Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Thank you to everyone who joined in the journey of watching all the Hallmark Channel Original Christmas Movies this Holiday Season!

I am ecstatic to share this "Hallmark Press Release" (below) with all of you, which conveys the great ratings success of the Hallmark Channel Movies for the 2014 Christmas Season, from November 1st to December 14th!

The “12 New Movies of Christmas” Catapulted Hallmark Channel to Become the Most-Watched Cable Network Among Households
and Women 25-54 over 7 Weekends
Programming Extravaganza Has Reached 56 Million Unduplicated Viewers To-Date

Rounding out this year’s new Countdown to Christmas original holiday premieres, Best Christmas Party Ever and The Christmas Parade boosted Hallmark Channel to become the highest rated network on cable among W25-54 for the 6th consecutive week. Reaching 56 million unduplicated viewers, “The 12 New Movies of Christmas” made the network the most watched on cable among households and women 25-54 for 7 weekends. The films capped off this year’s original premieres as the highest-rated cable movies of the week, a distinction the network has claimed for 7 consecutive weeks, since Countdown to Christmas kicked off on October 31st.

The December 13th premiere of Best Christmas Party Ever earned a 3.1 HH rating and averaged 3.4 million total viewers and reached 5.4 million unduplicated viewers. In its 8-10pm time period, the program scored the #1 spot among HH (3.1) and total viewer (1.6) rating, as well as HH (2,651,000) and total viewer (3,420,000) delivery. The premiere helped boost the network to be the #1 rated cable network in prime time and total day among HH rating, as well as the #1 rated cable network for total day among W25-54. Among HH ratings, the film was also the top program on cable for the day.

Drawing over 3.5 million total viewers and reaching 5.2 million unduplicated viewers, the Sunday, December 14th premiere of The Christmas Parade earned a 3.1 HH rating and was the #1 program of the day among HH rating. The film placed #1 among HH (3.1), W25-54 (1.5), and total viewers (1.6) rating in its 8-10pm time period. The film premiere delivered #1 among HHs (2,664,000) and total viewers (3,502,000). Among HH ratings, the premiere catapulted the network to be the #1 rated cable network in both primetime and total day.

The “12 New Movies of Christmas” premieres averaged a 3.4 HH rating and reached 24 million unduplicated viewers. Of this season’s original debuts, 7 ranked as the #1 program of the day:

  • One Starry Christmas on November 1st
  • The Nine Lives of Christmas on November 8th
  • Northpole on November 15th
  • A Royal Christmas on November 22nd
  • Debbie Macomber’s Mr. Miracle on December 6th
  • Best Christmas Party Ever on December 13th
  • The Christmas Parade on December 14th
In addition, the premiere of Christmas Under Wraps, marked the network’s highest-rated and most-watched telecast in history, scoring a 5.0 HH rating, averaging 5.7 million total viewers, and reaching 7.2 million unduplicated viewers  - Hallmark Channel’s largest unduplicated audience in network history.
*Source: The Nielsen Company, October 31st – December 14, 2014

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As viewers, I know many of us are so grateful for the Hallmark Christmas Movies we enjoy and watch each year with our families... throughout the day, and sometimes late into the night! The Hallmark Channel has become like a member of the family... ever present in our homes each year during the Christmas Season!


  1. Your calling is amazing, Net, thanks for the info. If these numbers are correct then people are truly growing tired of the "good is bad/bad is good" mentality and are seeking spiritual, traditional awareness from Hallmark rather then the secular networks. Praying for a revival soon!

    1. Amen I completely agree with you. And I'm so grateful for the programming that she has laid out for us it is exactly what I was looking for for my family. Praying

    2. Thank you so much "Linda" and "Anonymous". You both are so thoughtful and encouraging! I, too, pray that the desire for people to watch more family friendly movies and shows will shift the moral compass of our digital world.

      God bless You!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. Yay for Hallmark! I haven't seen them all, but I have seen all the ones mentioned above. I liked best The Nine Lives of Christmas and The Christmas Parade. Jess

    1. I second that, Jess! Yay for Hallmark! I also LOVED 'Nine Lives'! So super cute, romantic, fun, and I love kitty cats... so it was a purrfect combination!!!

      As for 'Parade', I haven't seen that one, yet, but I have it recorded and it looks cute! So glad to hear you liked it! :)

  3. Two of the movies mentioned above were not good. I'm not surprised people watched them, but great ratings does not mean a great movie. My husband even asked if we might turn the station halfway thru one but I suggested we stick with it in hopes it might improve. It didn't.

