2 "When Calls the Heart" Premiere
Saturday April 25, 2015
at 8 PM/7c. on the Hallmark Channel.
*Repeats immediately afterward at 10 PM/9c.!
Also, this Weekend - 2 Movies Premiere on TV:
The first one is...

A sneak-peek of the storyline:
Rachel is a widow during the Civil War who holds the South responsible for her husband's death. When a wounded enemy soldier takes refuge in her barn, Rachel reluctantly helps him. As she gets to know him more, she realizes ... click here to read more!
See "Civil Love"
Saturday April 25, 2015
at 5:30 PM/4:30c. on the TCT network.
*Please note this movie was first released on DVD in 2012. To my knowledge, this is it's first airing on TV. It is 1 hr and 32 min. long, so it will end at 7:02PM/6:02c.
*TCT is available through DirecTV channel 377. Check your local cable providers for this channel.
and the Second movie...
A sneak-peek of the storyline:
Cara Jarvis longs to be a part of the in-crowd at her new high school. In an effort to impress her new love interest Brandon, she befriends Grace, a girl with Down Syndrome, a friendship she tries to hide when she meets popular girls Skylar and Quinn. When Skylar loses her bid to be on the Homecoming Court, she ... click here to read more!
Saturday April 25, 2015
at 11:30 PM/10:30c. on the TCT network.
*Please note this movie was first released on DVD last July (2014). To my knowledge, this is it's first airing on TV. It is 1 hr and 35 min. long, so it will end at 1:06AM/12:06c.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend!
Whatever You Do...
May God Bless All of You!


  1. Thank you for the alert, I am so grateful. My cable X-1 box is set to record "When Calls the Heart" from last season (I checked), but if it hadn't and I missed it, Yikes! Apparently Comcast doesn't have the TCT channel for the Civil Love, but I can watch it online. I may try to connect my laptop to my Samsung and watch it big screen.
    Keep up the great work. The website is amazing and I know if there is anything I need to know, you are all over it.
    God Bless you too! Pamela

    1. So glad I could help, Pamela, with the When Calls the Heart reminder! It's a good thing you checked your recorder. You sound so tech savvy - I do hope you'll be able to see Civil Love, too! We will be having some light storms go through our area today, so I'm hoping we won't lose signal with our DirecTV! :)

      Thank you for all your kind comments on my site... I appreciate it so much!!! God's Blessings to You, as well... Net

  2. Great choices, Net, can't get enough of family oriented movies. Wouldn't it be a miracle if the other networks take notice????

    1. Yes, It would be wonderful if the other networks took notice and started to produce more family friendly content. Unfortunately, what is acceptable today as family content, may not always gel with our values, but I'm hopeful all of these family and faith-based movies are a move in a positive direction for those, like us, Linda, who are seeking wholesome viewing choices for ourselves and our families! Have a Blessed Weekend, Net

  3. Thanks for the heads up about these movies.


    1. Oh, you are welcome, Misty! I hope you enjoy all the movies you are able to catch this weekend. Looks like some good choices! God bless, Net

  4. When Calls the Heart was Great! Boom! All Hearties will understand. We took Twitter over last night and won! Can't wait to see next weeks episode and do it all over again!

  5. Following the MoviesSunday, April 26, 2015

    WCTH - was good this time around. While it was nice to see Elizabeth, Jack, Abigail, and so forth, there were many new characters. Costumes were mostly time period accurate but hairstyles were certainly not. I tried not to let it bother me, but I kept looking at Erin Krakow as a modern day actress and not as the role of Elizabeth, the school teacher. Frankly, it was good, but I missed Coal Valley.

  6. When Calls the Heart was as good as it gets on TV! I loved it and watched the second showing!

  7. When Calls The Heart was everything I had hoped for and more! I'm not loving this other guy but I know in my heart Elizabeth will pick Jack before the end.

  8. Amazing! Thank you Hallmark for giving us this new Season of When Calls the Heart!


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