Saturday, November 15, 2014


On SATURDAY - November 15, 2014:

Join the Mission to save the NORTHPOLE...

Premieres Saturday at 8PM/7c.
on the Hallmark Channel
Santa’s magical home, Northpole, is real and greater than anyone has ever imagined, yet this wondrous place is in trouble as a loss of togetherness and Christmas spirit spreads across the globe. Who can help save the cherished traditions of Christmas? (click here to read more!)

*Also be sure to look for those fun games and gadgets from the Northpole in the movie!

*NORTHPOLE is also available on DVD!

SUNDAY November 15, 2014:

Believe in the power of giving, in Paper Angels...

Premieres Sunday at 7PM/6c.
on UPtv
Two unlikely friends have a big impact on their families for Christmas through The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program. (click here to read more!)

Discover a "wonderful life" in Angels and Ornaments...

Premieres Sunday at 8PM/7c.
on the Hallmark Channel
Corrine's holiday season gets an unexpected dose of romance when she meets the mysterious Harold, who is on a deadline from a higher power to help Corrine find her true love by Christmas Eve. As the clock ticks down... (click here to read more!)

I hope you all enjoy these new Christmas Movies this weekend! What a joy it is to catch up on beloved cherished favorites and watch these premieres, too! Please be sure to stop back by and leave a comment below and share what you thought of the new movies this weekend!

Your mission to save the Northpole is on...
"Now Jump In, Buckle Up, 'Cause we're going to Fly..."

See the Christmas TV Schedule for air times for these movies,
encore airings, and more!




  1. Can't wait for Northpole tonight on Hallmark. They have the best movies!

  2. Thanks so much for the reminder Net. I just set my recorder for the weekend. I can't decide yet, if I will tape Angels and Ornaments or Paper Angels. They both look great. Just wish they weren't on at the same time. Hard to choose!

    1. I know! It's such a bummer that they are on the same time on Hallmark & UP on Sunday nights. Thank goodness both have encore airings!

  3. ^^^i think one of them is on Sunday too! If you use tivo, their app is helpful in finding other showtimes

    1. You are right, Jen. Northpole repeats on Sunday.... plus Paper Angels & Angels and Ornaments premiere Sunday night! That new Hallmark app sounds awesome, too!

  4. They had the Northpole premiere countdown throughout the day yesterday, and today, leading up to the premiere airing, which is currently on right now !!! Pre-ordered the DVD, can't wait for it !!!


    1. I loved the Northpole countdown in the bottom corner! So fun! I think it added to the excitement! Great promotion, as well!

      Yay, for you ordering the Northpole DVD, too! Hope you love it! :)

  5. I'm watching Northpole right now on Hallmark and loving it. The kids are glued, too. They both keep asking if they can get the communicator to talk to the North Pole. Thanks to you listing it the other day, I knew I could get it fir them for Christmas and I'm getting the DVD too!!! Jessica

  6. We loved Northpole and now we are excited to hear more are coming next year. Hallmark is the best!

  7. Looking forward to 'Northpole' and seeing it on DVD. It looks cute plus I like the cast. :)

  8. Just watched "Paper Angels" and it was one of the best Christmas movies I have ever seen!!!! Absolutely loved it, I cried through the whole thing, but in a good way :)


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