    1. Could you share which two you didn't like?

    2. I admit it, I'm curious, too! I would love to know which 2 you are referring to?

  4. Congratulations Hallmark Channel! My kids loved Northpole so much I got the DVD and extra northpole goodies for Christmas! Do you have any details on Northpole 2? Do you know if it will be released next year on DVD and have products that go along with the movie?

    1. Northpole was good. Not sure it lived up to all the hype, but it was still entertaining. T.J.

    2. Oh, NORTHPOLE is so cute! Perfect for all Santa Believers! And, I agree... the products are so fun - that go along with the movie! I know because I have some, too! My favorite is the cookie wonder wheel!

  5. Yay for my favorite movie 'Christmas Under Wraps' doing the best! :) I'm so looking forward to Candace's mystery movie on The Hallmark Movie & Mystery Channel next month.

    I only really enjoyed two movies: 'Christmas Under Wraps' and 'The Christmas Secret' (which was the most watched movie yet for that channel).

    I missed a good portion of the 'Christmas Mystery' movie on ION network I sure wish it was shown on Hallmark instead, because they won't be showing it again until the 24th!

    I am still so disappointed that Hallmark doesn't have either of my most fav movies from this year on DVD and my favs from last season not on DVD either. I just don't get why some movies I don't like get a DVD release and the ones I like the most don't. :(


    Looking forward to the next Countdown (especially the North Pole 2 one, because Lori is in it).

    1. Hello Misty! So glad you enjoyed all the Christmas Movies this year. I do like Candace and was happy for her, as well, although I must admit, I thought the story in the movie, itself, was lacking. Also, I just heard news that Candace's Mystery Series has been moved to the Spring on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. I'm sure they just want to give proper time to promote it.

      I have heard that The Christmas Secret was really good and I saw the movie The Christmas Mystery on ION. It was a very interesting movie, and.... in the end, you'll be surprised to know who is the guilty party! I won't give anything away... but for any Mystery Movie watcher, it was good and I liked the growing relationship between the two leads, as well. Hope you can catch it on the 24th!

      As for DVDs, I would be surprised if they released any more this year... but anything is possible! Maybe next year they will release more in collection sets! I will be looking forward to next years Christmas Movies with You!

      Merry Christmas!!! Net

  6. Interesting that the movie "One Christmas Eve" starring Anne Heche has been completely yanked off the schedule including the annual Christmas day re-runs of all the new Christmas movies. I have to agree with an earlier poster and say that this was a clunker. It wasn't a movie but just a sequence of ridiculous catastrophes that strained credibility. Add in hyperactive acting, unlikeable incompetent characters, and incoherent plotlines and you have one of the worst movies of the year. Who wants to hear screaming and more screaming in a Christmas movie? Not my family. Thank you Hallmark for making the smart decision not to air this drivel again.
    -Susan in Des Moines

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Susan. I think "One Christmas Eve" has been one of those movies that people have either loved or didn't like so much.

      I personally, thought, it was great fun and I enjoyed this comedic take to the usual tissues needed Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. "One Christmas Eve" is the type of Christmas Movie, that people who enjoy movies, such as: "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation", "Christmas with the Kranks", and "ELF", might like.

      I adored the children and Anne Heche was so hilarious, a natural. As a newly single mother, all her character wanted, was to give her children the perfect Christmas, and in the end, they all learned, that just being together... is what made it perfect!

      It's interesting to see that everyone likes different Christmas Movies and we are all so blessed to have so many to choose from!

      Merry Christmas!!! Net

    2. I too am curious as to why this movie has been pulled off Hallmark's schedule? All of the other new movies have been playing non-stop, multiple times, but this movie has disappeared as though it never existed. Very strange.

  7. Your site is AWESOME and I've enjoyed looking at all the movies you've posted. Thank you so much for putting all these movies together in one spot. There are so many movies that it's hard being able to watch them all. My husband calls me a "Christmas Junkie", but Christmas is my favorite time of year (not just for the decorations and movies, but for the message that Christmas gives - peace, hope and love). By the way, my husband also plays Santa - mostly for charity. Hope Hallmark will release more movies - especially "Angels and Ornaments". God Bless you and MERRY CHRISTMAS and blessings in the new year.


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