Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's been a Wonderful Ride - See the Mid-Season finale for the UP family series #Heartland!

Heartland, an UP family series

All summer long, and now into the fall... UP has given us every Wednesday night- new, exciting, and heartwarming episodes of the hit T.V. family drama series Heartland, based on the Bartlett family, who live on a Horse Ranch. (You can also catch up with past episodes every weekday afternoon on UP at 3PM/2c and 4PM/3c.)

This season, like any horse ride, has had it's UPs and downs... Lou and Peter adopted Georgie, Jack had to settle down and take care of his health, Georgie had to deal with a bully, Lou has had to juggle the dude ranch, blogging, motherhood, & more projects, Tim is always unpredictable, Ty lost his job, but got it back again, and Amy has had many difficult horses, however she's always been able to trust her instincts and figure them out.

Now UP is riding off into the sunset on Wednesday night at 9PM/8c. (repeat showing at 10PM/9c.) with a Mid-season cliff-hanger for Heartland.

via UP: In the “Heartland” midseason finale episode, “There But For Fortune”: Amy's success working with a high-end show jumper ultimately puts her life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, when Lou gets a book deal, she worries her writing won't be juicy enough for her publisher -- so she decides to embellish the lives of those around her, causing everyone to get mad.

So, now the question becomes ...
Will Heartland be back for more episodes?
The answer is ... YES!

I have had confirmation from UP that the series will continue Season 7 and return in early 2015!
Happy Trails to you... 'til we meet again!!!



  1. 65 days until Christmas!!!

    1. Absolutely, Christmas is getting closer!!! UP is starting their Christmas on Nov. 2, so they are clearing their schedule for the Christmas Season!

  2. thank you for letting us know Heartland will be back. It's my favorite show. I love Amy and Ty!

    1. I love it, too... so I was thrilled to share this news with other Heartland fans!!!

      Also... in related Heartland news, you can see "Peter Morris" (Gabriel Hogan) in the Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie 'Christmas at Cartwright's' with Alicia Witt! Premieres Sunday, December 7th!

    2. Thanks for your info! Do you know if and / or when 3 Days will air this Christmas season?

  3. The girl who plays Olivia(Helen Collainder) was in Midnight Masquerade.


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